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One Dream Takes the Stage as Another Ends: The Act of Being Energy

Hello, everyone! I am Elizabeth Carrillo. I live in Mexico City, I am a Being Energy teacher, and I work in the theater. I am living a dream that is unfolding.


I studied Drama, Literature and Acting in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After my graduation, some fellow students and I formed an experimental theater group. Our main goal with the group was self-knowledge and the exploration of awareness as applied to dramatic characters to make a scene vibrant.


For years, we performed psycho-physical exercises and explored different acting styles. The method closest to our hearts, on account of having studied under teachers from the old USSR, was the one implemented by the actor and stage director Mikhail Chekhov (the newphew of the famous writer Anton Chekhov).

Chekhov was a man who suffered from deep depressions. It wasn’t until he came in contact with Indian philosophy, anthroposophy and eurythmy (expressive movement or dances aimed at transforming sound and color into motion, promoted by Rudolf Steiner), that his mood began to greatly improve. Eurythmy dances became an important part of the development of Chekhov’s acting method. He used to say that every actor should feel the inner life of the character and delve into his or her psychological states. Technique must be mastered, practiced and developed. He also placed a great deal of importance on physical training, so that the energy of the body could bring fluidity to actions. This energetic dynamism originates from within, and it should be congruous and integrated with external energy.


We also read and researched the works of different theorists and methods that shared a similar purpose: evolution of the human being at the level of awareness and energy. Carlos Castaneda was among them. I remember that, during Castaneda workshops, when self-importance and reducing oneself to nothing was discussed, it was a very strong blow to my artistic and personal ego. I suppose the same thing happened to my companions from the actors’ group.

At the beginning, it was really hard for us to tell if we were on the right path. However, as we kept working on ourselves and practicing Energy movements for preparing our work on stage we realized that answers come each time we intended them from our humbleness and impeccability—toward ourselves and to others.


For years, we have offered different performances that show our explorations as actors and the progress of our self-knowledge. The scenes that stem from these explorations are presented to small audiences who, before the performance, share with the actors the energetic warm-up, so that they can be more receptive to the sensations, emotions, ideas and feelings that their Energy bodies will receive. These scenes may be drawn from things such as a heartbeat or the fire in the Earth’s core. They are usually done with percussion, string, wind or metal instruments as accompaniment, and also with smells that make the energetic magic blossom in the theatre of life.


Today, this group that formed twenty years ago out of our desire to enhance awareness and become better human beings is getting ready to end. We thank the place that has sheltered us all this time, and also our benefactor, the owner of that Big White Elephant. This ending will be a departure. The departure will be formalized by dreaming the stories that intertwined their energetic lines and thanking infinity for allowing us to corroborate the Energy of the Energy Body, realize a dream of our making, and keep our purpose of personal and creative learning.

Being Energy was there with my work in the theater, and I have implemented Being Energy exercises in acting workshops for professionals, because they are excellent both as a warm-up before stepping on stage and to reactivate the body and our Energy during the work process. These exercises keep us in the “here and now” that the scenes require.


I also teach Being Energy movements during summer courses to kids between 6 and 12 years old; and also to teenagers, adults and seniors to help them bring dynamism to their bodies and their lives in a more harmonious way. I have also taught Being Energy movements in schools, mostly for junior high and high school students, and in formal acting lessons. I do this especially when we work with aspects of the tangible and intangible heritage of Mexico—like pre-Hispanic legends—to help create awareness of the importance of keeping, knowing and conserving the cultural heritage of Mexico, including its people.


Thank you for allowing me to share this theater Dream which is being Dreamed in reality.

With Affection,

Elizabeth Carrillo

How Did My Heart Open?

What does it mean to have an open heart, and how do you get there? Here is how it happened for me, and why I’m inspired to help others open their hearts and lives.

I have almost always been connected to my emotions. It started in childhood as a survival mechanism: I was tuned to the emotions of those around me so that I would know when to approach them, or when to run! Emotions were my guides for making decisions, for taking action, for almost everything I did.

What I didn’t realize was that being aware of my emotions didn’t mean that my heart was open.

From the age of seven, I was a spiritual seeker. Back then, I didn’t feel connected to my mother or the rest of my family, and so I began a journey of seeking some greater connection and meaning. I explored the abstract ideas of God, Universe, and so on. When I was around 15 years old, my search brought me to the writings of Nietzsche and Carlos Castaneda, and to an examination of Zen Buddhism. At 19, I joined a Sufi dance group and then, finally, a few years later I actually met Castaneda and became one of his students.

