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Welcoming 2015

Dear Being Energy Community,

As the 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to give you the following ritual for bringing more joy and wondrous expansion into your life in the year ahead. Carlos Castaneda taught it to us many years ago, and we are grateful to be able to share it with you now.

The steps are these:

  1. Clear out the old before the New Year.  On December 29 and 30, and even throughout the day on December 31, clear up some space in your home. Remove clutter, donate clothing that you aren’t using anymore, clean out and organize cabinets and drawers, and vacuum your floors; clean your windows and water your plants—all with a feeling of openness and readiness. The aim is to clean your home physically and energetically. There are four essential ways to do this:
  • Throw things away that are not really relevant or needed
  • Give things away, letting those things bring something to someone while freeing you of any associated history with the objects
  • Dust off, wipe and wash your home, or at least a selected part of it, such as your bedroom or desk area
  • Rearrange things; change the placement of furniture, artwork and/or other objects to revitalize the energy flow of your space(s)
  1. On December 31, before midnight, attend to your desk or writing space. Organize bills and papers, and clear space so that you can comfortably sit to write a list of dreams and projects for the New Year.
  2. Next, take a pen or pencil and piece of paper, and get ready to make a list.
  • Mentally review what dreams and projects you were able to accomplish in 2013. What things stood out? What new relationships have you established? What came to a closure? What new things have you learned, or insights have you gained with respect to your:
  1. Health
  2. Emotions
  3. Thoughts
  4. Family and community
  5. Larger global community of planet Earth
  • Now list all of these on a piece of paper labeled 2013. The idea is to review and distill what 2013 brought to you, and write it down so that you can be consciously aware of these experiences going into the New Year. Notice as you write if new insights or ideas come to you.
  1. Take a second piece of paper to start a new list. Name the list 2014, and write down what you want to accomplish or see unfold in this New Year. It might help to think of the categories of:
  • Family and friends
  • Work
  • Health
  • Personal development
  1. Take a pause. You’ve cleared space, reviewed the year that’s passing and set forth dreams and goals for the year ahead. Now that you have your lists, take a little break to attend to any responsibilities or other commitments.
  2. At around 11:30 p.m., return to your writing space (it’s almost midnight!).Sit in silence for a moment and put your attention on the things on your 2014 list—those things that you want to see unfold in the New Year. You may even want to write an outline of what you would like to do, or draw a picture of yourself getting the job of your dreams, etc. Sit with it as long as you like, making sure you feel connected with it all, with your personal life path, and with the Universe by the time the clock strikes midnight.
  3. At midnight, on this first moment of the New Year, let the wave of your dreams wash over you.

Carlos Castaneda would tell his students that, at midnight, the light of the Spirit or Universe comes and “watches us”—a force descends upon us, and this is a very powerful moment to be present and aware—to feel it and become acquainted with it.

As we set our collective intentions, we hold best wishes for you all—for your joy and expansion, for your creation of new, inspiring projects, for your showering of kindness on all those around you. May our light and love radiate out to your communities and to the whole world.

Happy New Year!

Aerin and Miles

Saying Thank you – The first step for transformation

How to be thankful when you don’t feel thankful

Once a year here in the U.S. (and elsewhere), we unite and in the thought to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to connect to the inner state of gratefulness and, when we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair and immune mechanisms. When we are in gratefulness, we feel connected to others and we are happier.

The thing is, sometimes Thanksgiving week comes and we are just not “there.” We are going through issues, stresses, hurts, and are having a hard time finding what to say thank you for, much less have the feeling of gratitude. We may say to ourselves “forget this, Thanksgiving is an arbitrary date and I don’t have control over what is happening to me just these days.” What can we do to jump into the stream of gratitude?

Here is a practical exercise you can do:

• Sit on the edge of a chair, with your belly and chest open, feet planted on the floor.
• Take 3 breaths and feel your body there, sitting where you are. Relax your eyes and your tongue.
• Connect to an area of your body that is in good condition, that you feel works well (it might be your lungs, your heart, a strong muscle area). Feel that area of your body.
• Say thank you to that part of your body. It is there, working well, so it is easy to be grateful for that. OK; now we are in mini gratefulness, our launch pad.
• Next, imagine that you are out in orbit at the edge of space, like where the Space Station is, and look at yourself from that distance. If you are not a visual person no problem, just get the feeling of seeing yourself up there from space. Then, from there, you ask yourself:

“Is there any other thing that I have in my life that I can say thank you to?”

