Author: Aerin Alexander

7 Foods to Sustain Your Energy All Day Long

Really? There are foods that can help me stay energized, focused and positive all day long? Yes!

Sustain your activity and enjoy calm focus throughout the day by favoring foods that have a low glycemic index (GI). The key to these foods is that they help maintain balanced blood sugar.

Changes in our blood sugar level correlates to changes in our energy level. Low GI foods are those that produce gradual changes in blood sugar levels. High GI foods—those to avoid—cause your glucose levels to spike and your energy to crash. Even worse, these spikes in glucose levels followed by the crash put pressure on the insulin axis and if this happens often, it ultimately damages our stress response, adrenal function, and thyroid function.

Favor these seven foods! The following foods are examples of low GI foods:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Oils and fats
  • Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut), oat bran, muesli
  • Pasta, converted rice, barley
  • 100% stone-ground whole wheat or pumpernickel bread
  • Sweet potato, corn, yam, lima/butter beans, peas, legumes and lentils
  • Most fruits and non-starchy vegetables

A good resource for more information can be found at

An even more detailed approach is something called the glycemic load (GL). The glycemic load takes into account a food’s whole array of nutrients, which shows a more complete picture. The other components in a food can offset the glycemic index ratio and slow down gut absorption, leading to a more gradual impact on blood sugar levels. The desired scale we want to look for are foods with a GL of less than 10. Take carrots for instance. Pure carrot juice, which represents mostly the fructose component has a high GI of 71 (watch for those big pure carrot juices!) whereas a whole carrot has a relatively load GL of 6. GL is of great importance. For sustained activity and focus during the day, we need to maintain a balanced level of sugar in our blood.

See the relative GI and GL for 100 foods, published by Harvard Medical School.

Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level not only helps with our energy. It also helps our mood. Studies have shown a correlation between eating foods with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients (a vegetable-focused vegan diet, for example), and the ability to stay more alert and positive, compared to eating high GI or GL foods such as simple carbohydrates.

One study that monitored glucose levels and glycemic variability in women with type 2 diabetes revealed greater glycemic variability to be associated with negative moods and lower quality of life.

The gist is that your ability to stay engaged and alert during the day depends on your ability to maintain balanced energy and balanced blood sugar.

I believe that we need to get familiar and educate ourselves about grains, legumes and seeds. In my Feed the Body + Soul cooking class on February 6, I taught how to wash, soak and cook these important, energy giving foods. When properly planned, a plant-based diet contains all the proteins you need for life!

It is important to consider not only the biochemical breakdown of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates of each food, but also the LIFE ENERGY and ESSENCE of each food. Food is alive and so are we, and we want to feed our LIFE FORCE with foods that have energy.

Large corporations and businesses have a vested interest in making us believe that we need to eat animals for protein. It is not true. There are more than 600 million people on planet Earth today who follow a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet, and they are doing just fine. Moreover, it is interesting that fundamentally SPIRITUAL cultures such as in India, are largely vegetarian.

It is important to understand that there is nothing “wrong” with eating animals. It is just a conscious choice that we can exercise or explore.

We suggest that you slowly make changes, and start incorporating more pant-based products (not only vegetables, but also grains, legumes, nuts and seeds) into your diet and minimizing animal products. This in itself can have a positive impact on your energy. But make sure you increase your intake of plant proteins to replace the animal sources that you are reducing or eliminating. You can start by cutting down or eliminating dairy products, because these create inflammation and weaken your intestines.

I am not 100% vegan. I sometimes eat fish, or a piece of cheese. I don’t like to define myself. But most of my diet is plant based.

We are energy. We need foods that contain not only protein and vitamins, but energy, life and essence.

I hope this information helps you to have a broader view of foods and nutrition.

Warm regards,

Why Do I Teach?

“Get on stage and give your very best. Follow your body; it knows what to do.” Carlos Castaneda said this to me just before I got on stage in 1996 for the first time to teach —there were 700 people in the audience. I felt unprepared and unfit for the occasion, and yet his words vividly resonating within, cleared the path for me to step onto that stage.