Deep spiritual practice opened my whole being to a different way of thinking and seeing the world and myself. It expanded my idea of who I was, and of the possibilities in my life; it awoke my inner resources. I learned to speak a new language, earned a University degree, committed to my practice, became enthusiastic about my work, and started to learn what it means and how to love someone.

Castaneda was the most loving human being I have ever met. He was filled with energy, and was AWAKE. He was not only charismatic, incredibly funny and a true thinker, but he was also a very loving being. He truly cared for his students; he cared for others. He suggested to me that I get out of the “Cult of me, me, me” as he used to sing it, and truly care for another human being.

The “me, me, and me” fixed me to my “old news” story, and tied me to feeling sorry for myself. “Pobrecita,” I thought—no one loves me.

The proposition was, “Can you love someone, truly, unconditionally?” So I made the decision, 20 years ago, to truly open my heart and love unconditionally. That was the first step on a long process that continues unfolding today.
I fell—or actually, stood up—in Love with my dear partner, Miles. At the beginning, it was not easy. I didn’t want to date an Argentine guy, and was filled with so many opinions, judgments, fears an suspicions about his feelings towards me. I have many funny stories about how much I resisted being in partnership with him. The one thing that helped me to stay with it and with him was his unbending presence, which later on I experienced as his unbending love.

When my son was born, I experienced a blast of love, as if a dam that had held so much love suddenly burst open. Through the first years of raising our child and the related challenges, my heart has been continually opening. Opening, opening, opening. Every day gives me the chance to go deeply into my loving.

When someone I love says something that “I don’t like,” I know that I have the choice to “feel hurt and go on the me, me, me path” or to “go deeply into my loving.”

Lately, I have been choosing to go deeply into my ability to love everyone and everything: the parking ticket, the mistake I made at the bank when signing a check, forgiving my “forgettings” and loving each precious moment as it comes, as it flows inside and outside me.

It surprised me at first to discover how much easier it is to be with my heart wide open than to resist love. To keep the heart closed takes tons of energy!

Yes, it is a practice, and it is much more fun to do with other people. We’re so lucky to be with people to share the practice. Thank you to our lovely Path with Heart community for gathering every Sunday so that we can help each other open our hearts!

Are you interested in walking a Path with Heart? I invite you to join our classes, and wish you an open heart in whatever journey you undertake.

I love you all,


The Healing Power of Drumming

It is a great gift to know Suzanne Tribe, and to be having her join us for our BE workshop in Italy. She’s an amazing person, with a special ability to teach, inspire and guide others to heightened states of consciousness.

STSlider1We share here her thoughts on the power of drumming, its history on the planet, scientific validation of its healing effects and its place in modern culture and the Shamanic path. We think you’ll enjoy getting to know Suzanne! For more information on our Italy retreat, beginning April 24, please see Retreat + Module One Teacher Training, Beyond Age, Beyond Syntax: The Energy Body.

Suzanne’s insights on drumming for health and vitality:

Drumming was at the core of community life and healing in most ancient cultures around the world—from the Tuvan shamans in Siberia to the Machis in Chile, the Anatolian culture in ancient Turkey to the Shuar in the Amazon Rainforest, the Inuit in Alaska, the West African Yoruba people and the First Nation’s people in America.

image028Drumming was a way to communicate from one village to the next; drumming expressed the joy of gathering in celebration; drumming was the fabric of connection, collaboration and healing. Shamanic drumming was, and is, a key component of creating sacred space, honoring the earth and its directions, and intentionally shifting states of consciousness to retrieve information for healing, wellbeing and survival.

In certain parts of the world, particularly more secluded areas, this is still a way of life. I witnessed this when I traveled to the Andes in 1997 to do fieldwork on pre-Columbian drumming and chanting. In the small and beautiful town of Iruya, high up in the Andes, at a time of the yearly festivity, people travelled for days from afar, on foot or by horse, to come together in ceremony. There was drumming, dancing and singing for celebration, reunion, healing and in their words “to connect with mother earth and the cosmos.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI learnt from the Aymara and Quechua people in the Andes about the importance of the drum in everyday life and in ceremony. The drum is our connection to mother earth, Pacha Mama, our groundedness. The sound of our voices projected in singing or toning are our connection to the cosmos, to our dreams. And our heart is at the center, allowing the flow between earth and sky/cosmos. I have carried these teachings with me ever since and they are part of who I am as a music therapist, as teacher and performer, and overall as a being dreaming on this earth.

sunday_drum_circleIn the 60s and 70s, a return to drumming as a community experience took place. In the United States free form drum circles sprung up at beaches, in parks and at indoor facilities. Simultaneously culturally specific drum circles were generated, and soon to follow came the facilitated community drum circles. In the 80s, with the shift in health care to more complementary and integrative models, a growing interest in drumming as a holistic tool emerged. Nowadays, there is a growing focus on drumming for health purposes in clinical settings, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, schools, private practices, etc.

