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Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Gammadian Freeman. I was born in Kent, known as the garden of England. I enjoyed living a wild and free existence in nature, as a country boy by the sea, compared to a disciplined, Christian existence at home, which I did not enjoy as much. The dichotomy of home and field led me to run away from home at the age of 16 and I became involved in the local music scene, which led me to travel around the country to festivals and happenings. At Glastonbury I was fortunate to meet a meditation teacher, and soon after, I was initiated and set off overland for India.

I travelled extensively and mastered other practices.  During that time, I was diagnosed with TB. Complications led to paralysis, being in a wheel chair and later, using crutches and then walking sticks for many years.


I was heavily influenced by Carlos Castaneda’s writings, and felt an undeniable force to use the movements to heal myself.  Once, in an unforgettable day I reached my Energy Body, I mean, I got in contact with a part of my indescribable self, pure energy. I had been in excruciating physical pain and through movements and dreaming I was able to shift my state of consciousness.

When I returned to my daily self, the pain was gone. I decided to throw away my sticks and painkillers. I had been given another chance in life. My physical body was paralyzed, and the energy movements renewed me.  I had no inner dialogue, I was quiet and in another sate of consciousness. I was newborn with loads of energy.


There was no doubt that I needed to find others who might be practicing the movements.  I searched and found a community of practitioners!  I felt a push to share my experience and to help others. Soon, I was involved in organizing and teaching weekly groups, as well as becoming part of a large gathering of practitioners in Karma Ling from all types of backgrounds in Europe. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary! Dr. Miles Reid has been a guest instructor there twice.


Now I practice Being Energy and I feel more energetic, healthy and focused, my stamina and flexibility have increased.  During my training in Module 2, I reconnected with Ena Xena, my partner. We worked together at Karma Ling to present a series of movements called “The Code,” continuously perfecting its presentation.  While working together, we began dreaming together, eventually becoming life partners. We realized that we share a similar dream.


After leading a workshop in Colombia, Ena and I travelled to run retreats, teaching and enjoying my favorite hobby, scuba diving.  On our return to England, we moved into a new place, our centre, which we use for massage and movement.  We created a website that showcases what we have been learning and what we want to share with the world.  As a practitioner, I continue to enhance my knowledge, and, currently I am studying nutrition and hypnotherapy.

Finally, I would like to share a story that has touched my heart and has deeply affected me, something that occurred several years ago, and connected me with youngsters, who face enormous challenges in London.

I was in a public garden practicing Being Energy. Some teenage schoolgirls came into the garden. They were extremely agitated and loud. I continued practicing. The leader was swinging a knife around and saying she was going to knife the leader of a local gang who had disrespected her. I continue practicing my movements, staying in the present.

After a while, she came to me and said what I was doing seemed really calming, and could she join me to calm herself. I showed her some simple grounding and flowing movements. She encouraged the others to join her and they did.

After some while, the boys that had antagonized them came in. I invited them to join in, and they did.  When the time came for a pause, instead of a confrontation, they all remained calm, and some sort of an accord was reached. After that, whenever they saw me practicing in the garden, they joined me. They asked me to go and teach at their school, but at the time I was returning to Asia. I am looking forward to see them again and teaching at their school.

This was an auspicious experience for me in the sense that it showed me the possibility of working with teenagers and adults stressed by modern urban living.  I saw how easily it helped to shift their behavior, and how hungry for calm they were.  I was able to see the relief it provided them.  I see the need for the work we do and how beneficial the effects are.

Now based in London I am looking to extend our work, particularly with teenagers, and to move into a bigger property. We at Open Wing are all set to return to Colombia, where we will be facilitating a series of workshops and a tour of power places with the indigenous people in the area.


Thank you for reading about my story, I hope I inspired you to share yours,


Teacher Explorer – New Perspectives to Transform Our World

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello BE community! My name is Aleida Gonzalez and I live in Monterrey, Mexico, in city surrounded by mountains. My vocation, as a therapist, led me to travel on divergent paths. I have learned a variety of methods that support my wellness and helping others.

