ENERGY for Real Changes in Our Lives

Dear Being Energy Community,

In 1996, Carlos Castaneda urged me to make real long lasting changes in my life. He told me that true change comes from a place of energy. If you have no energy, you cannot make changes.

It’s so cool to me that even though he told this to me almost 20 yeas ago, it is still as important and relevant to our lives as ever. In fact, it seems that our own energy is really the most important resource we need to live a meaningful life.

Here is what he helped me formulate about my own story and I want to share with you: (oh, and by the way, this is the very thing that we will be practicing and expanding on at our upcoming workshop in the magical, powerful Chichén-Itzá, in Mexico!)

“The first thing that I could tell you is that a total change of personality, expectations, goals and purpose is what shamans look for as the basic principle of their lives. Unfortunately, this is something impossible to attain in the world of everyday life.

I have friends my age who have already had to go through several therapies in search of help, in search of solace. They want to change more than anything else in this world, but they cannot. There is something that doesn’t allow them to do it. And their best efforts fade into mere promises of change.

They construct lists of possible ways to change. They tell themselves that the coming year is the year in which their necessary changes will take place. They call all this ‘New Year’s Resolutions.’ They say, ‘This year will be different.’

When I was ten years old, I was already involved in making lists of changes that never took place.

Shamans ask why these resolutions to change are never fulfilled. If one is willing to change so sincerely, why don’t these changes ever take place? We don’t even come close to change; it seems to run away from us.

Shamans say that the reason for all of this is our lack of energy. They say that something stops us by dispersing our vital energy. Shamans are very emphatic about this point. They assert that there is something that leaves us with only sufficient energy for self-reflection. Therefore, we are never, ever able to go beyond our lists of promises. Our lists are the ultimate expression of self-reflection. This self-reflection is, of course, the cult of me, I and myself.

Castaneda, every time he wants to point out my vice of self-reflection, sings to me a song that the old nagual, Don Juan, used to sing to him: ‘Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.’

But it is impossible to talk about a genuine change of behavior unless we have sufficient energy to carry it out. The only way to acquire sufficient energy is by saving it. And by learning how to gather it. One way to gather energy is through movements.”

Gathering energy through movements is what we practice in our daily Being Energy classes and in all our workshops and events. Movement is life and there is no life without movement. Physical movement leads to states of well-being not only as a physiological response, but also as a shift in perception, in our consciousness. Our ordinary interpretation of the world around us, shifts, and we get a glimpse to new possibilities for thinking, feeling and acting.

Consistent systematic practice and shifts, leads to enhance consciousness: we are not just what/who we think we are, our identifications can be broadened and acknowledged. Here is where we have CHOICE. And there is no possibility of choice without energy.

Go for a walk, clean your house, join our daily classes, move!

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  1. Dan Thompson on

    Dearest Aerin–I was coming out here–I now live in San Pedro–from Texas in 05′ and 06 when I first met you and Miles. I talked to you and Miles at the workshops and you and I exchanged a few notes at the time. I still have those notes!! I am now an old man who has retained and even increased my great energy I remember asking Miles a question about dreaming and he said–forcefully–“Dan, It’s all a dream” I came out here with the purpose of affiliating myself with Cleargreen and their practices. I have done that and have encountered what feels like Shallow water. I have great loyalty, for good or bad, and have held on there. But, I am, as always, expanding myself and my knowledge. Kirti and John Ritter have both encouraged me to contact you guys. I am now an old man of 68 years–but also full of energy and drive to learn. Please include me on your mailing list so that I may test your waters. Thank you Dan

    • Aerin Alexander on

      HI Dan,
      Nice to hear from you again. Feeling “old” is a state of consciousness, an “assemblage point position”, Castaneda would said.
      The practices are to sustain a new ap position, a new reference point for ourselves. As you can see in our webpage, we are teaching daily, weekly, and monthly online classes, we teach at our studio in West LA (New cycle starts March 16 – soon to be announced) and we teach all around the world. It will be great to see you again. Join us on any way you can. We also have free videos of 30′ classes that you can follow to help you shift the “old” view, to dust it off.

      Warm Regards and Love,



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