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BE Daily Mind + Spirit Video Library: Your Monthly Pass to Vitality!

Awaken and invigorate your body anywhere, anytime! We’re delighted to be able to share these live recordings of our daily Body + Mind + Spirit classes. For a monthly subscription of just $6.99, access over 80 videos (and growing!) of BE’s daily 30-minute classes. Choose from a variety of classes to watch whenever you want to calm your nervous system and boost your energy. The library includes videos that present a variety of movement sequences, practiced standing, sitting or lying down. You’ll also find a special Recapitulation section, with more than 27 videos focused on reflecting on and changing your experience of past actions, guided by Aerin Alexander and Dr. Reid.

Video Library - Daily Mind, Body + Spirit Classes


Monthly Unlimited Access to our Daily Class Video Library with More than 80 Videos! AUTO MONTHLY PAYMENT