• Let it come to you and say thank you. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and others, right now!

NOW-ing: Journeying into the Present Moment

Dear Worldwide Community,

What blew my mind?

Realizing that the present moment is not a physical place, or a time zone; it is not found or lost; it is not a “thing,” I cannot google it; it is not tangible, yet I can embody it.

Most spiritual practices talk about the importance of living in the present moment in the here and the now. I have not yet found a way of understanding what do we mean by “here” and by “now.” Until Now.

The theme of our two latest workshops in Moscow and Tuscany was transformation and it was based on the myth of “The Plumed Serpent.” We presented, with the help of our BE teachers, Valentina, Sergey, Oksana, and Barbara, key aspects of Being Energy® work, key movement sequences, like “Gathering Energy for Silence,” “Intending Presence” and “Flow” to revitalize the body and mind, to invigorate our spirits. And we did a journey into the plumed serpent through movements and story telling.

The effect of the movements and the mass of practitioners practicing them was sublime. All of us entered into non-local states of keen awareness and silence after our first workshop session.

On the second day we had other BE teachers sharing their personal stories of transformation, as a way to illustrate the journey of the plumed serpent that represents the journey of our consciousness. Their stories depicted where we may find ourselves at different stages of becoming, in different facets of our lives.

Now, what we didn’t plan, and what BLEW our minds, was that the stories themselves had such power that they brought us to a new experience and understanding of what it is to be in the PRESENT MOMENT. For the first time I got a glimpse of what is “NOW.”


Pavel told us the story of losing all his savings on a bad investment last year and how he is trying to recuperate from it. What he found out is that he had a deep fear of rejection and wanted to please his associates in the business. He pushed his personal needs to the side for their sake, betraying some how, his own heart. That brought him to connect to an early memory of childhood where that habit/pattern began. It is with admiration for Pavel, for having the courage to put this on the table and start his healing process, that we share parts of his story with you!

Guido shared his experience of working with Doctors Without Borders, an international organization that aids victims of war. That was a dream of his for more than 15 years. He waited for the perfect moment in his life and left his family to work in Jordan on the border with Syria for 7 months. He shared the traumas and the suffering that people go through every day, and how that opened his heart. We all witnessed how Guido changed, his eyes shined brightly, his sweetness unfolded a new knowledge.

Roberta shared with us where she is in this moment of her life: searching for her “power spot,” a new direction, a new job, a new way of thinking and perceiving herself. She was so honest and so open, we all held space for her tears to roll and sweep over us.

Finally, Inge told us her story of how she raised her child by herself. After years of feeling shame, she now realizes what a heroic act she has done. She has turned the wheel of time: she has a completely new view and perception of her life and herself. She embodies strength, impeccability, courage, and, most importantly, immense love. She lives her quest for becoming.

All these stories carried a force beyond our comprehension. We were transported into our own stories of fear, power, shame and curiosity, entering into an unfolding process where past, present and future were happening in the NOW.

We experience NOW, as a NOW-ing, taking place in our minds, bodies and spirits.

A big aha was and is realizing that the PRESENT moment is not a noun, is a Verb. It is not pre-established, pre-existing. It exists as I exist WITH it.

I remember what my dance teacher told me long ago, “Your core is not a physical place in your body. Your core is something you need to find in movement, in the unfolding of your breath.”

The NOW unfolds within me, you, us, with our breath, with our movement, in the co-creation of what we call “reality.”

Thanks to all who joined us in person and in spirit in these two events; thank you to our brave teachers for daring to become in the NOW-ing.


Wonder: Changing the World

Dear Being Energy Community,

What are you passionately curious about?  What fills you with wonder? 

As practitioners of Being Energy®,  many of us have a deep connection to all or at least one aspect of the practice:  the movements, the guided explorations, or the Recapitulation practices.  We lose ourselves in the silence and connect to our inner seer.

We become explorers and someties teachers on a path with heart.  We learn and gain real knowledge from our experiences.

Calling on our passion is a potent first step for teachers of any kind. Sometimes it takes time for us to rediscover or reignite a passion that went adrift in a life filled with routines for making a living or caring for family.  Sometimes the practice is dedicated to finding out why we do what we do most hours of the day, until we remember what makes us passionate about our work or the work we secretly want to do.