DSCF4389 copy“The only way of knowing if you have learned something is by teaching it,” he said. “Share what you practice, share what you love to do.” And I did. That was 20 years ago, and I am still teaching and sharing. I still get butterflies before each class I teach or lecture I give. I review my notes, I prepare, I practice. Each class is a new experience, each person in front of me is unique. I can be guiding the same sequence of movements I taught to that audience back in January 1996, but I do it with wonder and awe.

What is the secret? And why do I do it?

I teach because I like to take risks, to put myself out there. I teach because it makes me vulnerable. I teach because it creates uncertainty within me. I teach because it awakens new resources within me that I didn’t know I had. I teach to learn to fail, to make mistakes, and to revamp myself. I teach to learn about success and to love with whoever is in front of me. I teach knowing that there is nothing to teach, and that whoever is in front of me has all the answers he or she needs. I teach to be reminded of my strengths and my weaknesses. I teach because I practice and because I breathe.

Why do others teach Being Energy? Some of our teachers share their experiences below. Maybe teaching will open up something in you, too? We are offer a comprehensive teacher training program. Learn more about that program.

Why become a Being Energy teacher?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.02.57 PMThe first question to ask yourself is: Is the practice Being Energy a path with heart for me? If it is, and you have committed yourself to the practice, then teaching others will help you along the path more than you can imagine. When we commit to teaching others, it brings out the best in us; something comes to our aid in spite of all the doubts and hesitations that inevitably arise. The decision and commitment to teach is truly magical. Something else takes over. Not all the time, but even when we find ourselves out of alignment, we learn something and continue working, confident that we are doing the right thing, following our path with heart. Come join us!

Pilar Soro, BE Teacher in Spain: 

“I offer the classes as a volunteer and teach Module 1 material. I leave the classes with a lot of energy, I can say that there is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ with giving the BE classes. I have a new purpose for my projects, strong and sustained, as the fruit of these classes.

“Yesterday, a 65-year-old man who has had fibromyalgia for 15 years told me that he ended the class feeling so well that he went in the ocean for more than five hours, swimming and diving; that he had tried a lot a things before these classes, but this was the thing that worked best for him.

“In my school the other day, I also had two children who were very angry at each other. After talking a little, we did the movements that I called ‘A Shower of Energy’ to get rid of the bad vibes, to clean ourselves. They followed me for five minutes and then left the room laughing and very much friends; I really liked their smiles and loud laughter—they were very happy.”

Erika Gavin, BE Teacher in Mexico:

“Teaching helped me, among other things, to feel and convince myself that I am an instructor. I did not have enough confidence before. What made me change was the consistency, and trying to be there, as I have always been sure that this path is my path and I feel love and passion for it.

“After three years, I felt increasingly confident and creative in preparing a class and incorporate everything I need to do, movements, books, what pops into my life. I am very grateful and honored to share that with others.

“I want to tell you about a student called Thamara. A few years ago, she had pain throughout her body; she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Now since taking Being Energy classes since August, it is better. She is very attracted by the philosophy and is very motivated to generate a change in her life, especially regarding the relationship with her body.”

Crisólogo Chavez, BE Teacher in Mexico:

“After several years of thinking, in late September 2014, I decided to jump off to start teaching BE movements, with great excitement, even though I did not feel sufficiently prepared. Now I teach a regular group of 10 to 12 people each Saturday for about an hour and a half. It has been steady, constant. It seems incredible to look back—I gained confidence to do the movements; teaching has put greater demand on my personal practice and a result I perceive in my physical and energetic body. Most gratifying, however, are the comments I hear from student practitioners about their pleasure in doing the movements.”

Tom Reavley, BE Teacher in Mexico:

“When I guide Being Energy classes or teach it to others, my only option is to suspend my own story—which includes plenty of self doubts about handling something that can’t be reduced to logic or reason—and let the spirit channel through me, even if only for a while. Under the pressure of my commitment to present something, I have to relax at some point and let ideas flow—what to emphasize, how to express it, what sequences of movements to do—and then connect to the energetic feeling that the movements and practices create.

