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The Key to Feeling More Energy? A Healthy Thyroid Gland!

Movement is the key to energy. It really is true! Of all the things we can do to stay energized and healthy, keeping our bodies moving is right there at the top—even, and maybe especially, when we feel sluggish.

There are many reasons why we might not feel like being active, but a major one is due to thyroid disorder. Because of this, we’ll focus on the thyroid in our next Nutrition + Health class on November 22nd—the last one of the year!

Of course, the class will offer in-depth information and tips all about how to keep the thyroid functioning at its best. But right now, to help you energize right away, we want to put the spotlight on the role of exercise and the thyroid.

Your thyroid gland may not be very large, but it has a big influence on your health and wellbeing. It affects your body temperature, metabolism, heart rate, mood, bowel function and energy levels. If it’s not functioning well, you probably won’t feel like getting out there and getting the exercise you need to stay fit and happy. So what can you do? Start with small steps. Every little bit of exercise you get each day makes a difference.

There are little things you can do to increase your daily activity, and it all counts! Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator when you have the chance. Park at the far end of the parking lot at the grocery store. Take five to fifteen minutes to take an extra walk around your neighborhood or workplace, or do squats or pushups before jumping into your other responsibilities—it will be time well spent, helping you function more effectively and think more clearly.

The thyroid produces a hormone that regulates your metabolism, and exercise boosts metabolism, helping you reduce or maintain weight.

Studies show that exercising just 30 minutes a day, five days a week helps reduce the symptoms of both an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) and underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). The irony is that if you have hypothyroidism, you likely don’t feel like being active. Just take it a step at a time!

Ideally, you want to get some cardio, stretching and strength training in each day. The main thing is to do things that you enjoy—gardening, dancing, jogging, sports—and work things into your daily life, like walking the dog, or doing jumping jacks before sitting down in front of the computer or television, or taking a 30-minute time-out for one of our daily Mind, Body + Spirit classes.

Try it out, pay attention to how you feel in the moment and reflect on your energy at the end of the day, and end of the week. Making time to move may end up giving you more time and energy for all of the other things in your life.

Sexual Energy – How can you nourish your body and mind with sexual energy?

Dear BE Community,

There is much taboo and ignorance on the topic of sex. We live in a world where prostitution and visual sexual stimulation as a lucrative global business market is in the top 3. Sex becomes a “visual” thing that doesn’t involve the totality of the self.

Sex, as a product for immediate pleasure and gratification, only leads to more depletion of energy. It may sound like “grandma” talking, but it is something you can verify for yourself.

Because of beliefs and traumas hidden in the physical body, some individuals are scared of physical contact, let alone sexual interaction.  We would like to start with ourselves first, by reviewing our ideas and our own taboos, to broaden our perception and consciousness on the topic of sex.

When you hear the word sex, what do you think?  What are your judgments about it?  We often respond in a way that describes instant gratification and satisfaction.  We want energy, and yet we use sexual energy without realizing that unconscious behavioral responses may ultimately deplete our vitality.

For those of us on a path of awareness sexual energy is access to life force that is meant for our spiritual evolutionary journey.

In the Nutrition class this month on Saturday, April 19, we will learn ways to nurture and nourish sexual energy and to reinforce and maintain a healthy balance of our sexual hormones.  We will learn practical ways to foster the shine in the eyes and a mood of curiosity and presence, indicators of strong sexual energy.

We will use a loofah scrub or glove in class to learn to move energy through the largest organ of the body, the skin.  We will learn how to bring energy up from areas of the sexual organs and bring it to the throat, the thyroid, where we lose a great deal of energy as we age.

Please join us!

In our first class on January 25 we presented a 21-day detox program that helps to eliminate toxins and revitalize your body. If you missed the class, you can still watch it here.

In our second class of March 8 we focused on the many reasons for weight differences and fluctuations and how to find your ideal body weight.  If you missed it, click to watch it here.