Something I really enjoy doing is hiking. Whenever I am available, I like to go to the mountains, and go into the freshness of the forest, or walk in the desert.



At the age of 20 I had my first contact with the teachings of Don Juan and the legacy we inherited from the nagual Carlos Castaneda. It was a call to my spirit. I immediately identified with the books and then immersed in the practice for several years by attending seminars. It been a great experience and I was grateful to continue the teachings of the nagual through the knowledge I have gained in the courses and trainings of the Being Energy program. My approach to life is exploring different perspectives. I think it is helpful to have a better understanding of our own natures, and the everyday world in which we perceive.


Learning about our history is a way of gaining more fluency, learning, experiencing and growing, recognizing the wisdom of our ancestors, recognizing our potential and transforming the world we live in. I also like to learn about other cultures, for example, the Lakota tradition and inipi wisdom. Every month we do healing work in the full moon, singing and thanking the great Creator and Mother Earth for our relationships, to follow in the way of love in the Toltec knowledge. I share the idea and dream of preserving the legacy of our future lineages and also to share our wisdom with others.


When I attended the first course of Being Energy, it was very interesting to learn and practice in greater depth the various aspects of the Being Energy movments®. Through practice, I can experience a greater increase in my energy, mental clarity, inner silence and a deeper perception of my consciousness. I feel more empathy and fluidity in my daily tasks.


I am currently completing a degree of Bachelor of Pedagogy and Education. At this stage of my life it is the importance of sharing and teaching others from the heart, that I consider most important. I want to focus on the affective, emotional work of my own wellbeing in order to achieve a better range and execution of and integration with my rational and intellectual self. I am currently investigating Modules 1 and 2 of Being Energy and in an internship for my degree, I am teaching Being Energy classes to students and teachers at a high school three times a week. It gives me an opportunity to promote the wellbeing of others and to share the many benefits of practicing Being Energy movements. I also teach and guide others in the Daily live practice classes online for Being Energy one day a week.



I have many dreams that I want to manifest. I would like to travel, discover new places, continue teaching, sharing my experiences and learning from others. I would like to create and start a family in harmony with my life partner, work together and follow our transformational path, while walking confidently on that path with love.

Thank you for listening!

A Dialogue of Celebration and Connection

Dear Being Energy Community,

Our hearts fill with joy when the Being Energy community inspires us through their creative activities and group explorations of awareness. This coming weekend there are two communities of practitioners and friends who will be following a heart centered path to practice Being Energy® movements and meditations. They are cool and inspiring people and they offer life-changing experiences!

One of the groups is hosting a practitioner event in Arvillard, France, while the other group will be joining a sustainability festival called Fala Sampa in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These two groups will be sharing their practices locally, and will also join their intent across continents to acknowledge a deeply shared connection and support for each other and the earth.

The event at Karma Ling Institute, a Buddhist center, situated in a breathtaking forest at an altitude of 800 meters (2,625 feet) in France, near the Swiss border, began as a collaborative endeavor among practitioners of Carlos Castaneda’s teachings. Their co-creative intent has been nurtured every year for the past ten years and has always resulted in a diversity of participants, with up to sixteen different countries represented!

KL 4 ParticipantsKL 2 Participants

Maurice Meyer and Roseanna Sacco have been Karma Ling organizers, together with Rakel Sosa, Gammadian Freeman, Ena Xena and Stephane Senator. They will focus on celebration, as they honor where they were and where they are today.

There has been an energetic exchange with the Buddhist community of Karma Ling over the years, exploring similarities and sharing practices. They will practice Being Energy movements, as well as pranayama breath and experience a gong bath among other activities.

KL Gong Bath

We highly recommend it; you won’t find this anywhere else! Read and register here.