Golden-Gate-Park-Drum-Circle_CroppedAs a music therapist, I have experienced the healing power of rhythm and drumming in helping patients to relax or become more energized as needed; in supporting premature infants to stabilize their heart rate and breathing rate; and in promoting parent-infant bonding (with the ocean drum and toning), drumming for stress release, drumming for caregivers in ‘caring for the caregiver’ programs, and in other situations.

Research has been conducted on drumming effects on health. A groundbreaking study by Barry Bittman, M.D. published in 2001, found that one hour of group drumming according to a specific protocol called HealthRHYTHMS, boosted the immune system and showed an increase in NK (natural killer) cell activity in participants. Subsequent studies by Bittman showed evidence that group drumming can lower stress, improve mood states and reduce burnout. (For more information about these studies, see

79408_community-rhythm-circles-and-african-drumming-classesThe present trend shows that drumming for health and wellbeing seems to be making its way back into our culture. What about shamanic drumming?

Shamanic drumming for intentionally shifting one’s state of consciousness and journeying to other layers of awareness is a path I have been learning, practicing and guiding others along for the past 10 years. It includes creating sacred space, honoring the directions, setting intentions and journeying to non-ordinary states of consciousness and back, and includes the process of integrating the experience.

I’d like to conclude with these seven reflections on drumming:

  1. Drumming brings us into the here and now. Babatunde Olatunji, often considered to have inspired the return to the drum circle experience in North America, is quoted as saying: “Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”
  1. Drumming is communication and expression without words.
  1. Drumming energizes us and can help us release tension.
  1. Drumming can intentionally shift our consciousness (assemblage point).
  1. Drumming with intention is powerful.
  1. Drumming can align us with our natural rhythms and the rhythms of nature.
  1. Drumming can align us with the rhythms of the universe.

IMG_2299Suzanne Tribe MA, MT-BC

Suzanne Tribe is a music therapist who conducts group empowerment drumming events for wellbeing and community building in the US and Argentina. Suzanne has performed extensively in a variety of world music genres, and at the University of Buenos Aires she taught dance majors the use of creative vocal expression. Her most recent CD with traditional songs from the Andes is Songs from Mother to Daughter.


Visit Suzanne on Facebook

Freedom of Perception and Wonder: Our Time in the Yucatan

Energy can move in magical ways. It moved that way at last month’s BE workshop in Chichén Itzá.

We’ve been back in LA for a couple of weeks already, and we still feel it in our bodies and minds and spirits. We continue to dream it and see how that potent experience is creating something new. Undoubtedly, a liberating and fundamental change happened for all who were there with us.


What an honor and delight it was to share those four unforgettable days with our amazing workshop participants! Discovering a freedom of perception, and embodying it every day.

From specialized movements to discover and support our purpose, to the inspiring awe of being at this singular, powerful place on the planet, our time in the Yucatan nourished all of us.

What did we take home?

  • What it means to have purpose
  • Discovery of purpose
  • A vision of how purpose looks in our daily lives
  • A sense of humbleness and wonder
  • An understanding of reciprocity
  • The experience of silence
  • An opening of perception

What we remember:

  • A deep exploration, experience and sharing
  • Finding humbleness
  • Misty mornings in the silent city of the Maya
  • Hearts opening to the mystery of the singing pyramid
  • A strong feeling of the wisdom of the Maya and Toltec people
  • The experience of awe when gazing at Kukulcan pyramid
  • Resting our backs on the walls of the temple of the warriors[separator top=”20″]ChiChenItza

Our appreciation for all of you who participated in this workshop is unbounded. We walk our path with fresh energy and the doors of perception opened wide.

IMG_0991Some of you are continuing the experience begun in the Chichén Itzá workshop in our online follow-up program. We look forward to our continued journey there, and in Being Energy’s other workshops and online classes: BeSkilled!, Path with Heart, Nutrition + Health and daily Mind + Body + Spirit classes.

We’ll soon be in Italy, and we know that our Being Energy workshop setting there will flavor the teaching in a special, beautiful way.

