Teacher Training on Dreaming – Begins April 4

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April 4th, 2020 - June 6, 2020
English, Spanish, Russian



The Gates of Dreaming was defined by our teacher Carlos Castaneda and refers to levels of awareness we can access in wakefulness and sleep states. Through directing and focusing one’s attention on specific items in a dream or in our daily life, we can experience different stages of consciousness by progressively overwriting the conditioning of perception imposed on us by our environment. Here we will guide you  through the different Gates of Dreaming, by teaching you how to reach and cross them. You will also acquire valuable knowledge on how each Gate of Dreaming relates to your daily life.

This program focuses on neurological restoration and balance through refined sensory motor awareness and knowledge of breath and essence. These practices aim to heal distressed and damaged organs, as well as bring balance to your hormonal and digestive systems, all with the purpose of strengthening immune responses and longevity. 


Take this Training to:

  • Learn to access and cross the Gates of Dreaming
  • Cultivate inner silence
  • Restore deep sleep
  • Foster an active communication between your waking and dreaming states
  • Develop an intellectual and experiential understanding of the relationship between body-mind and Spirit
  • Effectively apply the information gathered in your dreams to your daily life
  • Create a professional practice, offering this Methodology to others
  • Become a BE COACH


Enrollment in the Gates of Dreaming Teacher Program includes:

  • TEN live webinars, guided by Being Energy® Founders
  • Participation and support through online weekly Energy Group meetings
  • Access to Feed The Body + Soul Webinars, specifically designed for this module
  • Guidelines for practicing and teaching Being Energy®
  • Weekly assignments and daily online support
  • Two-year certification as a Being Energy Teacher of The Gates of Dreaming Program


This program begins on April 4 through June 6, 2020. All classes and practices are presented live online on SATURDAYS from 10:00 to 11:30 am Pacific Time. Classes are guided by the founders of the Energy, Life, Sciences Institute, Aerin Alexander and Miles Reid and Senior Being Energy Teachers, Tom Reavley and Erika Gavin. All classes are recorded and you will have access to the video at any time. Register here. 

Program Class Schedule

Dates Webinars
April 4 Webinar 1
April 11 Webinar 2
April 18 Webinar 3
April 25 Webinar 4
May 2 Webinar 5
May 9 Webinar 6
May 16 Webinar 7
May 23 Webinar 8
May 30 Webinar 9
June 6 Webinar 10


Each training program consists of TEN weeks of full involvement with Being Energy, around 100+ hours of training. You will need 10 hours a week for study and to do practices to fulfill all requirements. Full participation and commitment is required to graduate and become certified. On-time weekly email responses for assignments is also required.

Once you graduate, you are required to take annually a minimum of ONE three months long Cycle of Path with Heart online series of classes in order to maintain your Teacher Certification.


Teacher Training Program – Dreaming – April 4th through June 6, 2020

Dreaming - Being Energy® Teacher Training Program Tuition


April 4th through June 6, 2020 – Public Tuition

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April 4th through June 6, 2020 – Certified Being Energy® Teachers Tuition

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