3 Days to Reboot, Renew and Realize Your Dreams

What are your dreams? What do you wish for your life? You have more power to create your life than you may realize.

From September 4 – 6, Being Energy presents Radiant Energy + Radiant Health—a retreat designed for you. Over three days, we’ll work with you one-on-one and in dynamic group classes to help you:

  • Detoxify your mind and body
  • Renew your energy and vitality
  • Rewrite your story about who you are and what you can accomplish

Aerin and Miles in CircleThis is something completely new! Our signature Los Angeles retreat is designed to deeply nourish you and liberate your full potential. The retreat will be personalized to support each participant, and space will be very limited to support an individualized experience.

Why are we doing this? What ripples out from each of us matters in the world. Starting with our bodies, research clearly shows that our lifestyle choices do make a difference in our health, even at the level of our DNA. Take these three days to reboot your system, reduce your biological age and learn simple things that you can incorporate into your daily life to positively affect your DNA.

figure-03-05-02Modern science, ancient wisdom and the bridge between the two will play into the content of this very special retreat. It is an experience for the whole of you: body, mind and spirit.

For a taste of how fundamentally this may affect you, think about your dreams for your life. Are you living your dreams? Even going back to the beginning of this year—did you set any New Year’s resolutions? If so, how have they been going? For most of us, nearly six months later, those resolutions are but a distant memory.

Now is our chance to consciously steer our life experience. There are many things that may influence the course of our lives. But the simple truth is that there is nothing that we wield greater control over than our conscious goals and intentions. These make way for the direction of our individual paths in life.

You can certainly float along and navigate through life as it comes, but why not use a paddle to steer your boat in the direction you want to go? Or even better, hoist a sail and travel with speed? Your conscious intentions put the paddle in your hands or—when they are clear and strong—the wind in your sails.

In our Being Energy Detox Program, we include potent daily intentions and observations as a key part of the program. Maybe they are ones that you’d like to consider setting for yourself so that you may more easily sail toward your dreams? Maybe give them a try and see what happens! For even more joyful sailing in life, consider joining our LA retreat in September.

Intention: Today, I can formulate what I want to dream for my life.
Associated self-observation: What do I want for my life? What do I long for? What are my inner desires?

Intention: Today, I dare to tackle any challenge that faces me.
Associated self-observation: I accept that every challenge in front of me is an opportunity for growth. It is a chance to evolve and reclaim my power.

Intention: Today, I am a happy boat on the river, traveling toward the ocean of infinity.

Associated self-observation: I am thrilled with the fluidity of life, and am as light as a feather.

RB_Sail_Boat_1Every day is full of possibility.

We wish you well on your journey through life and are here to support your health and well-being through all of the classes, workshops, retreats and products that we offer.

Dr. Miles Reid

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