With gratitude,
Aerin, Miles and Axel

Reciprocity: My Encounter with Being Energy + with My Own Power

To my fellow travelers, to my grandmother Tava

On the path

We are all travel companions.
No matter where we come from,
Or where we are going.
The end brings us together,
And it certainty frees us.
We are free to walk the trails,
We are free to make new trails.

My name is Crisólogo. I was born in a very small town of the Chontal people, in the Southern Sierra Madre, State of Oaxaca, Mexico. I grew up surrounded by traditions and beliefs—fear of sorcery among them. My family attributed the illnesses and deaths of several relatives to the actions of sorcerers who hired out their services.


In my town, I learned about “reciprocity”—sharing something without expecting anything in return. During town festivals, women dance to the tune of wind instruments in a ceremony called regada de frutas (spilling of fruits), where they toss seasonal fruits into the air for the attendants to grab all they can. The community also offers a meal to all the visitors and locals, with a sense of total humbleness. There is a practical teaching in the region about mutual support. There is even a word depicting it: guelaguesear, which means helping each other on even terms, without money exchange involved. It is full reciprocity as a social group.


When I was 11 years old, I moved away from my parents so that I could receive an education. I enrolled in a boarding school to study for three years, and then went to the university, coming back to my hometown only during the holidays.

Since 1990, I have worked in the financial office of an institution of the Mexican Government that manages loans for farmers. Interactions and routines carry a great deal of stress in the office and after some time, I developed digestive issues and high blood pressure. I started taking medications in 2003 to address chronic colitis, and in 2010 I had to see a doctor due to an imbalance in my blood pressure.

My path has been winding. Sometimes this means that I have walked in solitude, searching for my purpose, for my energy body.

My grandmother Tava has been an important teacher to me. She insisted that many illnesses are caused by ailments in our thoughts—by forgetting events in which our spirit got trapped in the ground, right in the place where the events occurred. The most harmful thoughts are sadness, anger and fright. To heal, one must recall the event clearly, and talk to the Earth to ask her to free our spirit. The Earth is our “big mother,” and she knows everything, my grandmother said. She pointed out that in order to recall an event of the past, one must pay attention to the dreams, because they let us know about it.


In 1994, I married Carmen. It happened that I did not invite a certain colleague from work to the ceremony, and when he and I met afterwards he confronted me and I had to come up with some excuse. He told me that, as a gift for the future, he would recommend two books to me that, according to him, would help me in the new stage in my life. Time passed and I did not do anything to get them, but he kept asking me if I had liked them. I told him that I did not have the chance to get them, even though in fact I hadn’t even tried looking for them.

One day, we went shopping in a supermarket. In our way out of the store, next to the cashiers, I saw some mirrors and walked closer to them to fix my hair. At that very moment, I saw two books on a shelf and I felt the impulse to check them out… they were the two books my friend had recommended, sitting there as if waiting for me.

In one of them, I found the quote: “A man has four natural enemies: fear, clarity, power, and old age. Fear, clarity, and power can be overcome, but not old age. Its effect can be postponed, but it can never be overcome.” I found out who the author was, and got the complete works of the Nagual Carlos Castaneda. I had started on my quest and taken a new path, a path with heart—even if just on a beginner’s level.


I learned about workshops of Carlos Castaneda’s movements in the year 2000, and attended them on a regular basis, keeping up an individual practice, but unable to maintain consistency through time.

In these circumstances, a fellow traveler invited me to a Being Energy workshop in 2013. I did attend and was pleased with the proposition of the Extended Teacher Training. I saw this as an opportunity to be consistent in my practice—something I had yet to achieve.

Before the Chichen Itza workshop in 2014, I found myself at a crossroads. My uncle, who had been as my brother when I was a child, died one day before the trip to the workshop. I needed to choose between going to his funeral or to the workshop. I arranged all the details with my family and went to the workshop. I gave myself completely to the practice, and during the silence exercise, in front of the pyramid, the feeling of reciprocity came to me: “attending the workshop should have a purpose”. And this purpose was teaching the knowledge that life had given me the chance to learn, as a selfless act and as an offering to the spirit, in thankfulness for what I have received, without waiting for the perfect condition of moment.

So in October 2014, I started teaching a group of approximately 10 people. Teaching them has taken me to new levels of commitment and responsibility towards them and towards myself as well. That same year, I also participated in the Being Energy Detox Program and the Nutrition classes.


In other words, I made two decisions: One “inwards” to heal my body; and the other one “outwards” to share what I have with others in the spirit of reciprocity, with great humbleness and with the mood to keep learning through teaching.

