Author: Aerin Alexander

“A Crispy Click”

Glistening-in-Dreaming at our recent workshop in Moscow

We just came back from a very profound experience in Moscow. This was our third workshop and training in Moscow, in the same martial arts studio. Each participant came with different  personal intents, in search of wellbeing, silence, answers to questions, in search of uplifting, inner calm and confidence.

Two hours into the workshop and the room was filled with light exuding enthusiasm, openness and hope. We practiced three series of long sequences of movements that allows us to find our own pulsation, our core vibration.  We sat for long minutes to listen to ourselves and find our treasured golden light. Eyes were beaming as we kept calling and honing dreaming attention, finding focusing in our dreams, what do I want, what I am here for, what my priorities are.

And by Sunday the sun came, warming up not only the room but inside and outside our souls. Or hearts opened, we vibrated with each click of the sticks we used with the movements. We found out that each moment of our lives is a click. We can click heavily and opaque, or we can click a crispy sound, we have a choice. This is what our life can be, “a Crispy Click”.

Everyone took home sequences of movements to renew their body and soul and techniques to redirect their attention and align their daily life priorities.

We received so much love and awareness from this event. Thank you all of you that made it possible,.

Being Energy

A journey into space at our recent Geneva Workshop

Our third annual event in Geneva was a real life changer. The locale is a beautiful renovated chateau amidst forest and regal lawns overlooking Lake Geneva. All participants stay on the premises, and this intimate setting lends itself to focused introspective work. The theme this year, for this module 3 workshop, was “the crack between worlds”—that is, the space of perception that is at the frontier between daily awareness and the awareness of the mystery world, what the seers called the second attention.

And off we went!

At the workshop, we used the element of sound to transport our attention outside of our bodies and into space. After a deep practice of one of the Being Energy® movements, we listened to sounds of interstellar space as recorded by Voyager; it was a magical experience for all of us there. You might have heard that recently the spacecraft Voyager made it to the threshold of our solar system, and has now ventured into the vastness of space. Although space is a virtual vacuum, this does not mean there is no sound. The specially designed instruments aboard the Voyager were designed to pick up and record electromagnetic vibrations, interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from the solar wind, the planet’s magnetospheres, plasma wave phenomena and interactions between the planet’s ionosphere and magnetosphere.

Thank you all of you who came out to the event, and to all the others who wanted to come, but could not make it this time. And for the rest of the community, we share with you some pearls gleaned there, so that we can together soar to new heights of inner silence and silent knowledge.

As some of you said it:

“I appreciated the ‘Voyager’ experience particularly the impact that it had upon my sense of time and space while I was in a state of ‘Inner Silence’.”

“While we were lying and listening the the “space music”, for a moment I perceived my body as a colorful ball vibrating along that mysterious music.”

“The experiences with the sounds of the Voyager made even richer and deeper the experience. As other practitioners said I felt like floating in a big gap, but then in that void I felt the presence of other practitioners and I started traveling with them through visions and dreams.”

An Experience with Real Warriors

Regresar al Bienestar (Return to Wellness)

I was honored to be part of a remarkable event last Saturday, September 14, in support of women with breast cancer. It was the first of four monthly events in downtown Los Angeles organized by The Cancer Support Community – Benjamin Center specifically to offer friendship and support for Spanish-speaking women and their families. It was powerful. I am certain the remaining three events will be just as remarkable (the dates will be October 12, November 9 and December 14; for details, see

It was a joy to participate on Saturday, and to speak my mother tongue (Spanish) and work with the local Los Angeles community. I’ve been invited to return to again present the work we do with Being Energy—the energy enhancing mind-body practices and educational information that are an integral part of our programs. I so look forward to returning to offer our work to these wonderful Latina women and their families.

As I entered the Mercado La Paloma (in downtown LA) on Saturday, I was greeted by a cheerful, colorfully decorated indoor market. Inside, a multitude of Mexican stores sell everything from tailoring services to food and clothing. It was 10 a.m. and the enticing aroma of tortillas and chocolate caliente filled the air. Many people were enjoying breakfast. I felt at home.

The Cancer Support Center meeting took place in a large room. I was the first presenter and I was a bit anxious. Around 40 people were just concluding their first group support session and were looking forward to getting out of their chairs and moving their bodies.

I started by explaining that Being Energy is a system of movements that help us to regain our vitality and energy. One of the well-received highlights of the presentation was when I spoke about our “spirit”—our intangible part—that is not touched by the cancer. I also talked about the ways that we can revitalize ourselves from the inside out so that the experience can be met as a challenge and not as a curse.

I talked about finding a new description for our bodies and minds, and about moving and positive thinking! We practiced the Gathering Energy form (link to YouTube) and counted the number of repetitions to help focus our minds on the present moment and connect mind and body with the purpose of joyful movement. In spite of the heat and through the sweat, everyone counted and enjoyed the moment, applauding vigorously at the end.

