Bernard Rooney in the Spotlight

Hello, my name is Bernard Rooney, 

I am an artist from Australia. My great loves are to be in my studio at home, working on a woodcarving, or perhaps a painting – sharing/growing our home and garden with my partner Lisa and kids. We have the rainforest National Park virtually at our doorstep, featuring Antarctic Beech trees which are thousands of years old, relics of Gondwanaland. We love the wild life here; insects and birds enrich our days and nights with their calls and chatter, wallabies (small kangaroos) regularly graze in our garden, whilst the strange calls of dingoes occasionally cross in our valleys.

I live in order to create but find often that my ways of making a living are creative processes in themselves. I am, for instance, currently working as a mill manager on a coffee plantation. I don’t actually like coffee much, although this coffee has won world championships. Its a great opportunity to learn about quality production and operations. Among other things, BE practices have helped me to contact other coffee farmers in the area for greater co-operation and resource sharing. Due to the international daily gatherings on BE platforms I feel I am less insular than I was two years ago; more willing and skillful at connecting and reaching out.

I have plenty to be healthy for, and showing appreciation for life through being healthy, is something I feel strongly supported in at Being Energy. To receive this support-energy in constant mild doses through the days and months is one of the little miracles of my daily life in recent years.


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