The Detox Program has made me learn new things about physical health, presented new views, and given me improved health. My blood pressure has stabilized, and the colitis is gone.

As part of my new view, I have learned to cook and I enjoy being able to prepare meals for my family. It hasn’t been easy. The monster of 1,000 heads–the ego—shows up continuously; but each time I have more defenses and it becomes easier to deal with it.


I am happy with the results. I feel stronger, with greater vitality.

After one year of treatment and intensity in my practices, I visited my family back in town and they were scared when they saw me. “What’s up with you? Are you sick?” they asked, “You look very thin.” One of them whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to think that you are sick. I think you are dieting or doing a lot of exercise.” “Both,” I told him. It reminded me of how the teachers struck me when I saw them for the first time during a workshop. “They either don’t eat or their whole life is exercising all day long,” I thought.

I am better acquainted with my body every day, and have become more aware that we harm ourselves the most, and that others cannot do that to us. The type of sorcery of which I was scared as a child is an issue of personal power, and we all have personal power. And that power should help us to give more, to commit, to share and enjoy this wonderful journey that is life itself.

I have been endeavoring to be more prepared in the context of the shamanistic knowledge: Handling energy, the freedom of my energy body as a purpose through unbending intent and with a greater awareness of it at all times, accruing inner silence.

I conceive knowledge as something systemic. That is how I see Being Energy—a comprehensive, integrative system that allows entrance to the warrior’s mood and to being on the path with heart, offering the best of us.

With affection,


Energy to Follow Your Dreams

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello Everyone, my name is Keyco Sergio Contestí.

I live in the city of Buenos Aires and want to tell you how I worked on a dream and how it taught me about the endless resources I didn’t know I had.  I currently work as an instructor of  yoga and Being Energy®.  I also advise on the art of Feng Shui with Chinese astrology.

Both Chinese philosophy and the vision of shamanism through the teachings of Carlos Castañeda, through his books and seminars, has helped me to understand the life of a simple and comprehensive way of being.  These teachings became axes that enabled me to embody the practices of Chi Kung, yoga and Being Energy.  They have consolidated for me a belief system in which I live the laws of nature and mystery, with access to the magical power that we possess. These integrative visions allow me to navigate without contradictions by following different grooves, different energetic pathways as art, Taoism, psychology, music, tantra and everything that awakens my curiosity.   One of these interests is Permaculture, where I would like to share with you my dream.

Permaculture is a sustainable, designed system that harmoniously integrates housing and landscape, conserving materials and producing less waste, while natural resources are preserved; it involves designing sustainable human habitats and agricultural systems, which mimic the relationships found in the patterns of nature (for more information and inspiration, you might want to read Bill Mollison’s writings).

I was able to observe this experience personally, for the first time on a visit to an organic farm called Gaia which was a pleasantly surprising experience.  I decided to take courses in bioconstruction in La casa de Tierra de Oliveros, a few kilometers from Andino, the town where my family lives.  Both the people and the knowledge transmitted by the land were generous and inspiring.


I usually travel to Andino to visit my family, which is about 350 kms from the city where I live.  It is a village surrounded by countryside and fields crossed by the river Carcarañá. There was a plot of land there with a house project stalled for several years that brought me much grief and a profound sense of abandonment.  Associated with this situation was something I saw in my family and me. That is why I decided to transform it and bring light to that place, and, therefore, to our lives.

Keyco_Blog_Featured7   Keyco_Blog_Featured8

I started actualizing this dream three years ago, coming and going with a van full of things, which I found or bought in town for the cabin. I took what I learned in the bioconstruction courses, while simulataneously using new construction techniques, recycling doors, windows, furniture, etc.


It was very hard work, but little by little my body was adjusting to the effort. Even today I do not consider it finished; there is always something to do. After many years working with Feng Shui, I was able to bring this vision to the cottage, experience and learn more about this ancient knowledge, that goes hand-in-hand with bioconstruction.


The house was built by trial and error. In the middle of this adventure, my father, whom I deeply appreciate for his help, his example of solving problems, and so much more, left this world. With bewilderment, grief, strong will and love, I continued. I used all the tools at hand to build the cabin and work with the land and livestock, which increased my health and morale.

This dream would not have been sustainable without the help of my partner, my mother and father, my brothers, cousins, uncles, nephews, friends, artists, teachers, the whole family of Being Energy, all the pets, the river, the divine help, support from ancestors, financial support, support of good ideas, the experience of hands in the mud, the help of empowering words and many more. Thank you with all my heart.


