Three-day Workshop
on May 17-19, 2019

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May 17 - 19, 2019
English, Spanish

Breaking the Mirror:
Discover the Face that is not a Reflection


“If we take off the everyday mask that has been strapped to our faces since the day we were born, we can then put on a second mask, the mask that enables us to see ourselves and our surroundings for what we really are: breathtaking events that bloom into transitory existence once and are never to be repeated again.” – Florinda Donner-Grau

When you were a baby and someone showed you a mirror for the first time, what did you see? It was something completely new, unprecedented, a wonder like all the rest of this new world. And little by little you were taught to focus on specific aspects – your nose, eyes, mouth, repeating these new words. Over time your parents, your family, friends, teachers and everyone else taught you much more, so you acquired a lot of judgments, criticisms and beliefs about what you see when you look in a mirror and what you are in inside. But all these judgments are learned, the baby does not know or see any of this the first time.
Throughout your life, without knowing how to question them, you learned an endless number of judgments about yourself and those judgments can define you, they become your mask. However, you are still pure energy, a living being that always has the ability to grow, flourish and express the essence of its heart. You can make another mask, the one that can not be found in a mirror; It is only found when you learn to identify and unravel the limiting ideas and beliefs that you accumulated over the course of your life and learn to dream.
In this three-day seminar, we will practice movements, guided meditations and exercises to help you separate the acquired judgments from your own being, that is, from the mask of the spirit, the wonder of being alive, the face that has no reflection. The effect of finding this mask is an explosion of energy, a tranquility, a state of deep inner silence.


Through the practice of movements and techniques for inner silence you will:

Develop your center and confidence in yourself, while experiencing more harmony and balance in your nervous system

  • Learn to let go of old beliefs that keep you stuck and thereby move closer to who you really are
  • Experience a reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Develop a sense of respect and deep appreciation of yourself and your individual growth processes
  • Intensify the energy in your chest area which has a deep effect on the heart
  • Strengthen your skeletal muscle system and release the tension of the back and shoulders
  • Improve your coordination and balance

To travel a path with heart we need energy. We are beings of energy, our body and our thoughts are composed of energy. When energy flows freely in the body we feel vital and happy, with a clear sense of purpose for our lives. When there are barriers to this flow, we live unfocused, or with a feeling of being constantly tired and stressed, with a spirit of defeat.

At the center of our practices is the idea of ​​going home, making our stagnant energy accessible and redistributing it to vital centers. Through movement, recapitulation and inner silence, all for questioning and calming our repetitive thoughts, we achieve a renewed state of body, mind and spirit.

Event Location

Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is located in the center of Mexico in the mountains of the Sierra Gorda of Guanajuato. The city is more than 450 years old and it has a unique atmosphere, with a labyrinth of alleys, hills, quiet squares, tunnels and old buildings.

It is one of the “Silver Cities” and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its mountain range was once the richest in silver in the world and and also produced a large number of other minerals. Just by closing your eyes and using your imagination, you can feel yourself surrounded by these hills and new feelings and vibrations emerge. Thinking about those deep veins, their octahedra and igneous rocks, brings the awareness of being wrapped up in that ancestral and transformational energy.

Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia

It is where the workshop will take place. It is close to the historic center but at the same time a little removed for a quieter atmosphere. At the hotel restaurant we will have lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday at the end of the seminar. There will also be a snack on Friday night (Lodging is not included in the cost of the seminar).

Who is Leading the Workshop?

The workshop will be guided by Tom Reavley, Ariadna Vásquez and Erika Gavin, certified instructors of Being Energy® in collaboration with Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid, founders of Being Energy® and direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda.

Ari lives in Mexico City and dedicates herself to living with heart and transmitting the wonder of life to everyone. Her intent as a BE Instructor is to use the creative tools we have been given to break our old patterns of behavior and ways of interpreting what we perceive and thus soften our rigidity. We can untangling our life stories to reach the energy of transformation, imagination and creativity for the evolution of greater awareness and vibrant spirit.

Tom Reavley resides in Guanajuato, where he offers classes and individual sessions of Being Energy and Tai Chi. He has participated in seminars and classes offered by Carlos Castaneda and his apprentices since 1995 and has taught classes of Being Energy for the past three years. His intent for this seminar is to facilitate the experience of inner silence through the movements (energy passes) and practices for letting go of judgments and beliefs that do not serve our well-being.

Erika Gavin lives in Tijuana, Mexico, teaches and coaches Being Energy® and yoga, and she offers individual and group classes and workshops. For more than two decades she has been deeply interested in the work of Carlos Castaneda and her greatest passion has been to learn, practice and share tools for the development of awareness, health and wellbeing. In this seminar her intent is to support you to reconnect with your inner being and experience renewed vitality and energy.


Tom Reavley (in Guanajuato) 473 560 0984
Ariadna Vásquez (in Mexico City) 55 2300 7348
Erika Gavin (in Tijuana) 664 167 6880

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Mexico Residents: 3,500 pesos before April 15 and 3,900 after
(The cost includes two meals, a dinner and a coffee break)

Cancellation policy: in case of cancellation before April 3, there will be a refund of 80%; after April 3 and before May 15, the refund will be 50% . We can not refund after May 15.
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Breaking The Mirror - Three-day Workshop


May 17, 18 & 19