Congratulations Valery! A New Life in the World

A new life in the world! One of our wonderful BE teachers has just brought a daughter into the world. Elizabeth was born at the end of November. Mom Valery writes:

I had a wonderful 9 months of pregnancy and gave birth on November 28th, 2015, t o a lovely girl, Elizabeth. My practice of Being Energy was very important throughout my pregnancy. Every Friday in Moscow for 9 months, I practiced together with a group. The practice and support of my group members helped me to feel healthy, gave me strength to engage in professional activities during my pregnancy, and helped me lead an active life and even go swimming. The birth of my daughter, too, was amazing–light and full of positive emotions.

I’d like to thank Valentine, Kate Paul, Masha, Cyril, Marina Julia, Andrew Olga and Arina for the support, love and warmth during this period of my life. Aerin, I want to tell you thank you very much for your attention to my challenges and advice.

I wish all the new dreams and discoveries.

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With love,
Valery M.

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  1. Inge on

    Dear Valery, Congratulations with the birth of your daughter Elizabeth. Welcome in the world dear little new born! I wish you, Elizabeth, a beautiful life in wonder and love!


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