Fala Sampa, or Speak Sampa will take place at the annual Sao Paulo, Brazil Sustainability Festival. Being Energy® Teachers will connect with others in an intense dialogue around the topic of Sustainable Turnaround, to share expression and movements that are already happening in Sao Paulo and turning the city.

FS facebook photos - copia

Being Energy Teachers have been teaching and practicing Being Energy® movements in Sao Paulo and they will guide a class for hundreds of people at the festival. We can view Being Energy movements as a form of dialogue with ourselves, with others, with the earth, the universe, the dark sea of awareness, or Intent. We are excited to hear that the movements will be shared and used to connect with the Sao Paulo community in the city festival, as well as the Being Energy community.

The Fala Sampa website (in Portugese) quotes Physicist Alain Aspect to inspire our practice of connecting, “…subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other, despite the distance separating them, no matter if it is 10 meters … or 10 billion miles!”

FS participants meditating

Being Energy Teacher, Patricia Aguirre, one of the Fala Sampa organizers, invites the Being Energy community to join with the intent of their Sustainable Turnaround. They will practice on Sunday, August 31st at 1:30 PM Brazil time, which is 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Take a moment and practice a Being Energy® movement, or sit in silence and connect to Sao Paulo, Karma Ling, and the World on Sunday.

Teaching Children to Gather Energy

Dear Being Energy Community:

When academic Erika Gavin first found the books of Carlos Castaneda she began a journey taking her from Padua University in northern Italy to Tijuana on the US border, devoting her life to the investigation of the mysteries of ancient Mexico.

6 Erika

She first settled in Guanajuato, a colonial city in central Mexico, obtaining a Bachelors in Spanish Literature. She then worked at the University of Guanajuato as a Lecturer for more than twelve years, latterly winning a scholarship for a Master’s degree from the University of Perugia as an Italian teacher.

After meeting her husband Julio, a Math Professor and Taekwondo black belt, and having a son, Aimon, they moved to Tijuana on the USA/Mexico border where Julio took up a teaching post. Erika said, “I was so confident this change was a decision from my path with heart, urging me to experience myself as a mother, wife and instructor, to commit more with my life and my spirit.”


Erika, a qualified Yoga teacher, then began studying with Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander and is now also a fully qualified teacher of the three Modules of Being Energy®. “I was so amazed and excited about the change and openness with which Miles and Aerin were hosting the legacy of Carlos Castaneda. Thanks to Being Energy I feel more stable and have a clearer direction and purpose in my life. I feel I’m finally on the way back home, more aligned with myself and the different aspects of my life… closer to my heart.”

Erika teaches the Being Energy® Daily Awareness Classes live on the web, and three weekly classes together with a monthly Saturday workshop in Tijuana.

The Tijuana classes explore a different aspect of Being Energy movements and silence practices each month. Her next Saturday workshop will be on August the 23rd with the theme of recapitulation.

She has also begun classes for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 – 14. Says Erika, “We are helping them develop trust through drawing attention to their bodies, noticing how everything that happens to us has an impact on the body. We are practicing a series of exercises called Gathering Energy and they love it!”.

She summed up her commitment, “There is nothing more exciting for me than this exploration, this knowledge that comes with every movement of my body. Every time I remember my breathing in a situation where I’m stuck, or the silence surrounding me when I finish a practice, I watch and feel another Erika take charge, more fluid, present, loving, returning to the pleasure of being alive that children experience, the unconditional love for others. Thanks to the work I’m doing with Being Energy I am learning to give and share without wanting to change people, without expectations.”

Teacher’s Passion

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Pilar Soro. I was born in a suburb in magical Barcelona, Spain, surrounded by pine trees and Earth. This experience produced in me a love of nature.   As a teacher, I have loved helping children in my class succeed in their studies. Actually, I observed that when they convinced themselves that they could, they were good students.

I started working at a school, but I did not like the education system.  It did not look like the education system I had studied under, nor did it hold the ideals of education similar to my own, and I eventually left the job as a schoolteacher.

