Embody the Purpose and the Secrets of Longevity. Change Your Life And help Others Heal.

This educational program is available to anyone who is interested in the topics of personal vitality, longevity and direction of purpose. It’s goal is to facilitate freedom of movement and perception and build a bridge between modern science and the traditions of ancient healing, while focusing on the body, mind and spiritual needs of all individuals. You will learn to teach others how to discover and actualize their full potential. 

This program will teach you how to:

  • apply to your daily life the latest scientific discoveries in the area of longevity and vitality
  • feel reinvigorated, energetic and present in your daily life
  • gain the ability to make clear and positive decisions
  • acquire a distinct set of practices to heal chronic musculoskeletal issues
  • understand and sense your body as both a physical and an energetic structure
  • cultivate inner calm, joy, focus and a strong sense of purpose

The benefits that you experience through your participation are the benefits you will be able to offer to your clients and patients.

The Being Energy® teacher training program consists of a number sections, each of which can be taken separately. Additionally, each section will focus on a different aspect of human vitality and rejuvenation, while in its practices addressing the body, mind and spirit of each practitioner. The program is being offered every year and is supported through on-site retreats, online classes and video and text materials offered through the Energy Life Sciences Institute and one-on-one conferences with the institute founders.

Each section of the program consists of four months of live online training and videos, assignments and individual and group support, adding to a total of more than 150 hours of training. See below for more detailed information regarding each section of the program currently offered.

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How to Reach and Cross Them

Teacher Training Program Begins April 4, 2020.

The Gates of Dreaming were defined by our teacher Carlos Castaneda and refers to layers or levels of awareness we can access in wakefulness and sleep states. Through directing and focusing one’s attention on specific items in a dream or in our daily life, we can experience different stages of consciousness by progressively overwriting the conditioning of perception imposed on us by our environment. Here we will guide you  through the different Gates of Dreaming, by teaching you how to reach and cross them. You will also acquire valuable knowledge on how each Gate of Dreaming relates to your daily life. (Read More and Register) 


Awaken Your Natural Energy Resources

Dates for this section are to be determined. 

This program will introduce you to several movement sequences helping to strengthen vitality, regain balance, stability and strength. You will learn about human anatomy, physiology and the understanding of how the body works and how to heal yourself from chronic pains and illnesses. We will help you to detoxify your body through nutrition, breath and movements and revitalize your internal organs. By organizing skeletal and muscular systems, you will be effectively rewiring your brain to create new perspectives for decision making and action. Developing body awareness, one of the hallmarks of this program, includes learning to develop conscious relationships with your internal organs in order to improve your general health. (Read More)

TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM – Recapitulation: Turning  the Wheel of Time

Utilizing Life Experiences to Release Obstacles and Create Energetic Healing

Dates for this section are to be determined. 

Turning The Wheel of Time, as Carlos Castaneda taught us, refers to shifting the direction of one’s life by systematically and purposefully intending it. Traumatic life experiences can leave unresolved issues, entrapped in our body’s tissues and organs, that create disease, chronic pain and suffering. Through reviewing and acknowledging those experiences and offering new understandings, we can integrate them into our consciousness. It is a process of repairing and joining pieces of ourselves left behind, regaining our wholeness, and healing the split between ego and essence. (Read More)