All participants received a printed copy of the PowerPoint portion of the presentation, and a copy of “Guided Visualizations of the Heart” that are part of Being Energy’s daily practices (make links).

Quietly, connected to our hearts with hands held to our chests and eyes closed, we felt the heart beating and visualized the heart as a center for processing information—the heart as a brain connecting with our loved ones in a sincere and caring way.

“I can give all the love I have,” said one person.

“We felt both very connected and empowered,” said another.

One participant said, “I am usually very negative with my thoughts and attitude, I fear death. This exercise helped me to connect to life and to the love I have for my children. That keeps me alive.”

This is but a sampling of the experiences in the room. At the end, no longer strangers, we exchanged hugs. I was able to see once more the power of connecting from the heart and offering our best, and how it affects people in such beneficial ways.

Two years ago, my mother died of cancer and last Saturday in downtown LA I was somehow honoring her as well.

Hooray to all these brave warriors, and to all of us who are going through challenging times, finding as we face our challenges our true strength and spirit.

And for all of you Being Energy teachers and our community of practitioners, this is your call to jump up and share what you know. Your light will shine through to help others in ways that you can’t anticipate.

Much love to all,


The Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico Applied to Modern Health

By Aerin Alexander

The Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico Applied to Modern Health: Freedom of Perception

Published in Yoga magazine, November 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Back in the sixties, don Juan Matus described to Carlos Castaneda. the “conditioning of modern man”. He told him to be aware of how we are constrained by social and cultural conditionings and how our inner being (spirit & guide) is forgotten, numb and without purpose. We identify more with the outside world, with our idea of who I should be, (competing: “I’m better/worse than him/her”) and there is little room for, or access to, our inner life.

We are bored when we are not hyper-stimulated. Have you ever concentrated on your breathing for 20 minutes while you were on a bus (or somewhere) without being interrupted by worries of the future or by stressful and repetitive thoughts? How many times during the day do you give yourself the chance to open your eyes and marvel at the beauty of your surroundings?

For the seers of ancient Mexico, we are beings of energy and we come to this planet to increase our awareness through life experiences and interactions with others. One’s self, one’s path, and how we choose to walk it, can be the purpose of life in itself, Carlos Castaneda said. But how do we choose when our attention is being diverted by all the advertisements of a consumer society? We get tense when we think about how to pay the rent or how to make ends meet. It becomes difficult to access another state of consciousness when we are in a mode of survival, worry, fear and scarcity.

What Carlos Castaneda proposed to us was not a “fashion” of the hippy years. It was a mood, the mood of the warrior, of being aware of one’s mortality and one’s approaching death. A spirit that loves and respects the earth and its creatures, and beyond all that, that seeks freedom.

Freedom is not to be understood as “I do what I want,” but as the freedom to perceive the essence of life itself, the freedom to be creative and fluid, cheerful and considerate, without expecting to be applauded or congratulated. Freedom to breathe deeply, to feel the body expand and the heart that opens when you’re in the middle of a business meeting or even the birthday of a family member you may not like. Freedom to recognize the illusion of linear time and space. Freedom to accept everything I am and to enjoy every second of my existence.

Our proposal, based on our apprenticeship and on our own experience of almost 20 years of teaching and researching, is to explore our life’s purpose as energetic beings; to expand our understanding and perception, to free ourselves from the physical and emotional limitations and to thrive in the world.

Our association with Carlos Castaneda and our professional work related to health and welfare have led us to develop being energy™. It takes the form of a series of programs focused on knowledge and education, including ancient and modern techniques of healing and personal care that increase our energy and vitality. These programs have evolved from our passion to combine two interests: expanding the capacity to perceive and improving our health.

Carlos Castaneda loved movement and we practiced movements daily with him—an aspect which we focus on in our teaching. From him, we also learned breathing techniques and ways to call inner silence which are part of the course curriculum.

In these programs we include movements, exercises and sequences of breathing that bring vitality, inner strength and confidence, and which increase our wellbeing and health.

We include information and formation from psycho-neuroimmunology – the relationship between our immune system and emotions and thoughts – dynamic lectures, and the sharing of group and personal explorations, leading to expanded perception.

By reclaiming our energy and integrating a new awareness in our daily lives, we reach a state of wellbeing; we begin to feel the vastness and mystery of the universe living within us.

For more information contact us at:

being energy™ provides a forum for the general public and for professionals who work in the areas of health, education, art and social science, to meet and expand our inspiration and to work together for the development of health and consciousness in a safe and dynamic environment. It is based on the conviction that cooperation and group work is the key to opening new pathways and creating great benefits not only for small groups but for the whole planet.


