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June 7 - November 22, 2020
English, Spanish, Russian


The Warrior’s Quest: To Experience Freedom!

“Dreaming is an active pursuit and requires the mood and the skills of warriors,” Carlos Castaneda once told us. It was later in our apprenticeship that he introduced dreaming as a focused practice to experience new descriptions and new states of consciousness. He suggested that we deepen the practices he had already taught us years before: the daily practice of sequences of breath and movement, the recapitulation of daily actions and behaviors, the clarification of our intentions, and the consumption of a balanced and detoxifying diet. All these practices gave us the energy needed for the next lesson: to sustain a state of Freedom to Love without conditions.

“If a human being dreams a great dream, that is to love somebody” – Maya Angelou

In our series of classes on dreaming, we have been honing the dreaming attention, a way of paying attention to daily life affairs without getting lost in details. We have been experiencing the benefits of disrupting routines, keeping our perceptual possibilities open and fluid, accepting new descriptions about ourselves and the world. All the practices have served to support us in realizing projects and dreams in daily life, like recording music, opening an office for therapy or healing a family relationship.

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse” – Carlos Castaneda

In our new Path with Heart Year 2020, from March 8 through November 22, we will focus on sustaining states of high consciousness and expansion. We will practice the embodiment of the power and attributes of warriors, in order to imbue the body with vitality, energy + purpose and a state of readiness to act and make decisions. All this in three specific areas: our body’s health and vitality, our relationships and our mind.

“Feeling important makes one heavy, clumsy and vain. To be a warrior one needs to be light and fluid.” – Carlos Castaneda

Warrior’s Vitality

Warrior’s Freedom

Warrior’s Love

PWH XXXIV – March 8 – May 31

In this first cycle you will learn about becoming healthy and becoming whole, using food, movements, relationships and projects in the world as allies to support your health. You will be guided to practice mindful sequences of movement and breath allowing your internal energy force to create healing, and exercises to clarify your thinking and sustain a clear focus. We will provide you with helpful information and tools to naturally support and heal your body, to increase your vitality, awareness and functionality, and to sustain these enhanced states over time. With these tools you can create a revolutionary change in how you nurture yourself.

PWH XXXV – June 7 – August 23

In this second cycle, we will practice letting go of superfluous and unnecessary items in our lives that imprison us in past actions and in trying to live in the future. We will practice BEING in the present moment, and releasing the unnecessary ‘turn on’ mindset that creates chronic stress and disease in the body. We will reclaim our right to CHOOSE, to go slow, to rewire brain pathways and create new connections that enable greater flexibility and resiliency—to sustain a new position of the assemblage point, the ultimate freedom. To seek freedom is the only driving force I know,”  our teacher Carlos Castaneda wrote.

PWH XXXVI – Sept. 6 – November 22

In this third cycle, you will learn about Unconditional Love and why it is essential to your health and your life. Offering a blank check of affection to someone is the best dream we can ever have, because it demands humbleness, fluidity and trust. In exchange, it brings the experience of invigorating energy and vitality. In these classes, we will practice exercises that emphasize breathing and balancing the Heart chakra as well as mindful exercises to break through the victimhood mentality and free yourself to Love. As Castaneda wrote: “A warrior loves, that’s all. He likes whatever or whomever he wants for the hell of it.”


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. You can join from your laptop, I pad, tablet, and any smart phone, If you miss a class, don’t worry: ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED and all class participants have access to the recording during the duration of the series.

Class Languages

All classes are conducted in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation into Spanish, Russian and Italian languages. Simultaneous translation is conducted via Team Speak and Skype. Please read our FAQ first for detailed instructions.


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Benefits of Participating in PWH Classes

Our live online class format and global community of students create a dynamic structure to address your whole being. You receive daily and weekly support through email and through participating in small witnessing groups, and weekly inspiration and practices in our live online Sunday’s class. We learn to move, think and feel in effective and organic functional ways, using our whole body, to explore and grow in a safe environment.

Each Cycle Includes:

  • Twelve Live weekly 75-minute webinars with international participants and simultaneous translation to Spanish, Russian and Italian
  • Daily assignments and practices between webinars to review and expand on the material taught.
  • Participation in the private Email Group where participants all share and communicate and we post assignments and offer feedback.
  • Participation in weekly online Witnessing Groups of 4 participants each. In these groups, participants can share self-discoveries with their peers, to use the tools learned in class for their daily life issues

Each Webinar Includes:

  • 30’ Practice of a set of specific sequence of movements standing, sitting or lying down, including breathing sequences to expand our perceptual capacity and create new neurological patterns
  • 30’ Powerpoint presentation with guided recapitulation exercises, the self-directed questioning of beliefs and interpretations in order to free our perception and to function in the world from the stance of a clear guiding point, a point based exclusively on energetic facts.
  • 15’ or more Sharing and Feedback by the Energy Life Sciences Institute founders.

Who is Guiding these Classes?

Classes are conducted in English by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander. Selected guest presenters are invited at different times.

Class Calendar

PWH XXXIV: Warrior’s Vitality PWH XXXV: Warrior’s Freedom PWH XXXV: Warrior’s Love
Class # Date Class # Date Class # Date
1 March 8 1 June 7 1 September 6
2 March  15 2 June 14 2 September 13
3 March 22 3 June 21 3 September 20
4 March 29 4 June 28 4 September 27
5 April 5 5 July 5 5 October 4
6 April 12 6 July 12 6 October 11
7 April 19 7 July 19 7 October 18
8 April 26 8 July 26 8 October 25
9 May 10 9 August 2 9 November 1
10 May 17 10 August 9 10 November 8
11 May 24 11 August 16 11 November 15
12 May 31 12 August 23 12 November 22

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All Three Cycles – From March 8 through November 22, 2020
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PWH XXXIV, XXXV & XXXVI (Discount for Latin America and Eastern Europe Residents)


All Three Cycles – From March 8 through November 22, 2020
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PWH XXXIV - Warrior's Vitality


Cycle XXXIV – From March 8 to May 31, 2020

PWH XXXV-Warrior's Freedom


Cycle XXXV – From June 7 to August 23, 2020

PWH XXXVI-Warrior's Love


Cycle XXXVI – From September 6 to November 22, 2020

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