I started a family, and soon I was alone with two daughters.  I wanted to raise them in the country, and we moved to the Catalan Pyrenees. It had always been my dream: a city girl who wanted to live in the countryside.  The dream came true.

A job as a teacher was presented to me, because no teachers wanted to live in such a remote and hidden environment. This allowed me to go straight into the education department of the government of Catalunia, as a rural teacher, a much more relaxed and natural environment.


Over the years, we moved closer to the city, this time by the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean landscape.  Eventually my daughters were legally adopted by my new partner, and today they live on their own.

Now I am working three days a week at a public school in town. I’m in charge of fifth-grade students, and work with other groups and their teachers introducing tablets (mobile devices) to support learning. The rest of the time I dedicate myself to professional teacher training in the educational use of mobile technology, through my professional project Apptua.

This has been one of my passions: educational technology, and everything having to do with educational innovation, including multiple intelligences, collaborative work and projects, alternative schools, learning communities, art and music in school. I am passionate about anything that has to do with transforming education to adapt to the time in which we live and to educate children in the best possible way.

I love to promote the use of educational podcasts via mobile devices: reading aloud and voice recording to improve reading literacy, oral expression and creativity. Also consider that the practice of creating podcast listening has many benefits, including therapeutic help.


I love being with children in school, they are very active, cheerful, enthusiastic, intelligent and affectionate. I wish they could keep this energy, to grow and retain the energy to develop to their full potential.

Many students come to school with emotional problems, often exacerbated in adolescence. This is reflected in learning difficulties, lack of motivation, habits, low self esteem, failing classes, which is common in school today.  The system seems to have no answer for them.

Sometimes we practice conscious breathing and relaxation.  At first they did not take it seriously, and they would barely close their eyes, but over time they are the ones who ask me to lead these practices. We also practice some Being Energy® movements that are always motivating them and they respond with enthusiasm and joy.


I have followed the teachings of Carlos Castaneda for over 20 years.  On my bedside table, still with me, are at least one of the books of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar.  No matter where you open them, I always discover something new, something cool.

I feel very lucky to be part of this Being Energy® community and deeply grateful for the generosity of Aerin Alexander and Miles Reid.

I recently graduated from Module I training for Being Energy. I’ve started a new project to start teaching and practice, this time in an online form, offering a free practice once per week.  All are invited.

With this project I would like to reach out to my educational social network for those who want to become acquainted with the Being Energy® movements, meditation and breathing of the ancient wisdom of the shamans of ancient Mexico.  Thanks to Being Energy I can implement this dream.

The goal is simple: to increase energy, health and wellness, which is necessary to make any changes in our lives.

As Carlos Castaneda said in the preface of the book The Wheel of Time:  “Humanity needs now, more than ever, to be taught new ideas that are exclusively related to his inner world, shamans ideas, not social ideas, ideas concerning the human being to face the unknown, facing his personal death.”

Thank you very much to all, a hug,


Engineering Family and Life

Channel Tunnel Engineer Helps Engineer Village Shop

by Tim Ferreira

Dear Being Energy Community,

Tim Ferreira spent forty years with the largest civil engineering company in the UK building an island in Bahrain a dry dock in Iran, the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, and travelling and working all over the world including in Egypt, Trinidad, Angola, Falkland Islands, Kenya, and Hong Kong.


Now retired, Tim helped build the “Best Village Shop & Post Office in the UK” and continues travelling: climbing Fuji Yama, Mount Kenya, cruising the Three Valleys Gorge, the Nile and the Mekong, standing with one foot in the Blue Nile, one in the White at Khartoum, and paddling in the Ganges and the Indus.

“To me,” said Tim, “travel means throwing all my pre-conceived ideas up in the air, and letting them settle down in a different arrangement. Later, reading Carlos Castaneda and working with Being Energy I realised I was moving my assemblage point, and not letting it return completely to its original position when I returned. It was nearly an addiction.”

