A Crack Between Worlds – Returning Home

We just arrived in Los Angeles after a week in Chichén Itzá, the most enigmatic City legacy of the Mayas where we taught our workshop and training called “A Crack Between Worlds”. We are truly honored and thankful. We are filled with colorful images and sounds from the jungle around us, and we are experiencing “the crack between worlds”. As Javier, a professor and psychologist participant of the workshop said it last Monday: “I feel energetic and at the same time fluid, allowing daily events to show up and flowing with them. I am quiet and at the same time enjoying all”

We mentioned in our announcement that “the crack between the worlds” is an opening in our consciousness that makes way for new experiences of being and states of heightened awareness. And that is what we all experienced there and still vibrating right now.

Chichén Itzá welcomed our offerings and received us with love and respect. From the hotel staff to personal at the archeological site, all greeted us with delight. Our venue, a “palapa” (dwelling without walls), was surrounded by tress and vegetation, brimming with crickets and birds. The food, the large rooms, the carved wood furniture, details in the windows, vivid paintings, musicians playing rancheras, everything seemed orchestrated by the universe to come to enhance our experience of spiritual growth and heart opening. We even enjoyed swimming in the fresh water pools!

We meditated on the Observatory, also called “el Caracol” , where a large black bird sat at the very top expanding its wings. This temple, aligned with the movements of the planet Venus, inspired us to see our lives as cycles. We identified and wrote about cycles from before we were born all the way after death. It helped us to see the trajectory of our lives, our path with heart, and our legacy.

On Sunday evening, we sat at the pyramid of Kukulcan, the feathered serpent, astonished by an indescribable sunset in silence and awe.

We felt alive by the beauty we could see with our eyes and the presence of the temples buried under the ground. We breathed in knowledge described not only on its monuments and buildings by also on its mystery and unknown layers of existence.

We saw the butterfly resting on the Chacmol’s chest, and felt in our foreheads a band of stars. Thank you to our ancestors for allowing this event to happen. Thank you to all our teachers, students and friends walking on the Toltec paths with us.

With infinite love,

Aerin and Miles

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  1. Michael Matthews on

    It was my wife’s first Being Energy event. We were nervous at first. She doesn’t understand exactly what was said, her English is not that advanced, yet we were sucked into the vortex of energy :). Had a wonderful time. Heightened awareness, inner silence carried over.

  2. Tom Reavley on

    I found myself in a mood of silence immediately upon arriving. The trees and vegetation surrounding our workshop space in the open-air palapa drew me in and connected me with that silence. This mood permeated the whole weekend and beyond–quietness and also gratitude. The suggestion of being on the constant look-out for opportunities to perform unexpected gestures of kindness helped me get to a space that ordinarily is hard to sustain–the place where I am not focused on myself, my wishes and needs and recognition, etc., but on this world of incredible beauty where we all live. And I dreamed of the Mayas, with their lives and culture so different from mine, passing over and through this site like the clouds and like all of us are just passing through.

  3. Rodolfo on

    Hola compañeros.
    Mi viaje a Chichen Itzá tuvo resultados que no esperaba.
    El día Sábado fuimos al “observatorio”, o al edificio que para los toltecas simboliza la circularidad o la recurrencia de la conducta humana y tenía la esperanza de recibir una transferencia, aunque mas no sea sugerida lejanamente, de lo que eran sus conocimientos del manejo de la atención; pero no pasó nada conmigo. Ya iba, por supuesto, condicionado por mi dialogo interior, según el cual la oportunidad, si es buena, es siempre la última; cosa que hace que frente a ésas ocasiones me halle o muy ansioso, o muy escéptico.
    Por otra parte, había hecho muchos pases energéticos antes de partir, y creía que con eso había algo así como “comprado mi boleto” al mundo tolteca.
    Pero estaba algo huraño. Si el pájaro que nos recibió abriendo sus alas en la cúspide era un augurio, decidí que eran supercherías. Y, si mis compañeros y guías experimentados eran un entorno propicio, no tenían mi atención. No estuve bien y creí que bueno, veremos después. Me sentía presionado y algo desesperado.
    Sin embargo cuando hicimos el gráfico en espiral en la palapa con nuestros eventos a lo largo de nuestra vida, estaba con otro ánimo; desde un lugar que no tengo muy registrado me salieron respuestas novedosas. No sabía que podía mirar mi vida en retrospectiva con claridad de síntesis ni aún cuando lo ejercité ahí, en el papel. La síntesis, o la mirada integral sobre mis ciclos recurrentes, ocurrió recién cuando tuve que decirlo, cuando se me antojó hablar frente al grupo.
    Si no soy claro con lo anterior, diré que mi conciencia cotidiana, que tiene siempre “la verdad”, no me responde para verificar que fui actor perceptivo de nuevos aspectos de los eventos que he vivido en el lejano pasado, ni , menos aun, de mis capacidades y posibilidades que parezco tener en alguna parte.
    Pero pasó.
    Ahora diría que se abre ante mí la tarea de rebuscarme para saber qué ocurrió con mi atención, que se niega primero y después se dá, como si fuera autónoma.

