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Beings March 23 - Ongoing
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Restore your Vitality, your Sanity and your Joy

Today, more than ever, we need to move and breathe, unite and support each other. In these challenging times, it is vital to boost our health and experience calm. To join the positive global forces we offer our time and skills for the benefits of all.

Our live and online, 40-minute classes transport you to a global gym, where you get to move and breathe with others from around the world. We offer FIVE different classes each week, which are taught by four instructors including Aerin and Miles Reid, founders of Being Energy.  Join live or watch anytime you like, the recorded video is available to you 24/7. See our schedule of classes below.


Benefits from practicing our energy passes include:

  • Improve your strength and flexibility
  • Enhance your focus and mental agility
  • Invigorate your mind-body to feel uplifted
  • Revive your joy for movement and life
  • Connect with others in a vibrant global community
  • Unite to sustain a positive vision

Here is a testimonial from a participant:

As one daily classes participant shared: “It’s somewhat ironic that out-of-body experiences have held a fascination for me as a way to acknowledge the spiritual component of my being, but now being ‘in my body,’ with my feelings, is what I desire in order to live more fully. I thank Aerin and Miles for making this path so accessible.”  Scott Roth.

Instructors and Class Descriptions

Aerin Alexander is a movement educator, dancer, author and international workshop leader. She holds two master’s degrees in Sciences and in Psychology as well as several certifications in somatic education. Aerin teaches Gathering Energy with music and weights on Mondays and the FLOW sequence on Thursdays, all at 11:00 am Pacific Time. English and Spanish

Erika Gavin, holds a Master Degree on Spanish Literature and is a Yoga and Being Energy Instructor. Erika teaches Quetzalcoatl, a movement sequence that develops core strength and quiets the mind by focusing awareness on our connections to both the earth and the sky. Erika guides the practices on Fridays at 11:00 am P.T. Spanish.

Miles Reid, Western and Oriental Medicine Doctor, loves to practice and teach a specialized movement sequence called The Code of the Seers. The Code is traditionally practiced laying down and it has the positive effect of calming the mind, shifting perception and energizing the body at deep levels. Miles guides the Wednesday practice at 11:00 am Pacific Time. English and Spanish.

Tom Reavley, is a lawyer and a Being Energy Instructor, specialist in Gathering Silence through Movement. Tom teaches Yolilla, a standing sequence that utilizes slow movement to promote balance; Glistening in Dreaming, a sequence of movements and gentle pressure at key points in the body and the Keys for Wellbeing. Tom’s practices are on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Pacific Time. English and Spanish.

Class Schedule, Pacific Time

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:00 am P.T.


Aerin Tom Miles Aerin Erika
 Gathering Energy  Keys for Wellbeing  The Code of Seers  Flow Sequence  Gathering Energy

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United in Vitality


United in Vitality

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