Since retiring, Tim worked on the LINK scheme driving disadvantaged people to hospital and the elderly to their weekly shopping, rejuvenated the local tennis club, and helped build a club house and sports field – the valley centre for football, cricket, tennis, skate-boarding, netball, table-tennis, and indoor bowling. The village shop is the latest project.


Now with eight grand children, three in Hong Kong, Tim is making up for time away from the family, “I try to be as hands on as possible. When my three daughter’s families stay with us in the summer we sleep sixteen and it is a wonderful challenge; four 4-years-old and the rest ranging up to twelve. Often we set up a tent on the lawn by the river at the bottom of our garden for them to sleep in, guarded by me sleeping in at the entrance!”

Says Tim, “I have been a disciple of Castaneda for nearly 40 years. I discovered Being Energy partway through the first Path-with-Heart series, and joined for the second. It has added an extra dimension to my life, and I very rarely miss a Sunday evening session. It has given me a measure of detachment from myself and from others. The classes are extremely rewarding, and the energy and commitment Miles and Aerin put into the classes give them (the classes, and so us the receivers) a real boost.”

Partnering with Non Profits

Dear Being Energy Community,

We are including a link to our Kidneys and Adrenals Guided Exploration:

We welcome you to join us in the guided meditation this week to acquaint yourself with and strengthen this powerful internal organ system!

For the last 5 weeks, Miles and I have been teaching Being Energy® moves and energy practices to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in Los Angeles. The classes there are intended for all patients with cancer, in remission or in treatment, and for their families and caregivers, to help them transition through challenging moments to restore and reemerge back into a healthy life.


Miles started Class 1 by teaching how to gather and manage energy; including teaching Being Energy® movements and the guided exploration for the kidneys and adrenals. Participants loved the idea of being able to connect and talk or communicate with the internal organs of the body, and learning how to replenish them by intending it. After surgery and chemo, most of our participants feel weak, physically, emotionally and mentally. What is going on in their bodies is a huge challenge.


By the time I went to teach class 2, everyone already loved the Being Energy practice. Do you know why?…Because people could feel that they were Energy FIRST, beings of energy in the midst of a human experience. This human experience happens to be a cancer experience with layers of opportunities to learn about themselves and others. They shared that they loved the emphasis on being active participants of their lives, that they could choose where to direct their energy.


After the guided exploration of the kidneys, everyone in the class gave the thumbs up! The guided meditation helped them to feel more stable and grounded when standing, and more centered, when interacting with others. Our intent is to remind them of their personal strength, and their own, innate well of energy.


As you will see from the video, we emphasized the role of thoughts in shaping and contributing to any level of health of the physical body. We guided participants to use their imagination, the inner eye through an experience of becoming acquainted with the internal organs, and suggested they use the process to build a relationship with the physical body.


Guided imagery is a critical strategy to use for any level of health and well being. Whether we want to strengthen and sustain an already healthy body, or to recover the energy that is lost through trauma or disease, guided imagery, especially when practiced on a regular basis, focuses our attention directly on our internal organs. We learn to connect to the internal organs, powerful vortices of energy for the mind-body system.


We are beings of energy, and we are magical. No matter how old, no matter how weak, with chemo or without, everyone is important to all of us, and we, at Being Energy, are here to remind you, through movement, who you really are.

Enjoy this week the guided imagery for the kidneys and adrenals that we shared with the participants at the Benjamin Center.

Try this at least once during the week and let us know what happens!

Art – Creating and Building Dreams

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Chris Osgood. I’m a painter, an artist. I’m also a Being Energy practitioner and a member of our Path With Heart family. I live in Lincolnville, a small Mid-coast Maine town, in the United States. I live and work on the property my grandparents purchased in the 1920’s where a small river meets the Bay. It is a former tribal summer camping/fishing area, and later the site of an early European settled village. The unique energy of this little harbor continually attracts and connects with me.

