Filled with Silence and Energy from Ojai Workshop

We just came back filled with silence and energy from our event at the Ojai Foundation. We spent the weekend gathering energy, experiencing silence, practicing movements, humming and finding our own sounds. We ate delicious organic foods and slept under the trees. We explored and acknowledged our blood families and our energetic lineages.

“We are the people of the Plumed Serpent” and we connected and danced in it. We were blessed with two Kiva’s ceremonies where Justine guided us in singing Hopi prayers and Native American songs to acknowledge mother Earth and our origin, the Stars. Our friend Jerry also guided us into receiving the depth and knowledge of our ancestors.

Thank you to all that joined us, and to all of you that continue supporting our community. We feel blessed, and honor each one of you who contributed to making the event special, profound and simple: love is all around us, we are love.

As the photos above indicate, we enjoyed intimate and heartfelt interactions under the trees with our fellow beings. The gathering helped us all renew, explore and transform.

3 comments on “Filled with Silence and Energy from Ojai Workshop

  1. Jeff Berkus on

    The Ojai Foundation is a magical setting and the Being Energy event was skillfully guided by Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander to maximize the potential of the auspicious gathering. Three days of this wonderful retreat were highlighted by meaningful engagement in movements, recapitulation, meditation, yoga and kiva fire ceremonies, enabling an exploration into the silent realm. I am confident that positive energy of the event lives on in the collective memory of all in attendance.

  2. Gabriela Ferreyra on

    Ojai Experience was I beutiful way to aknoledge us as naked loving beings sharing a path, and the experience of being on Earth.
    It bought me the feeling to coontribute to the nurrishment of that beautiful community to be, and the honor and urgency to geting ready for that

  3. Jerri Auger on

    In Ojai I experience many wonderful things. I was able to push a deep fear of thinking I have to be something I’m not (perfect) in order to be excepted. I looked at that part of my “messy side” and realized that it wasn’t working any way and the only way to change it was to first acknowledge it and accept it and I did by announcing it to this wonderful group of people who gathered to look for freedom like myself. We are all beautiful, loving humans trying the best we can and our faults are there to help us in the long run. There is no need to be afraid of the truth. I’m tired of being something I’m not (it’s insane) and that I’m OK and better off just being me. I’m more patience with myself. I’m enjoying learning about who I really am. I want to be a star and I don’t mean a rock star lol. I also experienced a most wonderful state of quietness. It was like I was asleep but another part of me was fully awake and now realize that I used to experience this as a kid. Just before u are about to go to sleep u intent a part of you to stay Awake. I felt every person in the room helped me by trying to search for the “silent place” together and of course Arien’s great talent for guiding us to be aware and relax so we can be in the “Now”. Thank you all. I want to share more butane and tired. My whole approach to life is changing.
    Jerri Auger


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