When we find our passion again, we find clarity, the eyes shine, and we awaken our inner seer.  We discover ourselves in a mood of childlike curiosity, the perfect place for a teacher to be!

As a Being Energy® Teacher or practitioner, how are you using the knowledge of the seers of ancient Mexico in your work, in your day-to-day?

The BE community is a conglomerate of unique individuals who have been teaching and practicing the movements with all sorts of people in their local communities.  We have posted their personal stories and you can read about them in our community and teacher blogs.  Because we are all unique beings, and in most of the stories shared, BE Teachers are finding a variety of ways to connect with others and engage in a process of learning together, and its often done through teaching.

Each one of us has a gift that is exclusively ours.  If we thought of our body-mind as a musical instrument, our music would sound unlike any other sound in the universe.  As teachers, we are compelled to share our unique perception with others, our song.  When we acquiesce to a strong feeling for teaching, we eventually turn a uniquely personal process into an art of awakening for others.

How does your song move from your heart to others?

The meaningful work each one of us does, we may even say, the work we are on this planet to do, is found through heart-based perception and exploration.  If you felt something while reading this blog, then you know what we’re getting at.  Whether we are teaching or modeling BE practices in our lives, with family or colleagues, we all know that we’re drawn to the path with heart for a reason.

Once we discover what’s in our hearts, the next step is to acquire the skills and tools we need to carry our exploration to another level.  The questions we ask ourselves penetrate deeper into our body-mind system, and at Being Energy we enter a new level of refining the energy movements.

Whether you decide to be a Being Energy® Teacher or not, we enter into a continuous, dynamic process of applying the practice, discovering ourselves, and sharing our knowledge with the community at large.

You probably remember your favorite teachers.  They were parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, school teachers, the ones who were asking questions much of the time, inspiring you with their passion, asking for your input and empowering you to get out there, follow your dream and do something.  Wouldn’t you love to emulate them?

The Being Energy BE Skilled! Classes are a great way for a practitioner or Being Energy® Teacher to enter into a dynamic cycle of practice.  The classes delve deeper into the movements and the Being Energy principles.  You are guided, step-by-step, through the movements and will learn how to modify them to suit your individual needs as well as the needs of others.  The classes are designed to renew and strengthen your connection with your inner seer.

However we choose to BE, we are revolutionaries on this path with heart.  Our practice becomes cyclical, revolving.  Our new perceptions and behaviors are revolutionary because they detach us from unquestioning social norms.  We either model the behaviors of a heart-centered practice, or we teach it to others.   Either way, we are in the process of changing the world.  Perhaps it’s little by little, but sometimes that’s how it works.

Thank you for changing the world with us.


Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Gammadian Freeman. I was born in Kent, known as the garden of England. I enjoyed living a wild and free existence in nature, as a country boy by the sea, compared to a disciplined, Christian existence at home, which I did not enjoy as much. The dichotomy of home and field led me to run away from home at the age of 16 and I became involved in the local music scene, which led me to travel around the country to festivals and happenings. At Glastonbury I was fortunate to meet a meditation teacher, and soon after, I was initiated and set off overland for India.

I travelled extensively and mastered other practices.  During that time, I was diagnosed with TB. Complications led to paralysis, being in a wheel chair and later, using crutches and then walking sticks for many years.


I was heavily influenced by Carlos Castaneda’s writings, and felt an undeniable force to use the movements to heal myself.  Once, in an unforgettable day I reached my Energy Body, I mean, I got in contact with a part of my indescribable self, pure energy. I had been in excruciating physical pain and through movements and dreaming I was able to shift my state of consciousness.

When I returned to my daily self, the pain was gone. I decided to throw away my sticks and painkillers. I had been given another chance in life. My physical body was paralyzed, and the energy movements renewed me.  I had no inner dialogue, I was quiet and in another sate of consciousness. I was newborn with loads of energy.


There was no doubt that I needed to find others who might be practicing the movements.  I searched and found a community of practitioners!  I felt a push to share my experience and to help others. Soon, I was involved in organizing and teaching weekly groups, as well as becoming part of a large gathering of practitioners in Karma Ling from all types of backgrounds in Europe. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary! Dr. Miles Reid has been a guest instructor there twice.