As a painter I primarily work in oils and Japanese Ink, on canvas and paper. This is my studio, feeling a little neglected at the moment. I’ve had a long stretch away during the construction of my new house. Now is a time of cleaning up, sweeping, vacuuming, making space, and scraping palettes. It’s a time of transition much the same as my house and gardens, all waiting for blossoms, sprouts, and color. In my studio, as I get started again I have a typical struggle to remember – how did I do this, make a painting? With Being Energy I can practice Being Energy® movements, and jump into my painting groove, and reconnect with all the memories. My daytime dreams open up and out, and spill into forms and color. Then all I need is a little dance music, and I’ll be off.

Art Studio 1

I often wonder what it means to be an artist. And am typically challenged to find an answer. I fretted this past year, since I had so little time to spend in my studio. A year ago I began contracting out the construction of a new home on a tiny spit of land on our family property. I have been dreaming this home for more than thirty years. Now, I’m able to recognize this house/home is itself a work of creativity, a piece of art, just like a drawing only three-dimensional. It is still unfinished, with a fair amount of exterior work, steps, lattice, earthwork, and landscaping still to be completed. My Being Energy practice helps me to unfold my dreams and bring them to life.

House 1

My new house is a work in progress, much like my garden and orchard. Each spring, as soon as the snow melts, it’s time to prune the fruit trees. Each spring, when I begin pruning, it’s just like returning to my studio, I wonder how to do this, prune the trees. Yet, as I go along and begin to quiet, I listen to each tree, and each one tells me when I’m in sync with it and when I’m not. They let me know when I’ve pruned enough. And my recollection of, or connection to the art of pruning opens again. This little peach tree, is for me every bit as much a work of art as any painting I’ve done, and I feel great affection for it and all of the trees. The trees are still dormant, they are also in process, ready to flower and then bear fruit. Practicing Being Energy movements encourages me to be quiet and listen to the trees, and value their feedback.

Peach Tree

Here’s another example of an artistic piece of work. This old tree and I have worked together for more than fifteen years.

Old Tree

Here’s my vegetable garden, with weeds growing, nothing planted yet, and looking pretty grey. It’s another work in progress, about to begin its seasonal dance. In a couple of weeks peas, onions, sweet potatoes and tomatoes will be the first to take root. This garden is perhaps my principal place of connectivity, a place of connection up from the earth to infinity/spirit. It’s a place of heart and love and creativity. It’s definitely one of the premier works of art in my life.

Garden 1

I encourage you all to come back in late summer or fall to see how these works have taken root and blossomed.

I dedicate these works in progress to my Being Energy and Path With Heart family, and to you all, with a basket full of love.

Inge Schouman in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello, my name is Inge Schouman and I live in the Netherlands. About 23 years ago I moved from the “big city,” The Hague near the sea, to a small village, Hellendoorn, at the eastern part of my country to start my own business. More than 10 years ago, I sold my business and started to work for the local government. I have a son, whom I have raised alone. For more than 22 years we lived together, and just last December 2013 he started living on his own. I have three cats as companions and we have a lot of fun.

In my daily life I am a communications advisor, or you could say, a spin-doctor, but without working for any particular political party. I work for the local government and my task is to bring to the public the decisions made by this local government. Each day is different.

We are now working with the phenomenon of participation in government by our residents. This is becoming a trend due to financial cuts. My work place is a beautiful battlefield for my ego, and in the moment I think I have won, another part of me arises to be investigated.

The building I work in won the Dutch Architecture Prize in 2008.


Part of my job is being a member of the so-called crisis team, meaning I am the spokeswoman during a crisis. Recently people who were working on a new road found a World War II bomb (see picture). This bomb was a British manufactured “500 pounder” and can be extremely dangerous when moved. We had to evacuate more than 150 people and their pets. We formed a team in which everybody knew what to do. I was responsible for contact with all of the residents, the press and the social media. The people who had to leave their houses for a day went to stay with family or to a special rescue location. This meant that we had to register every individual and record where he or she spent the day. Some were disabled; some had horses or other big or small animals. All had to be removed and registered. When the area was clear of people and animals, every house was sealed by the military. Then a special unit, specialists in dismantling bombs, came and removed the igniter with a robot. Putting the robot on the igniter was a critical moment. All went well and now the bomb could be transported to a deserted place where specialists detonated the bomb. For the residents it was one day away from home. For me it was more than three weeks of work. And, of course, we had a script in case the bomb went off. To work in the public domain and to help to build our society feels rewarding.


