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November 28 2018 - April 24, 2019

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Five Keys – The Key for Stillness

During these five cycles, you will learn and practice the Five Keys of well-being, which were designed by Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid, students of Carlos Castaneda, to regain vitality, daring and health at the physical, mental and emotional level.

Each cycle will consist of three classes and is dedicated to the practice of one of the five Keys: Purpose, Confidence, Affection, Humbleness and Stillness. The keys will become energy bridges that help you get closer to achieving your cherished goals and solving strategic tasks.

Both Aerin and Miles will be present in all cycle, guiding some of the classes.

Each Webinar includes:

  • Setting an intent that expresses the desire of your heart;
  • Introduction and description of the Keys;
  • Physical exercises to awaken the body as a perceiver;
  • Recapitulation, the review of specific life experiences to free yourself from limiting beliefs and emotional dependencies; finding and breaking down internal barriers that stand in the way of achieving your goals;
  • Practice of dreaming, meditation and guided visualization practices to fill your intentions with necessary details;
  • Stalking practices for determining concrete steps and bringing your dreams into first attention – the world around.


Each cycles will introduce you to the new Key, create a unique intention and will include practices for doing at home.

Cycle 1. The Key of Purpose refers to the realization of one’s purpose and it’s achievement. To identify one’s purpose serves as a guiding force to ignite our lives. It is a reference point to set priorities in our lives and to place boundaries. Emphasizes will be made on the distinction between one’s individual purpose and the purpose of evolution.

Cycle 2. The Key of Confidence refers to self-esteem, self-respect and self-acceptance. It is about cultivating the feeling that you are enough, that you can achieve, that you are worthy. Confidence is the mood of success. Mastering the Key of Confidence is important to how you deal with the world of every day life.

Cycle 3. The Key of Affection refers to the vibratory intelligence of the Heart as a brain and center of perception. Love is a state of higher consciousness, not only a transitory feeling. It is a position of perception, of the assemblage point. New conclusions, perceptions and understandings, about yourself and the world, solutions to problems can easily be found when perceiving from the heart.

Cycle 4. The Key of Humbleness refers to a state of Reciprocity with the world. How much you give and how much you receive. It is about experiencing balance, harmony, homeostasis. It is about living in a state of agreement with life and synchronization with the unseen forces of the universe.

Cycle 5. The Key of Stillness or Awareness of Death refers to the awareness of endings as key process of all life cycles. Endings are as important as beginnings. It is about connecting to the creative forces found in stillness. The awareness of death as part of life is a powerful tool for rebirthing.


After you sign up for the class series, you will receive emails from the team with assignments and details in preparation for the first class. Each class is 75 minutes in length and is recorded. You will have access to all class videos and materials. You will also receive specific assignments between classes to embody what you learned.


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. We will send you a link to join our live online classes, and on your account you will receive all class materials.

Who is Guiding These Classes?

All Webinars will be conducted in Russian language by Anastasiya Ganich, Andrey Petrov, Sergei Karapetyan and Sergei Minin, with appearances and teachings from Being Energy® Founders Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid.


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All Webinars take place on WEDNESDAYS from 8:00 pm Moscow Time. The first cycle of Webinars starts on November 28, 2018 and the fifth ends on April 24, 2019.

Cycle 1. The Key of Purpose
Webinar 1: November 28, 2018
Webinar 2: December 5
Webinar 3: December 12

Cycle 2. The Key of Confidence
Webinar 1: January 16, 2019
Webinar 2: January 23
Webinar 3: January 30

Cycle 3. The Key of Affection
Webinar 1: February 13
Webinar 2: February 20
Webinar 3: February 27

Cycle 4. The Key of Humbleness
Webinar 1: March 13
Webinar 2: March 20
Webinar 3: March 27

Cycle 5. The Key of Stillness
Webinar 1: April 10
Webinar 2: April 17
Webinar 3: April 24


ONE cycle of 3 classes – $27 per person (paid in Russian Rubles)
All FIVE cycles (15 classes) – $120 per person ($15 discount)

You can select one or all five cycles; pay in stages of cycles or straight for all five. In case of lump-sum payment for all cycles, a discount of $15 is provided.

Payment Options

  • Bank transfer: Use credit card number # 5336 6900 1496 6032 (recipient Anastasia Alekseevna G.). Please enter your first and last name. Only for Russia Residents
  • Credit Card: Practitioners from other countries can use PayPal by payment through the boxes below.

Five Keys - One Cycle


Five Keys – One Cycle

Five Keys - Five Cycles


Five Keys – All Five Cycles


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For any questions please email in Russian or English at: or call to

  • Anastasiya Ganich +7 905 537 1742
  • Andrey Petrov +7 916 245 7605