Have a healthy and joyful week.

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Finding your Ideal Body Weight

Dear Being Energy Community:

We are launching a new series of Being Energy weekly newsletters. We look forward to sharing practical ideas, experiences, relevant research, and guidance for creating and maintaining a vital, healthy and strong body-mind. We intend to focus on four areas, one each week: 1) Nutrition and Food, 2) The Wisdom that guides the Path With Heart Classes, 3) The Being Energy Community, and 4) Topics of Interest on the warrior’s journey, based on the knowledge and teachings of the Seers of Ancient Mexico.

This week our focus is on Nutrition. Our Nutrition classes this year will address specific topics to help raise awareness of the choices we make, our relationship to our bodies, and the behavior associated with thoughts, emotions and choices.

Finding Your Ideal Body Weight

One of the challenges we face in determining the most beneficial choices for mind-body health is the onslaught of theories, opinions, beliefs and views from the greater healthcare community, the media and society at large.

We believe in empowering individuals to find their own center amidst what may feel like an overstimulation of data and information, to better understand their unique bodies and experiences. Through the process of refining and strengthening individual health in community, we share experiences, recipes and results of healthy new choices.

In our first class on January 25 we presented a 21-day detox program that helps to eliminate toxins and revitalize your body. If you missed the class, you can still watch it here.

In the upcoming class this Saturday, March 8, we will share information and guidance to find your ideal body weight. There are a variety of reasons for weight differences and fluctuations, for example, our bone structure, our genes, our food history, changing emotional needs, age, and the climate we live in. You can learn about how the body stores and designs your weight and shape, about the relationships between weight and energy, and how to understand and determine your ideal body weight, which is not a standard formula but an individual expression. The upcoming nutrition class is also a maintenance follow-up to the detox program.

Have a healthy and joyful week.

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Get Stronger from the Inside Out

Being Energy’s Nutrition + Health class series is chockfull of practical information you can use to feel your best every day. These online classes are one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family.

Our class on September 7th focused on maintaining healthy bones, muscles, tendons and joints.


Here are some of the things that class participants learned:

  • Seven fruits and vegetables that help rejuvenate your joints
  • Three simple rules to boost your muscle function
  • Two acupressure points to promote power in your arms and legs
  • Four acupressure points that release tension and stress in the soft tissue
  • Two acupressure points to relieve stiff neck and joints
  • Best nutrients for optimal joint health

Being Energy’s Nutrition + Health classes give you information you can use right away to function optimally. Even more, the online format means that you can join in from wherever you are in the world.

This is a series that you won’t want to miss! We present new Nutrition + Health classes almost every month. For the class schedule, and more information, please visit Monthly Classes – Nutrition + Health.

Love Liberates–BE Workshop in Teotihuacan, Mexico, March 2012

Being Energy’s inaugural workshop and teacher training Module 1 wonderously unfolded in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in March 2012. It was an auspicious beginning, and an amazing experience for all who attended.

We were invited to hold the workshop in Teotihuacan by the people of this ancient city, and to celebrate life and natures cycles. The vernal equinox and new moon set the stage for a celebration that we’ll always remember.Teotihuacan Celebration

Teotihuacan, which can be translated as “the place where one becomes divine,” is where the spiritual and material knowledge of the Mesoamerican people generated a high expression of architecture, urban planning and art in the Americas. It arose at around the time of Christ and later became the largest and most populous urban center in the Americas. Among the monumental constructions in the Valley of Mexico, two high, enigmatic pyramids stand out, dedicated to the worship of the sun and the moon.

Vernal Equinox in TeotihuacanWe were at a sacred center, in alignment with the pyramids, facing the moon pyramid.

The experience was deeply resonant and transformative. It exemplified what Being Energy hopes to bring to people all over the world, in ways that breathe new life into ancient practices and connect us deeply to one another.

So many centuries later, the power of Teotihuacan is palpably strong.