A journey into space at our recent Geneva Workshop

Our third annual event in Geneva was a real life changer. The locale is a beautiful renovated chateau amidst forest and regal lawns overlooking Lake Geneva. All participants stay on the premises, and this intimate setting lends itself to focused introspective work. The theme this year, for this module 3 workshop, was “the crack between worlds”—that is, the space of perception that is at the frontier between daily awareness and the awareness of the mystery world, what the seers called the second attention.

And off we went!

At the workshop, we used the element of sound to transport our attention outside of our bodies and into space. After a deep practice of one of the Being Energy® movements, we listened to sounds of interstellar space as recorded by Voyager; it was a magical experience for all of us there. You might have heard that recently the spacecraft Voyager made it to the threshold of our solar system, and has now ventured into the vastness of space. Although space is a virtual vacuum, this does not mean there is no sound. The specially designed instruments aboard the Voyager were designed to pick up and record electromagnetic vibrations, interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from the solar wind, the planet’s magnetospheres, plasma wave phenomena and interactions between the planet’s ionosphere and magnetosphere.

Thank you all of you who came out to the event, and to all the others who wanted to come, but could not make it this time. And for the rest of the community, we share with you some pearls gleaned there, so that we can together soar to new heights of inner silence and silent knowledge.

As some of you said it:

“I appreciated the ‘Voyager’ experience particularly the impact that it had upon my sense of time and space while I was in a state of ‘Inner Silence’.”

“While we were lying and listening the the “space music”, for a moment I perceived my body as a colorful ball vibrating along that mysterious music.”

“The experiences with the sounds of the Voyager made even richer and deeper the experience. As other practitioners said I felt like floating in a big gap, but then in that void I felt the presence of other practitioners and I started traveling with them through visions and dreams.”

4 comments on “A journey into space at our recent Geneva Workshop

  1. Guido Mack on

    one week has gone since the Geneva Workshop.
    I practice both forms we learned daily so that I can hold it fresh and etablish it in my System.
    Another purpose is that I realy want to lose the inflammation in my belly area.
    I found a lot of painfull areas (which I didn`t know about) there during the Workshop and I decided to practice
    the glistening form daily as long as I don`t have any more pain. And then I will see what changes in me and my life.

    I still get a lot of answers about my Questions I wrote down in Geneva. And it`s much more clear when I decid
    to get a Answer and I step out of my house, the world gives me a direct answer, what I mean is that I meet People
    which tell me something about the issue I asked for. Still I feel resistance against the answers :-), B U T something in me
    knows immediatly that I have to act responsible and with integrity. It`s like I can see the way I choose until the end,
    before I make decision, and the Spirit gives me only permission to act with integrity against myself and the world.

    Another thing is the possibility to see me in my physical form a little bit more from outside.
    Hard to describe. It`s a feeling of that I can feel the vibration of my body, and I can see the patterns
    of my mentality, of thinking, and I`m just the Observer. My awareness is anchored somewhere else.
    And the same time it is still somewhere in my energetic field, of course.

    What I was thinking of, already during the WS is, that if we want to have the Seminars more
    powerfull and “bigger”, all of us have to give more support to our “teachers”,
    if me and we take the possibility to get more involved in the Seminars it has a great
    benefit for all of us and we get more attractiv for the outer world.
    So for me its the challenge to lose my playing a shy boy and let my light shine.

    Great Teaching

    lots of Affection


  2. Maurice on

    In the module 3 workshop, after the practice we were sitting in silence, looking for our own silent knowledge. I was transport in dreaming along the milky way, and there appear instantly a whole sentence in block that sticks in my mind :
    ” I cannot reach the borders of who I am because I’m infinite. To achieve and be who I really am, I can only be infinitely who I am.”
    With affection to all, Maurice.

  3. Barbara on

    Hallo everyone,
    about the form with the sticks: after doing it I felt my body all vibrating, what I liked most of it was the sound of the first three strokes (above the head and near the ears) because to me it seemed the Opening of a beautiful dance (or voyage into another reality ); I could also feel the solemnity of the very last 3 strokes, before the silent at the end. I was also fascinated of the “thick” silence in between the mouvements. After doing the glistening form I felt space inside my belly, my organs were free, oxygenated and happy, because they finally had the attention they need, but never have during the ordinary life. While we were lying and listening the “space music”, for a moment I perceived my body as a colorful ball vibrating along with that mysterious music. Thank you everyone for the beautiful experience.
    With affection

  4. Issaka on

    Many thanks for this workshop. I enjoyed it very much both at a bodily and intellectual level. I liked how these two dimensions were interwined by the workshop organizers: lay down the background and rationale of these practices and then validate them directly. The movements taught and the using of sounds backgrounds had mind-soothing quality to them. As Guido perfectly said it, “I have got during the WS and still get a lot of answers about the questions I wrote down in Geneva. I either meet People or read articles which tell me something about the issue I asked for”. During the workshop and days afterward I felt relaxed, grounded, at ease and had restful and profund slepts at night. I have been practicing mostly the Glistening in Dreaming form. It settle me down everytime I do it. I Thank you dear organizers for the quiet intensity of your work and look forward to the practices and classes..

    With affection to all,


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