“By deciding to teach, you are committing yourself. You are choosing to put yourself on the line and rally your energy each time you lead others, even though you have no guarantees that you will succeed. When a class approaches and you feel lost, the commitment comes to your aid. It focuses your attention and activates your intent so that you can genuinely connect to the inexhaustible source of life and creativity. You stand before others not knowing exactly what you will say, but with a feeling of certainty that expresses itself in your voice, your eyes and your movements. And in that moment you have changed your story—you are someone or something else, an expression of the infinite.

“What a great gift is this opportunity to share beauty of spirit with others!”

Pavel Pavlov, BE Teacher in Bulgaria:

Pavel recounts how powerful it was to teach a Being Energy workshop recently in Bulgaria:

“At the end of the workshop we left some time for everyone to ask questions or just to say how he/she felt. Most people shared that they now had a new vision for their lives. One of the newcomers explained that she was expecting to practice yoga, since we also announced the event through our yoga teacher friends. At first the movements confused her. She was astonished when we spoke about Carlos Castaneda, as she had recently begun reading Castaneda’s books. Upon making that connection, between reading the books and this event, she realized that she was not here by chance.”

This is some of why we teach!

What Is Eating You?

One of the first questions I had for Carlos Castaneda was about food. He placed so much emphasis on wellbeing, on gathering one’s energy, and on being vital, that I was wondering what type of diet he followed.

“What shall I eat to stay vital?” I asked him during one of the many lunches we had together at that time. His answer was unexpected. “The question first is, what is eating you?” he said with a smile in his eyes.

What was eating me, at that time, were negative thinking patterns, heavy moods, fear and anger. The awareness that question brought was a source of inspiration to me, and marked the beginning of a search into how to nourish my body and spirit. Through my apprenticeship with Castaneda, I realized how important food is. Every time he would see me tired or moody, he would ask me: “What did you eat?” Or “Have you had lunch yet?” or “Lets go and eat something.”

Food and the practice of movements were and are key components in my gathering enough energy to tackle deeper issues, heal, and revamp my energy.

Carlos Castaneda was super disciplined about food during my association with him. He took no stimulants of any kind—drank no alcohol and didn’t eat sugar, salt or bread. And even though he enjoyed eating outside, he would suggest that we cook our own food. Actually, he also worked closely only with those who cooked their own food.

I followed Castaneda’s suggestions 100%. My mood swings improved, I got stronger and slimmer and I felt more grounded. I learned to cook my food, and watch for moments when I would eat out of emotional compulsion.

In the last two years of his life, Castaneda shifted his diet and avoided eating meats and animal products. That further inspired me to continue to learn, research and study the effects of different foods and how they influence my emotions and my ability to be in my heart.

Spirituality, and our ability to feel connected to higher forces, is also related to what we eat.

Slide Image 1For this reason, Miles and I have created a new series of Nutrition classes that we’ve named Feed Your Body + Soul. The class series will feature guest professionals who specialize in topics such as spirituality, food and addiction and emotional eating, and it will include cooking classes! I’ll teach you what we learned with Castaneda and what we’ve learned through cooking and experience with food throughout the years.

Learn more and register for Feed Your Body + Soul classes.

Vibrant Energy Abounds: BE Sets the Stage in Argentina

Dear BE Community,

We are profoundly inspired and energized by our recent Being Energy event in Buenos Aires, and by the light and heart of all of those in our BE community.

Argentina 2 featuredThe Argentina event created a resonance of growth and vitality that we feel in everything we’re doing and planning for 2016. The event drew a large group, which included many professionals in the areas of physical education, physical therapy and somatic education. It also showcased 15 Being Energy Certified Teachers!

We are so proud of our community. It supports each of us on our paths with heart, as we grow and expand our possibilities of mind, body and spirit.

We especially want to thank Angela, Keyco, Stella and Lorena, who have championed our work, and have been 100% present and available.

Argentina Miles teachingBelow are some participant comments from the Buenos Aires event that we thought you might enjoy reading.