Now I practice Being Energy and I feel more energetic, healthy and focused, my stamina and flexibility have increased.  During my training in Module 2, I reconnected with Ena Xena, my partner. We worked together at Karma Ling to present a series of movements called “The Code,” continuously perfecting its presentation.  While working together, we began dreaming together, eventually becoming life partners. We realized that we share a similar dream.


After leading a workshop in Colombia, Ena and I travelled to run retreats, teaching and enjoying my favorite hobby, scuba diving.  On our return to England, we moved into a new place, our centre, which we use for massage and movement.  We created a website that showcases what we have been learning and what we want to share with the world.  As a practitioner, I continue to enhance my knowledge, and, currently I am studying nutrition and hypnotherapy.

Finally, I would like to share a story that has touched my heart and has deeply affected me, something that occurred several years ago, and connected me with youngsters, who face enormous challenges in London.

I was in a public garden practicing Being Energy. Some teenage schoolgirls came into the garden. They were extremely agitated and loud. I continued practicing. The leader was swinging a knife around and saying she was going to knife the leader of a local gang who had disrespected her. I continue practicing my movements, staying in the present.

After a while, she came to me and said what I was doing seemed really calming, and could she join me to calm herself. I showed her some simple grounding and flowing movements. She encouraged the others to join her and they did.

After some while, the boys that had antagonized them came in. I invited them to join in, and they did.  When the time came for a pause, instead of a confrontation, they all remained calm, and some sort of an accord was reached. After that, whenever they saw me practicing in the garden, they joined me. They asked me to go and teach at their school, but at the time I was returning to Asia. I am looking forward to see them again and teaching at their school.

This was an auspicious experience for me in the sense that it showed me the possibility of working with teenagers and adults stressed by modern urban living.  I saw how easily it helped to shift their behavior, and how hungry for calm they were.  I was able to see the relief it provided them.  I see the need for the work we do and how beneficial the effects are.

Now based in London I am looking to extend our work, particularly with teenagers, and to move into a bigger property. We at Open Wing are all set to return to Colombia, where we will be facilitating a series of workshops and a tour of power places with the indigenous people in the area.


Thank you for reading about my story, I hope I inspired you to share yours,


Unfolding Wings: The Myth of the Plumed Serpent

Dear Being Energy Community,

When did you unfold wings?  How did you do it?

Lets start by looking at how we can apply the myth of the Plumed Serpent to our daily lives. First of all it calls for daring.  When we decide to do something new, we start a personal process of becoming, a process that moves us from something we know into unknown and unfamiliar territory.

The myth describes the story of a snake evolving into something inconceivable.  By growing wings the snake becomes airborne and changes into something new and undiscovered.  Earth and sky are united, and conceptually, it reveals a personal process that opens us to uniting the contrasts or contradictions within us.  In order for us to change, we need to give something up before the new thought or behavior becomes the new one.

The myth of Quetzalcoatl links the space between the old and the new, and embodies a process of becoming.  For the shamans of Mesoamerica the Plumed Serpent is a symbol of evolution.  It describes the evolution of the cosmos, or the evolutionary process each one of us embodies.

Apply this concept to your life:

When was the last time you dared to try something completely new?  When did you unfold wings?  How did it feel?

For example, when leaving the stability of an old job to start something completely different.  On the one hand it is exciting and fulfilling to move towards something more meaningful, yet on the other hand, it produces the kind of teeth-chattering fear of not being able to pay the rent or mortgage.  What will I lose, what will I have to give up?  What if I’m successful?

What else unfolds in that process?  If I am moving towards more meaningful work and looking for congruence with one of my beliefs or perspectives, like, “I need to contribute something to the world, I need to give back,” what new view will unfold?  I might find that I have reserves of energy I didn’t know existed for working on projects that satisfy my belief of helping others.  I might find that helping others sometimes satisfies me more than the people I want to “help.”  I might learn that I need to take more time to understand the needs of others before taking action to help them.

Certain aspects of myself unfold and in that process I embody contrasting perspectives. The transformative experience creates a wider perspective that moves me toward new behaviors.

The myth of the Plumed Serpent connects us deeply to the universe and all its contrasts, light and dark, life and death.