As you may have noticed I share an interest in many things. I want to also tell you that I love to express myself artistically. So, when I can, I connect with music, dance, poetry, and, lately, I am daring to paint.

If you want to see, you may access it through Facebook: name Nirankar Keyco.

Here are links to my music:

“El Eterno Sol”


Thank you for this beautiful space.

Unconditional Love IS Possible–It Starts with Gratitude

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Ariadna Vásquez Sansores and I want to tell you about my two last names, because they refer to a dream of the past, of magic and adventure stories. I was born in Campeche; well, I was actually born in Mexico D.F., but Libertad, my mother, believed that Campeche is a beloved land worthy of a birthplace, and that it would offer me the best protection and refuge.  So I continue by saying I was born in Campeche, a place of flavors and infinite colors, a city’s protective walls, a green land where you can dream in a hammock on a silent, warm and casual day…



On my father’s side, my grandfather Rodolfo Vásquez, whose real name was Rodolfo Guerra, gave us that guerrero (warrior) power. I did not know it until my father told me the story of how Rodolfo saved my family. They were stuck in a car in the middle of the train tracks. The train came to them as a runaway horse, which could not be stopped. Rodolfo went under the car to push it, with all the spirit that allows everything to manifest, saving his family from a mortal blow. My family story is one of love. I give thanks to Rodolfo Guerrero, who gave me the wisdom of fighting to the last breath.

My grandmother Magda gave me the wisdom of enjoying any situation. From her I remember her infinite smile at all times. I could imagine her sitting on a train in India, not understanding the language and smiling at everyone. Thank you, Magda for letting me experience your patience and your fun way of overcoming everything, and understanding everyone with just your eyes connecting with them.


On the Sansores side, grandfather Carlos was paralyzed throughout half of his body, including speech paralysis, for 23 years. In his silence he created his own movement technique, how to move the head to remove the pain, and the language to find sound, using hands and legs to find strength for standing and walking. He was slowly rediscovering how to move, as well as the construction of certain words. In his leisurely manner of expression he taught us the movements that had come to him as through a dream, from his connection with the universe.  He was patient when teaching us: slow, speaking without despair, not concerned that we might get irritated and want to leave his room, as many times we did not want to listen to him. Before his death, I asked him how it felt to be unable to speak after being a great orator, of not being able to move after having been a swimmer of hearty seas. ¨It was the most beautiful meditation of my life,” he said.  He taught me silence, breathing  and movement.


Grandmother Elsa San Román, Mommy Elsita, as I called her affectionately, died with a very strong pain that cancer had managed to double. My memory is that she always learned to accept her pain with all the aplomb of the world, laughing at it, the little pain that accompanied her, addressing it affectionately. She was always friendly through this difficult illness. I remember that she took the time to speak to each of us, as if it were the only thing she had to do in life. Mommy Elsita always had time for everyone, for a rich discussion, to celebrate, to share her wisdom. So I learned that time was physical, the magic of giving and embracing.

When I found myself on the path which led me to the knowledge of the shamans of ancient Mexico, over 20 years, I noticed that it included a little bit of all these magical beings who had surrounded me forever. I feel that I don’t make sense without them; I feel that everything counts in our lives.

Now, it is only a question of starting each day with my practice of love and gratitude. All these feelings of childhood have been the common thread that leads me to rediscovering the warmth, taste, color, elegance, affection, silence, temple, patience, fortitude, smiles, talk, love, the pause and the magic of being, which is for my ENERGY BEING.


I have been teaching in the daily online classes for teachers and for the public. I want to use my knowledge to help my family, friends or anyone else to find their own rhythm and flow with the universe Love and Will. Thank you for reading my story,



The Magic of the South – Luis Luna in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello, my name is Luis. I live in the southern hemisphere, in Chile, in a city adjacent to sea and mountains, with native forests struggling to survive. This urban environment is nourished and cooled by seven lakes and wind, wind that throws us around bringing us messages of various colors that motivate me to participate, interact and live with.

Centro Abierto

Enfrentando el mar

I studied Veterinary Medicine at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia and have worked with various animals mainly in the clinic. In Concepción I created a small animal clinic, where we mainly attended to dogs and cats. We had an examination room, operating room, hospital, and provided grooming. There were 8 people working there until shortly after the earthquake of February 2010.

