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March 4, 2018 - May 20, 2018
English, Spanish, Russian

Lead Your Legacy

Path with Heart XXVI – Death As an Advisor

New Path with Heart Series of Twelve Webinars plus ongoing Video access and daily community support, starts on March 4. See below a new Program of classes and live events!

We are excited to bring to our community the Path with Heart Program Lead Your Legacy, a special Series in which the practices and experiences presented will explore the theme of our legacy, our presence and our stance in the world.


What is your message to the world, what is your legacy?

Each of us is alive with specific life events to experience and learn from, unique purposes to fulfill, and personal sets of principles to develop and be known for. With every action and in every encounter we have the opportunity to grow and to act with awareness, leaving a more conscious imprint behind.

In becoming aware of what is our contribution to the world, we are switching from a victimhood mentality, such as “I cannot do anything about my life” to one that has inherent purpose in it such as “I am here to contribute”. From, “they did it to me” to “I am co-creating this’.

Leaving a conscious imprint behind is the legacy that our teacher Carlos Castaneda guided us to live. He taught us to perceive the world from the heart – to walk through life from the heart, where the real “I” lies underneath masquerade as layers of beliefs, feelings, actions and where the heart is the central force to initiate our actions.

“You are much more than your thoughts and feelings. You are an eternity encased inside your heart,” he said.

In these live webinars every Sunday we will be disclosing and getting acquainted with the real “I” inside each of us. The “I” that is quietly observing our lives without judgments, the “I” that believes in beauty and love, the “I” that is eternal. You will meet leaders from all over the planet that are living their legacy, that are following their inner calling and aiming to soar in life.

Each of the Series presented below can be taken individually, but taking several cycles together will guide participants through a sequence of building blocks in which to develop the topic. See the respective themes for each Series below!

Path with Heart XXVI – Use Death as an Advisor

This cycle starts on March 4 through May 20, 2018. We present here the awareness of death as our most powerful advisor and life booster. Nothing can give us more impetus, momentum and clarity to our actions than the presence of death. Knowing that today may be the last day of my life creates a healthy urgency for alignment with what really matters and to lead your legacy with impeccability…

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Path with Heart XXVII – Master Aging

This cycle starts on June 3 and goes through August 19, 2018. In these classes we tackle something that we can’t avoid or overcome but that we can become masters at: Old-Age.

Carlos Castaneda described ‘old age” as the fourth enemy of a man of knowledge. This is the enemy that cannot be overcome; it can only be postponed. Old-age isn’t necessarily chronological: it also refers to the lack of interest, enthusiasm and energy to thrive in life. “What ages you is your inner-dialogue” he used to say…

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Path with Heart XXVIII – The Active Side of Infinity

This cycle starts on September 9 and goes through November 25, 2018. What is the nature of consciousness and where does it take place? The Active Side of Infinity is a term coined by Carlos Castaneda and refers to the field of consciousness where all our actions and all manifestations take place. other traditions it can be called karma. In Modern science might call it the Higgs field. It is the manifested, active side of the universe that exists everywhere and all at once. It is the basic field that can only be experienced with self-awareness…

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Path with Heart XXIX – The Dark Sea of Awareness

This Cycle starts on December 9, 2018 and goes through February 24, 2019. This Series emphasizes the Breath as our connection to the Dark Sea of Awareness – this is, according to Seers in Ancient Mexico, the source for consciousness and the fuel for our growth as beings on an evolutionary journey. Breathing is our life source and our source of consciousness. It is the most accessible, almost tangible, expression of the energy that flows within and through our bodies, and we can redirect that flow of energy by redirecting the breath…

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Each Cycle Includes

  • Twelve Live weekly 75-minute webinars with international participants and simultaneous translation every Sunday
  • Daily assignments and practices between webinars that review and expand on the material taught.
  • Participation in weekly online Witnessing Groups of 4 participants each. In these groups, participants can process self-discoveries with their peers, connecting the content in our webinars to their daily life.
  • Participation in the private Email Group where participants all share and communicate and we post assignments and offer feedback

Each Webinar Includes

  • 30’ Practice of a set of specific sequence of movements standing, sitting or laying down, including breathing sequences to expand our perceptual capacity creating new neurological patterns
  • 30’ Powerpoint presentation with guided recapitulation exercises, the self-directed questioning of beliefs and interpretations in order to free our perception and function in the world in a way that our stance in life, our principles and our legacy become a clear guiding point in our life
  • 15’ or more Sharing and Feedback

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Benefits of Participating in PWH Classes

Our live online class format and global community of students create a dynamic structure to address your whole being. You receive daily and weekly support through email and through participating in small witnessing groups, and weekly inspiration and practices in our live online Sunday’s class. We learn to move, think and feel in effective and organic functional ways, using our whole body, to explore and grow in a safe environment.


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. If you miss a class, don’t worry: ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED and class participants will have access to the recording during the duration of the series.

Who is Guiding These Classes?

Classes are conducted in English by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander. Selected guest presenters are invited at different times.

All classes are conducted in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation into Spanish and in Russian languages. Contact for him to add you to the translations.

**Simultaneous translations are conducted through TeamSpeak and Skype. Please contact us in advance if you do not speak English and require Russian or Spanish translation.


Class Calendar

All classes are presented live online on SUNDAYS from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time.

*Note: There is a recess between each cycle, and you may participate in any cycle independent of the others (there are no prerequisites to participation).

PWH XXVI – Death as Advisor PWH XXVII – Master Aging PWH XXVIII – The Active Side of Infinity PWH XXIX – The Dark Sea of Awareness
Class # Date Class # Date Class # Date Class # Date
1 March 4 1 June 3 1 Sept 9 1 Dec 9
2 March 11 2 June 10 2 Sept 16 2 Dec 16
3 March 18 3 June 17 3 Sept 23 3 Dec 23
4 March 25 4 June 24 4 Sept 30 4 Dec 30
5 April  1 5 July 1 5 Oct 7 5 Jan 6, 2019
6 April  8 6 July 8 6 Oct 14 6 Jan 13
7 April 15 7 July 15 7 Oct 21 7 Jan 20
8 April 22 8 July 22 8 Oct 28 8 Jan 27
9 April 29 9 July 29 9 Nov 4 9 Feb 3
10 May 6 10 August 5 10 Nov 11 10 Feb 10
11 May 13 11 August 12 11 Nov 18 11 Feb 17
12 May 20 12 August 19 12 Nov 25 12 Feb 24

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Path With Heart XXVII - Lead Your Legacy - Master Aging


June 3 – August 19, 2018

Path With Heart XXVIII - Lead Your Legacy - The Active Side of Infinity


September 9 – November 25, 2018

Path With Heart XXIX - Lead Your Legacy - The Dark Sea of Awareness


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