Experiencing Freedom in Mexico!

I am standing with my suitcases packed, gazing at the blue-turquoise ocean and wishing for this moment to last forever. In a few hours I will be flying back to Los Angeles, but I don’t want to go back. I want to be suspended in the intersubjectivity, created by our group here in the sacred Maya land, a place where time bends in the intertwined spaces of myth and history.

Our trip to Mexico was not a tour – it was a transformative adventure that is strongly reclaiming its space in each cell of my body. I fell in love with each participant, each hero of this seven day journey, where we learned to transcend the illusions of certainty and listen to the power of the ancestors, the birds in the jungle, the best of the heart, longing for authenticity. The tears we shed in our goodbyes washed the last bit of clouds in our eyes. Today we face the clear sky, inhaling the sun energy inside, knowing who we are. We are the Maya, we are the nagual, we are the dream of the plumed serpent, journeying through experiences, recognizing and remembering ourselves.

Orion still shines on top of my head, the pleiades just behind me.

On this journey I embraced my whole being, accepting my shortcoming as I accepted the curves at the edges of the pyramid, laughing at some irrational thoughts popping in my head about what might happen, and experiencing life as it is: raw, edgy, pure, wholeheartedly awesome. My tears at the end were at realizing how well everything went, how blessed I was to be around vibrant beings shinning innocence and wisdom. I updated old interpretations about hardship and suffering. None is needed to live in this new time, 2020, a year to jump grooves.

Thank you to you all, friends and my real family, for these moments, forever sailed in the wheel of time.

Scroll down where you can find more picture from our trip to Mexico in this month of February 2020. Also, we are  planning another trip to Mexico on November 15-21 of 2020. You don’t want to miss it!

Hope to see you all very soon!

With much love and gratitude,
Aerin, Miles and all the staff of Being Energy.

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