Much love to you all,
Aerin and Miles




“It was my first participation in Being Energy workshops and I want to express my gratitude. Many thanks to Dr. Reid and Aerin for your generosity and I also extend my gratitude to everyone involved in the organization: Angela, Lorena and all the Being Energy teachers. I returned home to Chile with new options of thought and action, and a new concept of time.” – Claudio

Argentina featured“For me it was the first time to participate in an event of this type, and I feel that was extremely beneficial. During practice and in the days after, a feeling of calm and confidence came over me. During the recapitulation exercise, I was a little reluctant to share my experience with another person, but when I actually did it, it felt really good. I would like more information on Being Energy classes! I greatly appreciate Miles, and the other instructors and organizers. It was perfect!” – Jimena

Argentina sharing“I loved the workshop, and I appreciate the generous practice. The day after the workshop, I felt settled inside, with the sense of more space, and I felt a lot of energy available to me, which lasted and is different from what I’ve experienced before. I am interested in continuing these practices.” – Maria del Carmen


Argentina quiet moment

“I enjoyed practicing Gathering Energy with Lorena and Gabriel and other instructors. They were really great! Although I had not slept well the night before, all the energy passes we practiced gave me a lot of momentum and an awareness of my energy body that continued for my long journey back to Tucumán. Thanks Miles, Angela, Lorraine, Gaby and other friends!!!” – Mariana

“Hello appreciated beings! It was a harmonious and bright workshop last Saturday! Thanks to Miles, our dear Aerin Alexander and the organizers of the such an exquisite event!!!

Argentina energy passThe practice of Being Energy movements created a feeling of freshness and quiet joy in my being. It boosted my attention, increased my alertness and helped me to be more present during the workshop. It was wonderful to reconnect with many very dear practitioners, and I’m inspired to continue to explore the magical way of the ancient warriors.

I’m thankful for these lines of light that connect us over space and time. It is necessary to keep them alive and strong!!! A warm hug to all!!!” – Gustavo

Argentina movement“First of all, thank you very much, it was a treat for me to attend. I felt the power of the energy of a group practicing, and the breaks we took after the energy passes and guided meditation led me to a state of profound peace. An affectionate greeting to all.” – Mariana


Congratulations Valery! A New Life in the World

A new life in the world! One of our wonderful BE teachers has just brought a daughter into the world. Elizabeth was born at the end of November. Mom Valery writes:

I had a wonderful 9 months of pregnancy and gave birth on November 28th, 2015, t o a lovely girl, Elizabeth. My practice of Being Energy was very important throughout my pregnancy. Every Friday in Moscow for 9 months, I practiced together with a group. The practice and support of my group members helped me to feel healthy, gave me strength to engage in professional activities during my pregnancy, and helped me lead an active life and even go swimming. The birth of my daughter, too, was amazing–light and full of positive emotions.

I’d like to thank Valentine, Kate Paul, Masha, Cyril, Marina Julia, Andrew Olga and Arina for the support, love and warmth during this period of my life. Aerin, I want to tell you thank you very much for your attention to my challenges and advice.

I wish all the new dreams and discoveries.

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With love,
Valery M.

Why Gratitude Matters and Becomes Essential in Moments of Fear

It’s Thanksgiving time in the U.S., and we’re reminded of the power of gratitude. When we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair and immune mechanisms. When we are in a state of gratefulness, our hearts open and we feel connected to others. Fear dissipates.

We can take this opportunity to pause and to think about what we are grateful for in our lives. It may seem simple, but this is avery potent thing that we can do for ourselves, for others and for the world right now.

What are you grateful for? To what and who would you like to say, “Thank you!”? We invite you to breathe into it and really connect to that feeling of gratitude. To also connect to the experience of freedom that comes from that.

What also does freedom mean to you?
If you’re inspired to share your answers with us, we would love to hear from you! You can share your thoughts with us on Facebook or even by email (

To really catapult yourself into the mystery and embrace your own power, join our current Path with Heart course—registration is still open.

We want to take this chance to tell you, too, how grateful we are for you. Our Being Energy community continues to grow and inspire and nourish all of us as we walk our path and find our freedom.

Teaching BE: Sharing Magical Moments

Our Community: Luis Alonso shares his experience of teaching BE

Luis reflects on a Being Energy class he just taught to a group of students.

The experience of transmitting energy passes is very pleasant and mysterious.

