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March 3, 2019 - May 19, 2019
English, Spanish, Russian

Path with Heart XXX
The Intent of Infinity


Path with Heart XXX – The Intent of Infinity

This cycle starts on March 3 through May 19, 2019 – New! We are also offering Italian translation for this cycle of classes – Nuovo! Offriamo anche traduzioni in italiano per questo ciclo di lezioni

“Intent’ is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity.” – Carlos Castaneda

“What is your purpose? What do you want in life? What are you focussing on? What are you Intending?.” These are some of the questions our teacher Carlos Castaneda would ask us often. He would urge us to realize that “your thinking becomes real when you give your attention and energy to it” and to “use your time to manifest your purpose!”

For the shamans of ancient Mexico, “intent” was a like a force they could visualize; a mass of energy in the universe that could be commanded by man. They believed that Intent, a pure abstraction, was actually intimately attached to human beings. And the way human beings could touch upon this force was through impeccable behavior and following the commands of Infinity. Through discipline, commitment and systematic practice, human beings could command this force, and Intend their destiny, until their individual intent became an acquiescence to the intent of Infinity.

In this new cycle of live online classes, participants will be guided to explore the concept of Intentionality and how to apply it to their daily lives. Learning to write intentions for the areas of mind, body and spirit as well of practices to gather energy and vitality to handle Intent will be an essential part of this cycle

Each Cycle Includes

  • Twelve Live weekly 75-minute webinars with international participants and simultaneous translation every Sunday
  • Daily assignments and practices between webinars to review and expand on the material taught.
  • Participation in weekly online Witnessing Groups of 4 participants each. In these groups, participants can process self-discoveries with their peers, connecting the content in our webinars to their daily life.
  • Participation in the private Email Group where participants all share and communicate and we post assignments and offer feedback

Each Webinar Includes

  • 30’ Practice of a set of specific sequence of movements standing, sitting or laying down, including breathing sequences to expand our perceptual capacity creating new neurological patterns
  • 30’ Powerpoint presentation with guided recapitulation exercises, the self-directed questioning of beliefs and interpretations in order to free our perception and function in the world in a way that our stance in life, our principles and our legacy become a clear guiding point in our life
  • 15’ or more Sharing and Feedback by the Energy Life Sciences Institute founders

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Benefits of Participating in PWH Classes

Our live online class format and global community of students create a dynamic structure to address your whole being. You receive daily and weekly support through email and through participating in small witnessing groups, and weekly inspiration and practices in our live online Sunday’s class. We learn to move, think and feel in effective and organic functional ways, using our whole body, to explore and grow in a safe environment.


From wherever you are in the world; these are live online classes. If you miss a class, don’t worry: ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED and class participants will have access to the recording during the duration of the series.

Who is Guiding These Classes?

Classes are conducted in English by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander. Selected guest presenters are invited at different times.

Class Languages

All classes are conducted in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation into Spanish and in Russian languages. Contact for him to add you to the translations. Simultaneous translations are conducted through TeamSpeak and Skype.


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Class Calendar

All classes are presented live online on SUNDAYS from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time.

PWH XXX– The Intent of Infinity
Class # Date
1 March 3
2 March 10
3 March 17
4 March 24
5 March 31
6 April 7
7 April 14
8 April 21
9 April 28
10 May 5
11 May 12
12 May 19

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Path With Heart XXX - The Intent of Infinity


March 3 – May 19, 2019

Twelve Live Online Webinars with Access to Videos

Path With Heart XXX - The Intent of Infinity


March 3 – May 19, 2019

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