You may have heard the quote from astronomer Carl Sagan, spoken in an old television series called Cosmos.  In it Sagan said, “We are a way for the universe to know itself.  Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star stuff.”  When we connect with the cosmos, the evolutionary process inside of us, we can become something new.

We at Being Energy practice a sequence of movements and breathing techniques, the Quetzalcoatl movements to explore new beginnings, or to intend a shift in our lives. Through the practice of this sequence of movements, we shift our perception; we focus our minds and hearts in the unfolding momentum of the present moment.

We focus on the vibrations within us to activate the sinewy, undulating movement of the serpent moving up through our spine.  We spark our mind-body to remember and manifest an ancient memory of who we are, and who we want to become.

The Quetzalcoatl movements activate the vibratory force within to connect with something new outside of us.  We open ourselves to the moment of our wings unfolding, acknowledge our discoveries and actively choose new paths. When did you unfold your wings?  How did it happen?  What aspects of you need to unfold?

Share your comments, ask questions and keep exploring!

Daily Classes: Sustaining Flow

Dear Being Energy Community:

Some of us have a hard time building healthy habits and sustaining a daily practice.  Carlos Castaneda wrote in his book Tales of Power, “The only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations. At a certain moment he knows enough of the warrior’s way to act accordingly, but his old habits and routines may stand in his way.  If a warrior is to succeed in anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession.”

The type of no-stress effort can start by allowing yourself to receive help. Just click on the link and be immediately assisted by others wanting the same as you. By practicing Being Energy® movements, we can:

  • Improve your posture, flexibility, focus and physical and mental agility
  • Invigorate the mind-body to reveal your spirit
  • Awaken your natural joy of movement
  • Connect you with a vibrant global community

In the practice, we set an intent, and gather energy and silence; then we can create a plan to fit the practice into our day-to-day.  Some of the most powerful strategies begin with using positive imagery and focusing on useful components.  If we interrupt our habit, even in small ways, over time it will lose traction and cease to affect us.

Join the Being Energy community and shift to a new way of BEing, using movement and breath to shake up our physical habit, be transported into your inner world with guided explorations to access the inner seer and our own healing powers. Using energy movements and breaths imbued with ancient knowledge, we quickly remember and feel our connection to the deeper force within ourselves.

Being Energy Teachers from around the world will conduct live online classes, every weekday to guide you in a consistent mind-body practice. We introduce and invite you to join our new Daily Mind, Body + Spirit Classes either to get started and/or to maintain a regular, sustained practice.  Being Energy movements over time with Being Energy Teachers who will teach the same movements for a three-month period.  As one practitioner discovered, “I do like the new structure of the classes. It’s somehow more personalised and more exciting. It’s interesting to not focus on remembering a single set of movements over a week, but to do several and just go with it, and eventually they come together over the month.”

We are offering the new classes for free during the month of September and October! so you can invite your family, friends, colleagues, or fitness partners to practice with you. Read more for details on the class descriptions and schedule. Set a new intent and give yourself the gift of Connecting to your true Spirit: purpose, daring and joy!

How Did You Wake Up?

Dear Being Energy Community,

We are including three video links to help you get started with your recapitulation practice, that is, to start your day with a dreaming attention, to set your intent for a mindful day.

As we move closer to the dream of In Pono, our topic for Hawaii, we feel the pull to just get to it, to start a more sustained practice of recapitulation.  We’re going to let the videos speak for themselves and share with you why the Seers of ancient Mexico developed this practice into the art of clearing and enhancing our energy.

Another foundational underpinning of the Being Energy® practice is that we can shift our perception through movement. Before starting your recapitulation, try the Being Energy movements in the next video, or simply practice them throughout the day.

Next, listen and follow along with the recapitulation exploration.  Start with Recapitulating How You Woke Up, each day and see what happens.

Some of the benefits of recapitulating every day, even if it’s for 1 minute at a time, builds a capacity for:

  • observing rather than making judgements about events or people
  • connecting to feelings, which leads to a fuller, more expansive view of a situation or event
  • healing ourselves, allowing us to give comfort or provide aid and relief to the self in the past event being recapitulated
  • self empowerment

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Engineering Family and Life

Channel Tunnel Engineer Helps Engineer Village Shop

by Tim Ferreira

Dear Being Energy Community,

Tim Ferreira spent forty years with the largest civil engineering company in the UK building an island in Bahrain a dry dock in Iran, the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, and travelling and working all over the world including in Egypt, Trinidad, Angola, Falkland Islands, Kenya, and Hong Kong.


