Author: Aerin Alexander

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on Living a Path with Heart

The idea of living a Path with Heart is at the root of Being Energy. Our daily choices, feelings and thoughts determine the paths we walk, and this journey of being alive is enriched when we choose a Path with Heart.

The heart is much more than we imagine. It is a center of perception with its own “brain.” In fact, its electromagnetic field is larger than that of the upper brain; and through the pumping of blood, it is in constant connection with the whole body. And there is even more to it than that. The heart is thought of as the place of love.

As one of our students said, “I would not be here if it were not for love. I would not be on this planet. Love is essential to freedom.”

After years of searching and exploring in so many directions, I can say that Carlos Castaneda–writer, visionary, and my dear teacher–gave me the best advice I ever got: “A path with heart is the journey of constant becoming.”

Our paths are not pre-established for us, even though sometimes it may seem like they are. We often look outside, toward others, for formulas to follow or specific maps that will lead us to our fulfillment, to our hearts. But this can lead to disappointment and confusion. So what do we do?

Being Energy work is about discovering how our past choices and decisions led us to where we are today. Each time we choose to pause instead of to judge, to respond instead of react, to embrace instead of separate is a step on a Path with Heart.

We would love to hear from you, what is a path with heart for you?
Write us and let us know!

-Aerin Alexander

Love Liberates–BE Workshop in Teotihuacan, Mexico, March 2012

Being Energy’s inaugural workshop and teacher training Module 1 wonderously unfolded in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in March 2012. It was an auspicious beginning, and an amazing experience for all who attended.

We were invited to hold the workshop in Teotihuacan by the people of this ancient city, and to celebrate life and natures cycles. The vernal equinox and new moon set the stage for a celebration that we’ll always remember.Teotihuacan Celebration

Teotihuacan, which can be translated as “the place where one becomes divine,” is where the spiritual and material knowledge of the Mesoamerican people generated a high expression of architecture, urban planning and art in the Americas. It arose at around the time of Christ and later became the largest and most populous urban center in the Americas. Among the monumental constructions in the Valley of Mexico, two high, enigmatic pyramids stand out, dedicated to the worship of the sun and the moon.

Vernal Equinox in TeotihuacanWe were at a sacred center, in alignment with the pyramids, facing the moon pyramid.

The experience was deeply resonant and transformative. It exemplified what Being Energy hopes to bring to people all over the world, in ways that breathe new life into ancient practices and connect us deeply to one another.

So many centuries later, the power of Teotihuacan is palpably strong.