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Welcome! Our educational programs are available to anyone who is interested in learning about health and perception, for personal and professional use. The knowledge and practices easily integrate with education and healthcare fields, including internal medicine, preventive healthcare, oriental medicine, movement and bodywork disciplines, Yoga, psychotherapy, somatic education and counseling.

You will learn to teach others how to discover and actualize their full potential. This is accomplished through self-knowledge, physical and emotional healing and establishing direct communication with your own energetic essence.

The Being Energy® Teacher Training consists of Educational Programs in three areas or modules: the body, the mind and the Spirit. We offer different programs for each area, emphasizing different themes and topics. Each program contains live online training, private group support, dynamic assignments and one-on-one coaching with Being Energy® founders. All our programs emphasize the setting of regular exercise practice and dietary changes towards wholesome plant base foods and detoxification. Programs are of different length and offer different amounts of units and can be taken separate in any order. Read below for more information on upcoming trainings and certifications requirements. 

Energy is the Source of our Being

Awaken Your Natural Energy Resources

Module I. The Physical and Energy Bodies

In this module, we study true functionality and integrity to restore vitality and health through movement. We introduce organic, effortless movement sequences to reorganize your nervous system, emphasizing awareness of breath and movement patterns, alignment, and fascia release. By organizing skeletal and muscular systems, you are rewiring your brain to create new movement and breath patterns for freedom of movement. This enhanced brain plasticity influences and increases your ability to connect to your senses, to adapt easily and instantly to the environment and to respond to external demands.

Once the physical body is organized, the energy body can flow through your centers of vitality located around the internal organs, such as the center for sustained action around the kidneys and adrenals and the center for decisions based at the throat related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands. This reorganization encourages renewed vigor and vitality, as well as balance.

Upcoming Teacher Training Programs in Module I:

  • Courageous Women Coaching Training. 10 Units. Women’s Coaching Teacher Training Program. Specifically designed to support women’s health related issues. This Program consists of small group live webinars, private sessions with BE Founder Aerin Alexander, and dynamic assignments. Dates: January 23 through March 6, 2021. SIGN UP today and reserve your spot!
  • More Energy + More Time Teacher Training. 4 UnitsCoaching Program to gather energy and to slow down brain activity to perceive time as upcoming instead of receding from us. Dates: April 17 and 24. More information upcoming soon!

Freedom is at the Core of our Being

Release Obstacles and Create Energetic Healing

Module II. Freeing the Mind through Recapitulation

In this module we study the higher functions of the mind by systematically reviewing past experiences and integrating them in the wholeness of our being. Traumatic life memories can leave unresolved issues the become trapped in our body’s tissues and organs and that create disease, chronic pain and suffering. Through reviewing and acknowledging those experiences to reach new understandings, we can integrate them into our consciousness. The recapitulation process supports us in creating new habits and actions to regain states of joy, creativity and freedom. It is a process of repairing and joining pieces of ourselves left behind, regaining our wholeness, and healing the split between ego and essence.

Upcoming Teacher Training Programs in Module 2:

  • Jumping Grooves Teacher Training. 4 Units. A short two-day program to unblock stagnation with quick and efficient recapitulation techniques. Ideal for teaching recapitulation to beginners and experiencing practical ways to jump to new states of consciousness. Dates: May 8 and 15
  • Turning Fear into Power Teacher Training10 Units. An in-depth program of recapitulation to support others to free themselves from fear and create new confidence and self-esteem. Program consists of small group live webinars, private sessions with BE Founders, and dynamic assignments. Dates: June 12 – July 10

Awareness Is the Magic of our Being

Embody the Gifts and Secrets of Longevity

Module III. Living Life Connected to Spirit

In this module we study the essence of our being, our soul, our spirit. We learn about certain “gates of dreaming”, vortices of energy in the physical body that function as entrances to higher states of consciousness. These different layers or levels of awareness can be accessed in awake and sleep states. The process of reaching and crossing these inner gates refers to the process of reaching homeostasis. This module teaches about balancing the nervous system for longevity and health.

Upcoming Teacher Training Programs in Module 3:

  • Stop Anxiety. Gain Immunity Teacher Training10 UnitsJoin this Being Energy® Teacher Training to create your own “Tool Kit for Anxiety”, with knowledge and effective techniques to overcome anxiety, boost immunity and shake off any Covid-19 phobia. Let’s begin 2021 with calmness, purpose and hope. Dates: March 13 through April 10, 2021. Reserve your spot now!
  • Restore Sleep Teacher Training. 6 Units. Restoring homeostasis and quality of sleep. Support others in learning to sleep restfully and wake up refreshed! Ideal for anyone in the health care field, workers who require many hours of wakefulness, and anyone experiencing sleep challenges. Guided by Aerin Alexander, Sounder Sleep Master Teacher. Dates: September 11, 18 and 25

Being Energy Certification Requirements

To become a Being Energy® Certified Teacher, you need to complete a total of 60 units, with 20 units in each of the three  modules, together with all its assignments and presentations. Once you take your first course, you become a BE Teacher-in-Training. For example, if you take “Own Your Body” with 8 units, you still need another 12 units to finish Module 1, and so on. You have 3 years to complete your certification and complete the 60 units, from the date of your first course.

Once you complete your certification, you will need to complete a minimum of 12 units per year to keep your certification (one or two programs per year).

For those of you already Certified Being Energy® teachers, the only thing you need to do is to keep your certification updated by taking 12 units per year. Any questions, please email our BE Teacher Coordinator,


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