Luis Calle Adelante

I have also worked with plants and worked in the fields most of my life. At one time I became very interested in medicinal herbs, among them St. John’s Wort, Hypericum peroratum. I emphasize it beause we had to grow it almost from scratch: conduct a feasibility study, collect the seeds and seedlings in a nursery until it became a plantation of two hectares. We began harvesting, drying, sorting and packaging, producing for export to Germany along with other producers.


Always restless and wanting to know more, I took some trips to attend courses and workshops in Bio-construction and Recycling, where I finished and graduated. I was teaching classes in recycling in some schools in the city of Concepcion and presenting a model of a solar water heater built with recycled materials to some community groups, so that they themselves could make a tool that would provide them with free hot water nearly year-round.

Several years ago I read The Teachings of Don Juan, by Carlos Castaneda, and from there spent much time in search of something unknown. I studied Osho, Jodorowsky, shamanic meditations and when I became reacquainted with the books of Carlos Castaneda, I could not stop following an attraction that was leading me. Without knowing why I started going to seminars in Argentina. It was like a magnet; I always wanted more, more movements, more sharing, more knowledge.

Then Being Energy arrived and, as they say, everything made more sense. I could not stay static, I felt I must keep learning and the learning did not just belong to me. I could tell it was my heritage and that the traditions were similar to many many others, so I started teaching meditation and techniques at different places, techniques to release and relax, to show a different way of seeing and facing life.

The first time I found myself facing a moment, I felt a shiver. I was a student, who by his own efforts, could find a drop of peace, light, clarity and witness that moment. I felt such happiness and excitement, I understood that it was and is my path with heart.

I am a graduate of Being Energy modules 1 and 3. I have worked with people facing drug addiction problems by teaching the Being Energy® movements, attention techniques, ways of relieving anxiety. This has been a great challenge that involves a lot of restraint and discipline. Working with people who at first do not want to engage with you is extremely difficult, however, I managed to work with a group who learned to control anxiety, to breathe, to slow down, to be able to sleep without pills. Some even began to sculpt and paint, while others entered classes in carpentry or welding, where seemingly no alternatives to complicated situations exist. I behold no achievement more beautiful than this.

Luis Alumnos de Villa Mávida

I am currently teaching Being Energy classes twice a week in a foundation of the Hogar de Cristo, which supports people who are in poverty or experience social exclusion. I also teach Being Energy movements in Being Energy seminars in Concepción and Viña del Mar. I am in charge of a small group of teenagers with whom we practice moving energy, focusing attention and concentration, growing, learning to breathe, finding discipline and purpose.

See more about Hogar de Cristo here.

Hogar de Cristo image

To Donate to Hogar de Cristo from outside of Chile, click here.

I am also creating a center for therapies, sleep control, therapies for good sleep, therapies for a good living, aiming to provide the tools for others to find a way to pause, something necessary in the hustle of everyday life.

Luis Paciente

It is an honor to share, it is a great joy to be here and now.

Sincerely and with all the affection,

Luis Luna

Saying Thank you – The first step for transformation

How to be thankful when you don’t feel thankful

Once a year here in the U.S. (and elsewhere), we unite and in the thought to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to connect to the inner state of gratefulness and, when we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair and immune mechanisms. When we are in gratefulness, we feel connected to others and we are happier.

The thing is, sometimes Thanksgiving week comes and we are just not “there.” We are going through issues, stresses, hurts, and are having a hard time finding what to say thank you for, much less have the feeling of gratitude. We may say to ourselves “forget this, Thanksgiving is an arbitrary date and I don’t have control over what is happening to me just these days.” What can we do to jump into the stream of gratitude?

Here is a practical exercise you can do:

• Sit on the edge of a chair, with your belly and chest open, feet planted on the floor.
• Take 3 breaths and feel your body there, sitting where you are. Relax your eyes and your tongue.
• Connect to an area of your body that is in good condition, that you feel works well (it might be your lungs, your heart, a strong muscle area). Feel that area of your body.
• Say thank you to that part of your body. It is there, working well, so it is easy to be grateful for that. OK; now we are in mini gratefulness, our launch pad.
• Next, imagine that you are out in orbit at the edge of space, like where the Space Station is, and look at yourself from that distance. If you are not a visual person no problem, just get the feeling of seeing yourself up there from space. Then, from there, you ask yourself:

“Is there any other thing that I have in my life that I can say thank you to?”

• Let it come to you and say thank you. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and others, right now!

Luis Alonso – Recapitulating as a way of healing and finding your life’s purpose

Dear Energy Energy Community,

My name is Luis Alonso. I live in Costa Rica where I have been fortunate to find experiences with biodiversity and nature. From an early age I have been feleing in touch with Mother Earth.