    En los otros días ya estuve mas alineado, fueron mas parejos y potentes. Siguen saliendo cosas todavía.

    Otra cosa: qué lindo grupo hicimos, verdad? Y eso que no somos tan vecinos que digamos!

    Un abrazo a todos, Rodolfo.

  4. Luz-Marie Crockett on

    My Experience at Chichen Itza

    I would like to share my experience from the fantastic workshop we had at Chichen Itza with all PWH friends and especially with Roland who sent us Mexican music and good wishes, also with Bernard.

    We arrived at Cancun, beautiful place, the beaches have beautiful white sand, and the colour of the water is a deep and soft turquoise, clear and transparent. As soon as I saw it I just wanted to jump in. It’s a place just for tourists, hotels all along the beaches, but the energy of the area makes it really special. If you like the beach and want to recharge your batteries this is the place! Nothing was there 45 years ago; a president from Mexico went there and said it was a great place to start a resort and improve employment in the area. There are now one million people living there..

    Then next day we got the hotel shuttle and went to Chichen Itza. The whole route is surrounded by jungle, the weather was pleasant and we had an interesting journey with a tourist guide who told us the Yucatan people are the most friendly in Mexico, something we confirmed later. Also that chewing gum ‘chicle’, comes from a tree in Mexico but that now manufacturers don’t use the real thing, they use synthetic rubber. Chocolate, cacao, comes from Mexico and we saw the blue agave they make tequila from and a very large plantation and factory.

    The hotel we stayed in is next to the archaeological site. It’s beautiful, designed and built in 1923 by an American archaeologist. They could do easily a film of Agatha Christie’s Poirot there. Also they have “rooms” or bungalows with thatched roofs in the middle of a big compound with gardens, trees, grass and swimming pools. Absolutely a delight to be there.

    The food was good, plenty to choose from. And the hall where we had the workshop it’s probably the best one I’ve ever been in all the years practicing passes or movements. Surrounded by trees, beautiful and exotic plants, no walls, so we could see all the surroundings, and at the same time private. But one of the most beautiful things for me was the sound of the birds. We didn’t need any music, just the sounds of the birds. And what birds, beautiful and exotic to me. We were in the jungle!

    And the archaeological site, the pyramid, the temple of the warriors, the observatory and the energy of the place I have no words to explain it. Also there’s a water hole enormous which gives the name to the place, called Cenote Sagrado. We went to the site and practiced energetic passes. What a marvellous experience. If there’s another workshop there next year, I would recommend it to everybody, please save your holiday time, or your time and money and do not miss it! It’s a must!!!.

    We had practitioners from all over the world, Sergei said that he came “From Russia with Love”. Something I really noticed is the friendship and kindness between practitioners. The Mexicans, the USAs, Europeans, Argentineans etc. all were so nice and kind. For me it’s the result of working with PWH and Being Energy, the harmony was all over.

    My personal experience – I got lots and lots of inner silence, that was my aim before I went. The workshop was about going into silence.

    I’m sure all the ones couldn’t make it in one way or another were there with us energetically. I really thank you very much to Miles and Aerin for taking us into that marvellous place Chichen Itza.


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