Weekly Classes: Path with Heart XXIV Begins on September 3

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September 3 to November 26
English, Spanish, Russian

Turning Fear into Real Power

“An [awakened] man has four natural enemies: fear, clarity, power, and old age. Fear, clarity and power can be overcome, but not old age. Its effect can be postponed, but it can never be overcome.” – Carlos Castaneda

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In this new cycle of Path with Heart starting on September 3rd through November 26, we are addressing what Carlos Castaneda called two of the four natural enemies of man: Fear and Power.

¿Why did he describe fear and power as “natural enemies”? Aren’t we all looking to become more powerful?

Castaneda considered fear and power as obstacles to becoming an awaken being, a man of knowledge. He told us we would never become our real selves until we defeated fear. And defeating fear doesn’t mean not experiencing being afraid. Rather, it means to not let fear freeze our desires for growth, adventure and expansion. It means to fully experience it and cross through its length, moving towards our goals without giving up. Defeating fear also means to stop running away from our deep longings and from who we really are.

What about Power? It is lack of fear??

Culturally, we have bought into the idea that power is the accumulation of material success and wealth: the more I have, the more people I know, the more powerful I am. This concept creates a separation with others: I have more than you, thus, I am more powerful than you. This is the type of power that, according to Castaneda and the Seers of Ancient Mexico, blinds us. It actually weakens us, because it turns us egotistic and needy. This is the type of power that we need to overcome.

Real power comes from an internal strength that allows you to keep moving forward in spite of fear. Power comes from failing at your business, your marriage and learning from it and doing something new and creative next. From loosing it all and finding yourself. It is being loyal to your inner call, to what for you is Truth, to your own Quest.

Overcoming Fear is to truly connect to a source of Real Power inside ourselves that doesn’t look for external approval, or for ‘fitting in”. Real Power best develops from a daily practice based on inner observation, reflection and daring, and from experiencing wholehearted compassion and kindness for ourselves and others from unfolding deeper understandings of ourselves as part of the whole.

How do we turn fear into real power?

By offering to our minds and bodies different perceptual options and experiences and healing, releasing and dissolving misidentifications about ourselves and others.

In this cycle we will:

  • Practice a set of specific sequence of movements to lengthen the fascia (connective tissue) releasing psycho-somatic patterns of Fear
  • Practice breathing sequences to expand our perceptual capacity creating new neurological patterns
  • Practice recapitulation exercises, the self-directed questioning of beliefs and interpretations in order to free our perception and function in the world in new, fresh and creative ways, and contributing to a new world syntax where human consciousness is directed by evolutionary expansive forces.

Class participants also have the choice of joining small witnessing groups called Energy Groups, guided by Being Energy® Teachers, in which you can share in between classes, as well as participate in helping each other review materials from class each week.

At the bottom of the page you will find the registration box for this Series. Here below there is a brief summary of the next series that follows Turning Fear into Real Power.

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Path With Heart XXVI: The Active Side of Infinity
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This Series starts on March 4 and goes through May 20, 2018.

One of the hard questions in science today is: What is the nature of consciousness and where does it take place? The Active Side of Infinity is a term coined by Carlos Castaneda and refers to the field of consciousness where all our actions and all manifestations take place (…)

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Path With Heart XXVII: The Dark Sea of Awareness

This Cycle will start on June 3 and go through August 19, 2018.

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Benefits of Participating in PWH Classes

Our live online class format and global community of students create a dynamic structure to address your whole being. You receive daily and weekly support through email and through participating in small witnessing groups, and weekly inspiration and practices in our live online Sunday’s class. We learn to move, think and feel in effective and organic functional ways, using our whole body, to explore and grow in a safe environment.


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. If you miss a class, don’t worry: ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED and class participants will have access to the recording during the duration of the series.

All classes are conducted in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation into Spanish. Contact Luciano@beingenergy.com for him to add you to the translations. Classes in RUSSIAN take place on Wednesdays.

Who is Guiding These Classes?

Classes are conducted in English by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander. There is simultaneous Spanish and Russian translation available. Selected guest presenters are invited at different times.

**Simultaneous translations are conducted through TeamSpeak and Skype. Please contact us in advance if you do not speak English and require Russian or Spanish translation.


Class Calendar

All classes are presented live online on SUNDAYS from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time.

*Nota: There is a recess between each cycle, and you may participate in any cycle independent of the others (there are no prerequisites to participation).

Turning Fear into Real Power Mastering Aging The Active Side of Infinity The Dark Sea of Awareness
Class # Date Class # Date Class # Date Class # Date
1 September 3 1 December 3 1 March 4 1 June 3
2 September 10 2 December 10 2 March 11 2 June 10
3 September 17 3 December 17 3 March 18 3 June 17
4 September 24 4 December 24 4 March 25 4 June 24
5 October 1 5 January 7, 2018 5 April  1 5 July 1
6 October 8 6 January 14 6 April  8 6 July 8
7 October 15 7 January 21 7 April 15 7 July 15
8 October 22 8 January 28 8 April 22 8 July 22
9 November 5 9 February 4 9 April 29 9 July 29
10 November 12 10 February 11 10 May 6 10 August 5
11 November 19 11 February 18 11 May 13 11 August 12
12 November 26 12 February 25 12 May 20 12 August 19

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Path With Heart XXV - Mastering Aging


December 3, 2017 – February 25, 2018

Path With Heart XXVI - The Active Side of Infinity


March 4 – May 20, 2018

Path With Heart XXVII - The Dark Sea of Awareness


June 3 – August 19, 2018



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September 3 2017 – August 19 2018