Twelve Weekly Live Classes New Cycle Begins December 1

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December 1, 2019 - February 16, 2020
English, Spanish, Russian


BE Your Dream

New Series of Classes Starts on December 1

Wake up, it’s Time to Dream!

Are you longing for experiencing joy, calm and ease in your relationships? Are you wanting to say YES to a new job, a new diet? Do you have dreams stored deep inside screaming to unfold?

“You are dreaming all the time” Carlos Castaneda our mentor used to tell us. “You are a co-creator of your life, active participant of an unfolding universe. The issue is, “What is the content of your dreams? What are you dreaming?”. These questions stayed with us for many years. Miles and I became aware that in order to answer them, we needed to clear up our psyche from the endless invasion of negative thinking, from limiting understanding, and to jump grooves and own our shadows, our projections and, our power.

And as we step by step, patiently and kindly, released, dissolved old mental entanglements, our bodies become healthier, our love stronger. Not just for each other, but for our child, family, friends, community and for the world. What our teacher pointed out about dreaming, it is true, it is possible.

We learned from Castaneda that dreaming is a state of being in which our perceptual possibilities are wide open and fluid, our daily interpretations are suspended and we can uphold the awareness of new views, for long periods of time, including while driving and doing dishes. Our senses are acute in this state: colors, smells, sounds, and even thoughts—a keen sensitivity, as if life is happening for the first time through us. LIFE becomes ALIVE, fluid, marvelous, when in waking dreaming states.

If you have deep desires for growing, and expanding your possibilities for living a full whole LIFE, join this class.

In this Path with Heart course, we will practice movement and breath sequences and dreaming practices for redeploying your energy for dreaming, awake and sleep. You’ll learn how, in the midst of your daily activities, to access different perceptions and possibilities of action, IS POSSIBLE! And, most importantly, to realize that you have it all, inside you: the ideas, the solutions, the magic, the energy. You’ll learn how to systematically exercise your dreaming attention, opening the possibility of crossing what the seers called the first, second and third gates of dreaming: reaching, moving and merging with your energy body.

Dream it!

Do it!

BE Your Dream!

PWH XXXI – June 9 – August 25
The First Gate of Dreaming

In this first cycle you will learn about your quieting down the mind and holding your dreaming attention during wake and sleep states. Through guided sequences of movements with the eyes and fully involving the breath, you will experience deep states of calm and serenity, all needed to engage and unfold any creative process. Benefits include:

  • Clear and focussed thinking
  • Calm and flexible body
  • Improvements in digestion, circulation, coordination

PWH XXXII – Sept. 8 – Nov. 24
The Second Gate of Dreaming

In this second cycle you will learn about putting your dreaming attention into a specific project you have been dreaming in do it. For example, writing a book, going back to school, getting a new job, etc. Energy exercises to revitalize and strengthen your stamina, specially your bones and cardio vascular system will be practiced weekly.  Benefits include:

  • Experiencing physical vitality
  • Overall increase of energy and wellbeing
  • Living purposefully

PWH XXXIII _ Dec. 1, 2019 – Feb. 16, 2020
The Third Gate of Dreaming

In this third cycle, you will be guided to integrate the dreaming attention states to your daily life, and new  perceptions about yourself into your whole being. You will become aware of yourself as an actively participator and co-creator of reality, in the journey of constant becoming. You will learn to awaken gates to dreaming in the body. Benefits include:

  • Experiences of true connection
  • A deeper knowing about yourself
  • Larger understanding of your contribution to the wolrd


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. You can join from your laptop, I pad, tablet, and any smart phone, If you miss a class, don’t worry: ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED and all class participants have access to the recording during the duration of the series.

Class Languages

All classes are conducted in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation into Spanish, Russian and Italian languages. Simultaneous translation is conducted via Team Speak and Skype. Please read our FAQ first for detailed instructions.


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Benefits of Participating in PWH Classes

Our live online class format and global community of students create a dynamic structure to address your whole being. You receive daily and weekly support through email and through participating in small witnessing groups, and weekly inspiration and practices in our live online Sunday’s class. We learn to move, think and feel in effective and organic functional ways, using our whole body, to explore and grow in a safe environment.

Each Cycle Includes:

  • Twelve Live weekly 75-minute webinars with international participants and simultaneous translation to Spanish, Russian and Italian
  • Daily assignments and practices between webinars to review and expand on the material taught.
  • Participation in the private Email Group where participants all share and communicate and we post assignments and offer feedback.
  • Participation in weekly online Witnessing Groups of 4 participants each. In these groups, participants can share self-discoveries with their peers, to use the tools learned in class for their daily life issues

Each Webinar Includes:

  • 30’ Practice of a set of specific sequence of movements standing, sitting or laying down, including breathing sequences to expand our perceptual capacity creating new neurological patterns
  • 30’ Powerpoint presentation with guided recapitulation exercises, the self-directed questioning of beliefs and interpretations in order to free our perception and function in the world in a way that our stance in life, our principles and our legacy become a clear guiding point in our life
  • 15’ or more Sharing and Feedback by the Energy Life Sciences Institute founders.

Who is Guiding these Classes?

Classes are conducted in English by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander. Selected guest presenters are invited at different times.

Class Calendar

PWH XXII – Do it! PWH XXIII – Become it!
Class # Date Class # Date
1 Sept. 8 1 Dec. 1
2 Sept. 15 2 Dec. 8
3 Sept. 22 3 Dec. 15
4 Sept. 29 4 Dec. 22
5 Oct. 6 5 Dec. 29
6 Oct. 13 6 January 5, 2020
7 Oct. 20 7 Jan. 12
8 Oct. 27 8 Jan. 19
9 Nov. 3 9 Jan. 26
10 Nov. 10 10 Feb. 2
11 Nov. 17 11 Feb. 9
12 Nov. 24 12 Feb. 16

Tuition + Registration

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Path With Heart XXXII and XXXIII Two Cycles


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Twelve Live Online Webinars with Access to Videos and private email group

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