By Aerin Alexander

La Sabiduría de los chamanes del Antiguo Mexico aplicada a la salud moderna: La Libertad de Percepción

Allá por los años 60, don Juan Matus le describió a Carlos Castaneda acerca del “condicionamiento del hombre moderno”. Le dijo que se volviera conciente de como estamos atados a los condicionamientos sociales y culturales. Y como nuestro ser interior (espíritu y guía) queda olvidado, adormecido y sin propósito. Nos identificamos más con el mundo externo, nuestra idea de quién debo ser, (competencia “soy mejor/peor que él o ella) y queda poco espacio y acceso a la vida interior.

Nos aburrimos cuando no estamos hiper-estimulados. ¿Alguna vez te quedaste sintiendo tu respiración por 20 minutos, mientras ibas en un colectivo a Retiro, sin ser interrumpido por preocupaciones del futuro o pensamientos estresantes y repetitivos? Cuanto tiempo, por día, le das a tus ojos la posibilidad de asombrarse ante la belleza?

En la visión de los videntes del México antiguo, somos seres de energía y venimos a este planeta para acrecentar nuestra conciencia a través de experiencias de vida e interacciones con otros. El propósito de la vida misma, Carlos Castaneda decía, es uno mismo, el camino de uno, y como elegimos transitarlo.

Pero cómo elegimos cuando nuestra atención está siendo entrenada por comerciales y propaganda para el consumo. Nos tensamos cuando pensamos en como pagar la renta y como llegar a fin de mes. Se vuelve difícil acceder a otro estado de conciencia cuando estamos con un ánimo de sobrevivencia, de preocupación, miedo y de escasez.

Lo que Carlos Castaneda nos propuso no era una “moda” de los años hippies. Era un ánimo, el ánimo del guerrero, del ser consciente de su muerte y de su tiempo terminable, que ama y respeta la tierra y sus criaturas, y que más allá de todo, busca la libertad. Libertad no entendida como “hago lo que se me da la gana” pero la libertad de percibir la esencia de la vida misma. Libertad para ser creativos y fluidos, alegres y considerados, sin esperar que nos aplaudan o que nos feliciten por eso. Libertad de respirar profundamente y sentir el cuerpo que se expande y el corazón que se abre cuando estás en el medio de una reunión de negocios o hasta en el cumpleaños de un familiar que no te cae bien. Libertad para reconocer la ilusión de la linealidad del tiempo y del espacio. Libertad de aceptar todo lo que soy y de disfrutar cada segundo de mi existencia.

Nuestra propuesta, basada en nuestro aprendisaje con los estudiantes de don Juan Matus y en nuestra experiencia de casi 20 años, es explorar nuestro propósito de vida como seres energéticos. Expandir la respiración y las limitaciones físicas y emocionales y liberarnos del estrés que conlleva el vivir una realidad sólida, sin dicha y sin propósito.

Nuestro vínculo con Carlos Castaneda y nuestras profesiones relacionadas con la salud y el bienestar nos han llevado a desarrollar being energy™, conformado por una serie de programas. Enfocados al conocimiento y a la educación que incluyen técnicas antiguas y modernas de sanación y cuidado personal que incrementan nuestra energía y vitalidad. Estos programas han surgido de nuestra pasión por integrar dos intereses: expandir la capacidad de percibir y mejorar nuestra salud. Carlos Castaneda amaba el movimiento, y constantemente practicábamos movimientos de la energía con él, algo que focalizamos en nuestras enseñanzas. También aprendimos sobre la respiración, y formas de llamar al silencio.

Los programas incluyen movimientos, ejercicios y secuencias de respiraciones que traen vitalidad, fuerza interna y confianza, aumentando el bienestar y la salud. También incluye información y formación de la psico-neuroinmunología—la relación entre nuestro sistema inmunológico y las emociones y pensamientos, lecturas dinámicas, colaboración e intercambio grupal y exploración personal, que llevan a expandir la percepción.

Al reclamar nuestra energía e integrar una nueva conciencia en nuestra vida cotidiana, llegamos a un estado de bienestar. Empezamos a sentir la inmensidad y el misterio del universo viviendo en nuestro interior.

Para más información conectarse a: 

Filled with Silence and Energy from Ojai Workshop

We just came back filled with silence and energy from our event at the Ojai Foundation. We spent the weekend gathering energy, experiencing silence, practicing movements, humming and finding our own sounds. We ate delicious organic foods and slept under the trees. We explored and acknowledged our blood families and our energetic lineages.

“We are the people of the Plumed Serpent” and we connected and danced in it. We were blessed with two Kiva’s ceremonies where Justine guided us in singing Hopi prayers and Native American songs to acknowledge mother Earth and our origin, the Stars. Our friend Jerry also guided us into receiving the depth and knowledge of our ancestors.

Thank you to all that joined us, and to all of you that continue supporting our community. We feel blessed, and honor each one of you who contributed to making the event special, profound and simple: love is all around us, we are love.

As the photos above indicate, we enjoyed intimate and heartfelt interactions under the trees with our fellow beings. The gathering helped us all renew, explore and transform.