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Arbitration Lawyer Runs BE Classes in beautiful Guanajuato, Mexico

My name is Tom Reavley and I live in the city of Guanajuato in central Mexico. After having vicariously lived the excitement and adventure of my children’s high school foreign exchange programs, I decided to do my own one-year program in Mexico. Foreign language and different cultures have always energized me and I began studying Spanish in Guanajuato. Thirteen years later, I’m still here: running a holistic health center, teaching tai chi and Being Energy®, maintaining a vacation rental house and from time to time returning to the U.S. to serve as an attorney-arbitrator.

My dream is to focus my life on cultivating energy in myself and in others, to teach energy-enhancing movements and techniques, to explore all the possibilities of perception. Of course, I don’t even know how to define “energy”–a situation that irritates my lawyer side no end. But I know it when I feel it: It’s a shine in the eyes, or the optimism and enthusiasm that seems to come out of nowhere just when I am feeling lost. It’s the joy of moving the body just for the pure pleasure of moving. It’s the excitement of pursuing a dream without knowing how things will turn out.

Thank you to the Being Energy Community for opening this space!

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  1. Bernard on

    Revealing of Tom as a man not shy to actualise daring challenges. Inspiring and grounding window on your life, like your city Tom


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