At sixteen I encountered the work of Carlos Castaneda, and, since then, I realized that the Path with heart of a warrior it was the right path for me. Although I did not understand it at that time, strengthening hearts and releasing people’s stress was part of my journey.

Reading the work of Carlos Castaneda caused me to begin with the practice of recapitulation, and from my experiences during the process, I decided to study psychology.

When I was a student, there were many people who influenced me but, in particular, two marked me profoundly. One of these people led me to the discipline of psychoanalysis, and led me to rethink all of the theorizing I had done so far, thanks to a famous phrase he shared in those memorable classes, “People do not heal by remembering, but as they ente rinto the process of healing they start remembering.”

The other person was a recognized professor, and to my surprise, built upon the ideas in the books of Carlos Castaneda in her classes. She had made contact with the ancient culture of the Cordillera de Talamanca and the indigenous people with whom she had worked more than 20 years.

As a boy, I felt very curious about the pre-Columbian past and loved visiting historical settlements, as well as mountains and volcanoes.

Prehispanic 1

It was fascinating to feel that again, the so-called primitive origins, wrapped in great mystery, were claimed to have been lost. This made me feel an indescribable frustration and deep sadness.

After hearing the stories of don Juan, I used to fantasize about a lot about people who walked in those settlements and mountains, because, just as he sensed, the “new world” had a lot more history than the five hundred years we were led to believe.

I walked many hours in Guayabo National Park, now an abandoned downtown area, but once had been a center for meetings and ceremonies, where the cultures of South and North met. The energy that exudes from that place along with the burial and archaeological remains inflamed my imagination in an extraordinary way.


Only after contact with the ancient culture of Talamanca did I realized that the pre-Columbian tradition is still alive and has not been lost.

It was revelatory for me to get to know the council Awapa, consisting of shamans of these ranges, who introduced me to their mystical tradition around healing. They taught me their practices, which I studied earnestly and seriously. The study involves ethics and basic training for up to six years, and then continues with what our culture calls “postgraduate.”


Based on the contact I had with the elders, they are called shamans in this area, I helped break preconceived beliefs surrounding their traditions. For example, I had been told that the Indians did not have writing, which made me wonder. I found that they do have a very developed writing system.

My daily work duties revolve around human rights. I conduct workshops on sexuality and a comprehensive approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS, NGOs and research projects.

Gathering 1

I spend my time too, at the clinic, as a psychoanalyst, where I try to give people the ability to align to new realities, where they may be happier and more in line with their desires.

While I do not always use Being Energy® movements directly with the people in my care, they are an important avenue for my work, helping with my self-care and changing my vibration, which influences the vibration of the people with whom I come into contact .

The energy movements are important in the workshops I offer, because they help to break the ice, to move the group energy in a positive way. They also generate an opening toward new horizons, help to move away from prejudice, and to apprehend reality, specifically, the mystery that surrounds us, without expectations.

By way of self-care and clinical research I write a blog,, where I seek to forge bridges between silent knowledge and the notion of the unconscious, as uncovered by psychoanalysis, reflected in the Spanish terms, espirituanálisis or Spychanalyse.

Broadly speaking, this new trend in spiritual psychoanalysis recovers a concept understood in ancient Greece, and develops the notion of the unconscious from the phenomenon of the third person. Recent advances in this direction make it possible to involve the Analyst’s work with what don Juan said in the West, as the displacement and movement of the assemblage point.

Rock Sphere 1_Featured

For the emerging research I propose terms and key factors that resonate with silent knowledge and terms such as seeing and recapitulation. Moreover, I think and feel that the whole tradition of dreaming has much to say to the knowledge generated around Dream Interpretation discovered by Freud.

The blog, a modest work, seeks to link the small, albeit fundamental concepts of the ancient tradition, such as the movement and displacement of the assemblage point, to the clinical practice that enables Spychanalyse.

I recognize, however, that the work of don Carlos and the Toltec tradition has a profound influence for other areas of psychology, for example, body psychology, and in all areas of knowledge in general.

Gathering 2

I feel that the daily practice of the Being Energy movements has generated many benefits in me, and with the available energy I have to face everyday life, improve relationships with family and friends, and bring quality focus to my hobbies. I have also found that the movements are associated with healing the physical body and the restoration of energy that is nurtured in a daily practice.

The movements are a great legacy for the people of this time and I am happy to share them with anyone who wants to learn.

Rock Sphere 2