I always am in wonder at the vibration generated in the group, as well as the possibility of opening, through practice, a space for inner silence. I remain hopeful that the people who attend my classes achieve that cubic centimeter of chance that don Genaro talked about—that second of silence that allows you to stop the world and change your point of view.

Two hours of class can seem like a short time or a long time. It depends on your perspective.

Luis class standingOne second of intensity may be sufficient to turn the wheel of time. Inevitably, I link my teaching experiences with the Being Energy workshop on the Wheel of Time, which made a big impression on me. This choice of holding or moving body tension, of letting ego control you or finding freedom and relaxation spirit.

I hope that people who attended this class came away with the idea that it is possible to move with consciousness and freedom, that energy passes are not mechanical movements, but life and energy in expression.

Power Nap II: What Carlos Castaneda Told Me

What? Taking a nap? That is for babies!

I can hear those words coming out of my mouth as if I’d said them yesterday. It was actually in 1995 when I spoke those very words to my teacher Carlos Castaneda when he suggested taking “power naps.” He had watched me yawning in the middle of his lectures more than once. I couldn’t help it. I was in my twenties, studying hard in college, and I felt tired most of the day. I tried so hard to be “alert” during the lectures, only to be told by Castaneda, mockingly , that my eyes were coming out of my eyeballs.

“Take a power nap before coming to class tonight,” he said to me as he waved me goodbye on afternoon, after we’d had lunch at Versailles, his favorite local Cuban restaurant. The meal was light and healthy, and so didn’t dampen my overriding desire to continue to be an A student enough to get me to lay down. I went home and kept typing a paper I needed to turn in for my English 101 class at West LA College.

My cortisol levels were still high 45 minutes before class time when I decided to try the “power nap” recipe. I couldn’t face Castaneda in class if I hadn’t at least given it a try.

“Lay on your belly, face turned to the left, feet hanging out of bed. Breathe in and out,” he’d instructed me. Simple. Easy. “What the hell, I have nothing to loose,” I thought. Except that I fell deeply asleep. My roommate woke me up. “We need to leave now to get to class on time.”

As we drove towards Santa Monica Yoga studio where Castaneda taught his classes, I felt an ease in my body. I was still a bit drowsy, but at ease. It was on my belly for less than 20 minutes, and my whole physiology seemed transformed. I did still yawn in class that night, which elicited a big belly laugh from Castaneda. It took me a few more months of napping to fully rebalance my system.

Besides naps, I also practiced movement sequences and breathing techniques to aid to my wellbeing, focus and mental clarity. But that 20-minute power nap was the beginning of a series of life-changing experiences and processes that I continue to enjoy and practice today.

Personal Power BlogHow to Nap

At Work:

I get it. You probably cannot take a nap at work. But you can cross your arms on your desk and rest your forehead your arms, while sitting during a break. Take a pause. Close your eyes. Breathe into your belly. You are alive. And you are Being.

At Home:

As indicated above, lay down on your belly. If you are pregnant or have a stiff neck, lay on your side, and place a hand on your belly. Breathe. Feel life coming through you. You are alive. And you take a pause to BE with your breath.

More Information and Support

If you would like more detailed instructions in power napping, see our blog post Power Nap Part I: 7 Steps to Boost Your Energy.

For sounder sleep in general, how hormones influence sleeping patterns and personalized tips for getting deep, rejuvenating rest, I invite you to schedule a consultation with me to address your issues in person.


A Path Unfolds: Lirio’s Story

Hello. I am Tania Quiroz, known as Lirio Díaz, and I live in Xalapa, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico.

I was born in Mexico City and lived there for many years, which is why it is a place that I love and go back to every chance I get.

I have lived in Xalapa for several years. It is a town that embraced me and allowed me to start building dreams and projects that I had envisioned for a long time, which started growing once I came here. This is a beautiful city that lies among mountains, with plenty of green areas.

Once, when I was a child, I was next to my small bookshelf and I figured that I would love to have lots of books around me. Just picturing this filled me with joy. It made me feel that I had company and shelter. It was one of the first times that I felt the touch of that energy outside of us that enables you to dream, imagine, and that clears the way before you.

