Allowing Our Energy Force from Within to Create Healing

The Being Energy methodology revitalizes the mind and body, develops mindfulness and stimulates healing in a natural and balanced way. It provides the body with information to naturally support and heal itself, and breaks through destructive thought patterns that thwart the advancement of health and our joy of life. We offer tools to increase your vitality and energy as well as your awareness and functionality.

As the science of epigenetics has shown, our thoughts and beliefs influence our health at the genetic level. Therefore, our energy directly influences our genes and the essence of our entire being, internally and externally.

This energetic perspective expands the resources and possibilities for healing, growth and fulfillment. The understanding of our energetic nature gives us the knowledge to provide the scientifically appropriate educational and medical services—this understanding is the root of the Being Energy methodology.

Four-day Retreat + Teacher Training Module 3
October 26-29, Schweibenalp, Switzerland

“The twilight is the crack between the worlds,” don Juan said. “It is the door to the unknown.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

At this exclusive Energy Life Science Institute four-day retreat in the Swiss Alps, immerse yourself in nature’s beauty in the dreamland of Schweibenalp to practice Energy Passes and Energy Breaths to release stress; engage in Silence practices to calm your nervous system and become acquitted with the unknown; participate in fire ceremonies to burn obstacles and limiting beliefs; practice Recapitulation exercises to dissolve mental and emotional pain; walk in the mountains and visiting waterfalls every morning and eat delicious, healthy, organic, vegetarian home cooked meals

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