For more than three years I have been a member of the Being Energy community. When I started with the Path With Heart, I had the urgent feeling, “it’s now or never.” I practiced energy movements for more than 20 years, but I got stuck somewhere on my path. Being Energy opened a door in me and I entered a brand new phase in my life.

I would like to share an example of how I went through a transformation with my hair, because it expresses one of the ways I walked through the door in me. For more than 20 years I dyed my hair, because, back then, I had some grey hair and I was ashamed of it. I started to dye it and I could not stop. I had low self esteem and felt that having grey hair I looked old. A year ago I started to feel uncomfortable with this. I eat organic and healthy food; I use organic cosmetics, but I was putting chemicals in my hair. I wanted to be the real Inge. All these years I told myself that I dyed my hair because I liked it that way. Being Energy taught me that this was a story that I was telling myself. The real reason was that I was concerned with what the world would be thinking of me.

So, eight months ago I went to the hairdresser and asked her to cut it as short as possible. Now eights months later I feel great with my original hair. The quality of the hair has changed for the better, and I feel free of negative thoughts about myself. I feel better than ever before, I feel free! I am getting older, yet I am getting more vital and gaining more knowledge.

My spirit is uplifted, since I am part of the community of Being Energy; and applying what I learn in the Nutrition classes, I eat much healthier. On top of that I practice the Being Energy movements every day, which changed my posture in a positive way. It is definitively true that Being Energy is fitness for the body, soul and mind.

Meeting so many fantastic people on the Internet and sometimes meeting them in person, at a workshop, enriches my life deeply. Now for the past 1-½ years I have been an instructor of the Daily Practices, which I enjoy enormously. It forces me to be in the Now and to be Conscious of my Energy Body, which is that part of me I always felt separated from, but is me all the time.

It makes me utterly happy to walk this Path With Heart with so many other people; for me it is a Path With Love. I always considered myself an open and friendly person. Together with Aerin and Miles, and all the practitioners I learned to really open my heart and let my self-created shields come down. This makes me vulnerable in a most delicate way, namely, not being attached to my thinking and living from my heart.

My heart also goes out to gardening. I love to work with my hands in the soil. It is magical to see a small seed developing into a plant with flowers. Caring is a substantial part of my character. Putting care into growing plants and flowers, gives me so much energy. It is my passion to grow vegetables in my small garden, which I can harvest and eat. Whenever I can, I also take long walks in nature, just around the corner from my home.

I am sharing some pictures with you. There are pictures from the flowers growing in my garden, and some growing in the public areas near my house. I hope I can share the fresh and exuberant energy of Spring right here in the Now! Other photos show my birthplace, The Hague at the sea, and other photos show Hellendoorn. This village borders a National Park where I spend many hours walking in nature. I hope you enjoy them.

With Affection,
Inge Schouman

Leadership: Awakening our Hearts and Integrating New Views

Dear Being Energy Community,

What skills does a leader need at a certain time in history? What does my idea of time have to do with my skills as a leader?

Leaders set a direction for themselves and others, so in Being Energy® leadership starts with becoming a leader in one’s own life. As gatherers of energy, we apply the Seer’s concept of time, to begin with, as practitioners of a daily practice.

We make a connection with our inner seer, every day, to remind us what is important in our lives, to reassess our priorities, to awaken our hearts and to allow our minds to integrate different views. Leadership is a potential, a seed for becoming that exists in everyone, ready to bloom when we work in groups.