Lirio_Xalapa_1Since I was in elementary school, and all the way through high school, I always felt connected with the stories in the books—fiction in particular—and it was easy for me to discuss their contents with others.

It was also in high school that I read Carlos Castaneda’s books, and they had a strong impact on me. It was like saying, “Of course! That’s it!” and feeling relieved and happy about something being proved that you knew inside, but which you could not voice. That something, to me, was to feel that life had a purpose and that it is worth living.

From that moment on, I applied in my daily life what I had understood from the books. I can say that it always brought a sense of more calm and confidence to my actions. When I learned the energy movements, years later, I committed to practicing them with great delight.

Lirio_and_StudentsBack to my dreams and projects, it was thanks to a dear friend, who suggested that I started giving workshops about short stories for children and teenagers, that reading was revealed to me as a means to share with others, as well as a source of income.

I enjoyed teaching workshops for children. I learned much from them; from their innocence, their intelligence, creativity and sense of humor.

I graduated as a psychologist, and wrote a paper about reading as a support tool for teenagers. My idea was to keep offering these workshops in schools, but something did not fit entirely in that plan.

It was then when I attended my first Being Energy workshop in Teotihuacan, and I also took the Module 1 Teacher Training. There I found the energy needed for the project that I really wanted: teaching self-improvement classes in which I included physical movements performed with awareness, reading and psychology. Movement was the missing piece in the puzzle, and once I realized it, I could not imagine a full session without it.

Lirio_MovementThis project is still being nourished by the support network that Being Energy represents. I learned a lot from teaching online classes, and my understanding of the movements and the body was grounded in a deeper way. I also found myself experiencing great physical and emotional well-being.

Taking the leap to the online platform was also a great opportunity, because now there’s a big flow of information going through it, and more people are coming to it. It is the platform that I currently use most to teach my Being Energy and self-improvement classes (via Skype).

Lirio_ThankYouI am very grateful to Aerin and Miles and to the entire Being Energy community for opening this wonderful path of learning, well-being and awareness.

Thank you for reading my story!

The Flow: BE Teachers Recapitulate in Rishikesh

Unbounded energy moves in strong and unpredictable ways. We’re always inspired to hear about BE teacher experiences around the world, and joyfully received news from Ena and Gammadian about the week-long Recapitulation Retreat they just held in India. ~ Aerin and Miles

Ena and Gammadian write:

“[The Rishikesh Recapitulation Retreat] is an intimate group and very powerful for everyone going through the process of recapitulation of our lives. This morning we welcomed the sun on the bank of the Ganga river practicing the movement sequences, Flow, calling inner silence and bathing in the river. The Indian people believe that when you immerse yourself in the water three times, the Ganga washes away all your sins. This intent is very supportive of what we intend for ourselves in this retreat.

ganges sunriseTomorrow we will be taking part in a local fire ceremony and Aarti (a song of gratitude to the Ganga) on the riverbank. Then we will visit some magic waterfalls in the mountains and a sacred cave of the Rishi Vaishist where we can practice inner silence.”

gathering at the gangesThis retreat followed an annual Karma Ling celebration in India. Gammadian tells that at the core of the program was Being Energy with three teachers. They practiced the Sword Form and Rallying the Dreaming Attention, along with Glistening in Dreaming, and had around 35 people for most sessions.

As Ena and Gammadian and other BE teachers tell us, teaching Being Energy is richly rewarding. Ena says, “Throughout this year, I have been teaching Being Energy to many people in weekly classes, individual sessions and workshops and taking part in the BE Skilled classes has been a valuable tool for me to learn, practice and grow.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our teacher training program. We know you’ll be glad you jumped in!

temple at rishikeshEna also shared about a series of Being Energy classes that she and Gammadian recently taught during a yoga festival in the English countryside, “A lot of people joined our classes and every day we had people coming to thank us for sharing this gift of spirit and giving us feedback of how they liked the movements, how they felt energized after the practice like they never felt energized after any other practice before. A few of them told us they may have found a practice they wanted to follow for life. It felt so rewarding to have this exchange and to feel a part of something bigger than us. We came back from this festival full of love, energy and new inspirations.”