Allison Balser, MA

Transformational Life Coach, Parent and Teen Coach

MA in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
Certified Parent Coach, The Jai Institute
Certified Soul-Centered Life Coach, University of Santa Monica

“My mission is to guide you to knowing the unique gifts that reside inside of you, to believing in yourself and to create a space where you are truly seen. In this process, you can realize your vision and step into living a life on purpose. When you open yourself up to the truth of your unique being and come into a process of integration of all the aspects of yourself, the shadows and the light, then you can truly experience what it is to be present, to be mindful, to be compassionate. From this state, you can create from the essence of your soul-purpose, have relationships that support who you are, and you can feel at home within yourself.

In the work we do together, the space created is one that heals and serves, with absolute non-judgment. I already see your wholeness and will guide you into removing whatever blocks have kept you from experiencing that for yourself.  The work seeks to not only heal but also to support your vision, planting the seeds to bring you towards your life’s purpose, moving into the next chapter of your life.”


Andree Leroy, M.D.

Rehabilitation Doctor, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Healer

Andree is a highly qualified and former Harvard faculty Medical Doctor, and an ocean of LOVE. She exudes joy and, knowledge, a unique combination that makes possible for individuals to open to receive the Healing she has to offer. She has an extensive background as Assistant Director of Academic Outreach for the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, staff physician at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and an Instructor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. Dr. LeRoy was awarded the 2011 MGH Thomas S. Durant Fellowship in Refugee Medicine, providing support to those caring for the most vulnerable populations in the world. The award will provide Dr. LeRoy with support as she continues her work in Haiti, helping build rehabilitation infrastructure following the earthquake. Dr. LeRoy received her MD from University of Illinois at Chicago, and subsequently completed a surgical internship at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. She completed her residency training at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Throughout her career in the health field, Andree developed her own natural abilities for intuitive healing and trained in Reiki and other forms of energy work, and she brings these non conventional talents to our institute, providing medical intuitive sessions and energy healing.


Ellen Sevy, B.A., G.C.F.P.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Ellen offers both individual sessions and group classes. In addition, she offers both private and semi-private yoga classes.

Ellen received a BA from The University of California in Theater Arts/Dance. For 36 years, she worked as a Professional Dancer and Instructor throughout North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan, and in productions for stage, television and film.


Jessica De Leon, L.Ac

Jessica De Leon is a Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University. She has completed training at the Orthopedic Specialty Clinic at Yo San, the Venice Family Pain Clinic, as well as intensive, advanced clinical training coupled with seminars at the most prestigious Acupuncture Academy in China: The China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center, Institute of Acupuncture and Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Having also trained with Dr. Mikio Sankey, Jessica is also a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Acupuncture, which allows her to simultaneously work on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Her mission is to facilitate healing and self-empowerment for each patient, with an integrated and holistic approach to healing. To view each patient as a whole, not just as a symptom, and she teaches them to sustain long term self-care. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, and has a loving, creative approach to the healing process.


Rony Ghoraishy

Yoga Healer

Rony fell in love with yoga the first time she stepped foot on her mat 15 years ago. Yoga is the one thing that has helped her stay grounded through all of life’s trials and tribulations. She is E-500 RYT with a variety of certifications through Corepower Yoga, Loyola Marymount University and Wanderlust Hollywood. She specializes in Vinyasa Flow, Yin/Restorative Yoga and Therapeutic yoga for those working to rehabilitate their body from injury and alleviate pain. Rony focuses on private yoga sessions where she tailors the class specifically to the client’s needs and personal goals.

Rony is passionate about teaching yoga to all levels through the connection of mind, body and spirit. Her accessible teaching style, energy and motivation to challenge and meet people where they are at, draws in students from all backgrounds and levels. What sets Rony apart from other teachers is her class sequencing, her intuitive hands on adjustments and the supportive and non-judgemental space she creates. Rony is currently enrolled in USM’s Spiritual Psychology program and infuses her learnings into her day-to-day teachings, which helps support her students on a much deeper energetic and spiritual level.