Now retired, Tim helped build the “Best Village Shop & Post Office in the UK” and continues travelling: climbing Fuji Yama, Mount Kenya, cruising the Three Valleys Gorge, the Nile and the Mekong, standing with one foot in the Blue Nile, one in the White at Khartoum, and paddling in the Ganges and the Indus.

“To me,” said Tim, “travel means throwing all my pre-conceived ideas up in the air, and letting them settle down in a different arrangement. Later, reading Carlos Castaneda and working with Being Energy I realised I was moving my assemblage point, and not letting it return completely to its original position when I returned. It was nearly an addiction.”

Since retiring, Tim worked on the LINK scheme driving disadvantaged people to hospital and the elderly to their weekly shopping, rejuvenated the local tennis club, and helped build a club house and sports field – the valley centre for football, cricket, tennis, skate-boarding, netball, table-tennis, and indoor bowling. The village shop is the latest project.


Now with eight grand children, three in Hong Kong, Tim is making up for time away from the family, “I try to be as hands on as possible. When my three daughter’s families stay with us in the summer we sleep sixteen and it is a wonderful challenge; four 4-years-old and the rest ranging up to twelve. Often we set up a tent on the lawn by the river at the bottom of our garden for them to sleep in, guarded by me sleeping in at the entrance!”

Says Tim, “I have been a disciple of Castaneda for nearly 40 years. I discovered Being Energy partway through the first Path-with-Heart series, and joined for the second. It has added an extra dimension to my life, and I very rarely miss a Sunday evening session. It has given me a measure of detachment from myself and from others. The classes are extremely rewarding, and the energy and commitment Miles and Aerin put into the classes give them (the classes, and so us the receivers) a real boost.”

Partnering with Non Profits

Dear Being Energy Community,

We are including a link to our Kidneys and Adrenals Guided Exploration:

We welcome you to join us in the guided meditation this week to acquaint yourself with and strengthen this powerful internal organ system!

For the last 5 weeks, Miles and I have been teaching Being Energy® moves and energy practices to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in Los Angeles. The classes there are intended for all patients with cancer, in remission or in treatment, and for their families and caregivers, to help them transition through challenging moments to restore and reemerge back into a healthy life.


Miles started Class 1 by teaching how to gather and manage energy; including teaching Being Energy® movements and the guided exploration for the kidneys and adrenals. Participants loved the idea of being able to connect and talk or communicate with the internal organs of the body, and learning how to replenish them by intending it. After surgery and chemo, most of our participants feel weak, physically, emotionally and mentally. What is going on in their bodies is a huge challenge.


By the time I went to teach class 2, everyone already loved the Being Energy practice. Do you know why?…Because people could feel that they were Energy FIRST, beings of energy in the midst of a human experience. This human experience happens to be a cancer experience with layers of opportunities to learn about themselves and others. They shared that they loved the emphasis on being active participants of their lives, that they could choose where to direct their energy.


After the guided exploration of the kidneys, everyone in the class gave the thumbs up! The guided meditation helped them to feel more stable and grounded when standing, and more centered, when interacting with others. Our intent is to remind them of their personal strength, and their own, innate well of energy.


As you will see from the video, we emphasized the role of thoughts in shaping and contributing to any level of health of the physical body. We guided participants to use their imagination, the inner eye through an experience of becoming acquainted with the internal organs, and suggested they use the process to build a relationship with the physical body.


Guided imagery is a critical strategy to use for any level of health and well being. Whether we want to strengthen and sustain an already healthy body, or to recover the energy that is lost through trauma or disease, guided imagery, especially when practiced on a regular basis, focuses our attention directly on our internal organs. We learn to connect to the internal organs, powerful vortices of energy for the mind-body system.


We are beings of energy, and we are magical. No matter how old, no matter how weak, with chemo or without, everyone is important to all of us, and we, at Being Energy, are here to remind you, through movement, who you really are.

Enjoy this week the guided imagery for the kidneys and adrenals that we shared with the participants at the Benjamin Center.

Try this at least once during the week and let us know what happens!