Unconditional Love IS Possible–It Starts with Gratitude

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Ariadna Vásquez Sansores and I want to tell you about my two last names, because they refer to a dream of the past, of magic and adventure stories. I was born in Campeche; well, I was actually born in Mexico D.F., but Libertad, my mother, believed that Campeche is a beloved land worthy of a birthplace, and that it would offer me the best protection and refuge.  So I continue by saying I was born in Campeche, a place of flavors and infinite colors, a city’s protective walls, a green land where you can dream in a hammock on a silent, warm and casual day…



On my father’s side, my grandfather Rodolfo Vásquez, whose real name was Rodolfo Guerra, gave us that guerrero (warrior) power. I did not know it until my father told me the story of how Rodolfo saved my family. They were stuck in a car in the middle of the train tracks. The train came to them as a runaway horse, which could not be stopped. Rodolfo went under the car to push it, with all the spirit that allows everything to manifest, saving his family from a mortal blow. My family story is one of love. I give thanks to Rodolfo Guerrero, who gave me the wisdom of fighting to the last breath.

My grandmother Magda gave me the wisdom of enjoying any situation. From her I remember her infinite smile at all times. I could imagine her sitting on a train in India, not understanding the language and smiling at everyone. Thank you, Magda for letting me experience your patience and your fun way of overcoming everything, and understanding everyone with just your eyes connecting with them.


On the Sansores side, grandfather Carlos was paralyzed throughout half of his body, including speech paralysis, for 23 years. In his silence he created his own movement technique, how to move the head to remove the pain, and the language to find sound, using hands and legs to find strength for standing and walking. He was slowly rediscovering how to move, as well as the construction of certain words. In his leisurely manner of expression he taught us the movements that had come to him as through a dream, from his connection with the universe.  He was patient when teaching us: slow, speaking without despair, not concerned that we might get irritated and want to leave his room, as many times we did not want to listen to him. Before his death, I asked him how it felt to be unable to speak after being a great orator, of not being able to move after having been a swimmer of hearty seas. ¨It was the most beautiful meditation of my life,” he said.  He taught me silence, breathing  and movement.


Grandmother Elsa San Román, Mommy Elsita, as I called her affectionately, died with a very strong pain that cancer had managed to double. My memory is that she always learned to accept her pain with all the aplomb of the world, laughing at it, the little pain that accompanied her, addressing it affectionately. She was always friendly through this difficult illness. I remember that she took the time to speak to each of us, as if it were the only thing she had to do in life. Mommy Elsita always had time for everyone, for a rich discussion, to celebrate, to share her wisdom. So I learned that time was physical, the magic of giving and embracing.

When I found myself on the path which led me to the knowledge of the shamans of ancient Mexico, over 20 years, I noticed that it included a little bit of all these magical beings who had surrounded me forever. I feel that I don’t make sense without them; I feel that everything counts in our lives.

Now, it is only a question of starting each day with my practice of love and gratitude. All these feelings of childhood have been the common thread that leads me to rediscovering the warmth, taste, color, elegance, affection, silence, temple, patience, fortitude, smiles, talk, love, the pause and the magic of being, which is for my ENERGY BEING.


I have been teaching in the daily online classes for teachers and for the public. I want to use my knowledge to help my family, friends or anyone else to find their own rhythm and flow with the universe Love and Will. Thank you for reading my story,



2 comments on “Unconditional Love IS Possible–It Starts with Gratitude

  1. Alejandro Duarte on

    I loved every single word from Ari. She is one of the most beautiful human beings I have encountered in my lifetime. Thanks to her and to all!

  2. Xochitl on

    Thanks for sharing the importance of being receptive to that great love our family gives us through actions, either simple or great.
    Peace for You always.


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