Nine Dreaming Classes Begin November 4

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November 4 - December 30, 2020


Gazing and Dreaming Awake Classes

The essence of the universe resembles incandescent threads stretched into infinity in every conceivable direction, luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves in ways impossible for the human mind to comprehend”. – Carlos Castaneda

The cycle of 9 sessions begins November 4 – Read details below.


In late autumn, when nature is immersed in a state of calm, we invite you to take part in classes on gazing and dreaming awake. In conditions of increased anxiety and fears associated with economic difficulties, political instability, pandemic, internal and external conflicts, it is so necessary to create a space of silence within yourself. It can become your island of safety and a starting point for your journey through the world of everyday life.

Your guide on this journey will be the Heart – an inexhaustible source of strength and harmony. If you perceive yourself, other people and everything that comes from the Heart, you can achieve a higher level of understanding of general processes.

In these classes, you will:

  • Practice recapitulation – the art of reliving life experiences and reclaiming the energy stuck in it. Focus on the daily recapitulation
  • Learn to stop identifying yourself with the emotions and thoughts that arise during your interaction with the outside world
  • Make your mind clear and perceptive
  • Practice Energy passes that set you up for gazing and dreaming awake
  • Gaze at the Mayan pyramids
  • Dream awake, moving your energy body to the foot of the pyramid
  • Learn the interrelated techniques of contemplation and dreaming

Turning to the element of wind, you will acquire the fluidity and speed necessary for effective action in the world of everyday life and the space of dreams. We all dream constantly, without even realizing that this is happening. That is why it is important to learn to recognize these states when we create in all details the reality in which we then live.

In a joint dream, you will travel to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. You will start at the Pyramid of Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent) at Chichen Itza, then visit the Pyramid of the Wizard at Uxmal. The third point of travel in the second attention will be the mighty city of Calakmul, where you will feel the energy and strength of two pyramids: Structure I and Structure II.

Benefits of the Classes

By practicing recapitulation, you:

  1. Clear your mind and nervous system of the mental and emotional stress of the day
  2. Become aware of your thinking patterns, strengths and shadows of your personality
  3. Enter a state of silence and prepare your mind for the transition to dreaming

By doing the energy passes you:

  1. Relieve muscle tension by allowing energy to flow unhindered through your body
  2. Make your breathing free and deep
  3. Straighten your energy fibers and align with your energy body

Gazing the pyramids you:

  1. Delicately touch the Mayan world, its ancient knowledge and energy
  2. Prepare your energy body for waking dreams
  3. Develop the skill of stopping internal dialogue and focused non-doing, increase your ability to concentrate

In a dreaming awake state, you:

  1. Will develop your dreaming attention – the key to second attention
  2. Learn to direct your attention and energy to what is important to you
  3. Strive to cognize the essence of things, see yourself and the surrounding reality as they are – energy with awareness.


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. Video recordings of the classes will be available through the website and you can watch them at any time convenient to you.

Who is Guiding these Classes?

The classes will be conducted in Russian by Anastasia Ganich, certified Being Energy® instructor.


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Webinars take place on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. Pacific Time20:00 to 20.45 Moscow Time. The cycle starts November 4 and ends on December 30, 2020. The dates of classes are as follows:

Wednesday November 4, 11, 18 and 25; December 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Tuition and Registration

9 online live classes + video access 3000 rubbles

The Mayan's Call

$38 (3000 Rubles)

All Classes + Video Access