We offer you an example of the leadership of Sergey Larushkin and Olga Volachaeva (Certified Being Energy® instructors), who taught a Being Energy seminar in dreaming called “The Spiral of Life” in Vladivostok, Russia. Read below about Sergey and Olga’s intent to create an energetic bridge from Chichen Itza, Mexico all the way to Vladivostok, Russia and the effect it had on their community of participants.

Dear Aerin and Miles:

A few hours ago we ended a two-day workshop in Vladivostok, Russia, attended by 12 people. Following the theme explored in the recent Chichen Itza workshop in Mexico, we explored the spiral of life. We called the workshop, “The Spiral of Life”.

In the announcement for this event we wrote:

“Being Energy Group Vladivostok. The two-day practice in the wake of the seminar BE the energy at Chichen Itza – “A crack between the worlds.”

Warriors are fluid. They monitor manifestations of the Spirit in their lives, and express their gratitude. Warriors treat magic as the magic bird, where they themselves agree with the shadow of its wings. This bird, during meditation, inspired by Miles and Aerin’s Being Energy movements, the “Plumed Serpent” opens its wings and flies. Tomorrow at our practice, we intend to explore the wings of perception and to look closely at their SPIRAL Life. “

We devoted two days of practice to the Spirals of Life. Thanks to the energy received from the Being Energy movements at the Chichen Itza seminar, we were able to recapitulate our own lives in 12-year cycles. We studied our lives for the 12 years before our birth and watched what happens after we leave this beautiful earth. We viewed our baby pictures and saw the world through fresh eyes, without the “difficulties and challenges” of social life. We practiced movements to open the gates of dreaming, and used the breath to place our attention on dreaming.”

Using a specific Being Energy movement sequence; we created an energy bridge between Chichen Itza and our workshop. We changed our perception. We all felt that we were not in the hall in Vladivostok, that we were on the grounds of the ancient city, and next to us were 48 practitioners from different countries, Miles, Aerin, and the eternal pyramids. I remembered my own perception of the pyramids at dusk, and I saw that they are connected with the stars. I realized what it meant to be linked with the world. I touched the harmony of the Toltecs, and their impeccable intent. The feeling of Peace and joy of life is incredible. I realized an Eternity of intentions.

At the end of practice I noticed another sign. At Chichen Itza, during the practice of the Plumed Serpent, a butterfly flew into the hall and sat on me. It inspired me to finish our practice of the “keys of death” in Vladivostok. After seeing the rest of our life, we turned into a cocoon, removing all interaction with the world. Once inside the cocoon, we set an intent to consciously choose our path. We then launched out of the cocoon, as butterflies and opened our wings of Perception, flying into a new, conscious life, where life itself is an advisor. 
We thank Being energy, Miles, Aerin, and all participants around the world for this wonderful and magical time. It is so uplifting to live and realize that we’re part of a team of people walking along the path of knowledge, on the path with heart.

Here are the comments from practitioners that have attended the workshop:

“Today at the workshop I felt free and happy. I experienced a feeling that I can do anything! I am all-powerful! I have been loved, supported and helped always! Fear, stiffness and resentment at the time hid me from this truth, this knowledge. Today, I regained it, the knowledge and feeling of confidence” Olga

“It was extremely useful to take a sober look at one’s own life. I felt like a little kid again, when there was a lot of love and joy. Sergei, the whole group, thank you for this excellent practice! Understanding the seminar is just the beginning”. Nicholas

“I was recapitulating the moment of conception until I felt the power that inexplicably joined the line of life to my parents with their aspirations, education, and qualities. They integrated a particular pattern in my life and have evolved as my growing. Touch of Power … and immediately changed the perception of life, seemingly random events, encounters filled with meaning. Even negative events I considered in this way. Thank you all … I love you!

” Elena

“Today at the seminar were amazing subtle energies silence presence here and now. Despite the reference to scan the past, for some reason threw me into the present, the present was interesting, mysterious, something new, including my children’s picture I looked out with the eyes of the child in the here and now.” Nalini