Your Core
Free Live Webinar for Women, July 7

online women's class

Are you feeling overwhelmed and easily irritated? Tired most days? Giving to others and not to yourself? Disconnected and lonely?

Join these classes to revitalize your strength and inner confidence as you learn and share with women from all over the world!

We will be getting to the core of ourselves, tapping into the heart of our womanhood. Our core refers to our essence, the deepest part of ourselves. Your core is about finding your own center of gravity to ground you in your confidence and in your power. Like the stars in the sky, you also have a core from where you move and from where you irradiate your light and connect to others.

In this free introductory webinar, you will learn more about connecting to your core and get more information about our NEW series of live online class for women.

What is the Energy Life Sciences Institute® ?

The Energy Life Sciences Institute provides comprehensive educational and medical solutions to help you live with vitality and achieve your fullest potential. The Being Energy methodology is at the core of our services and products, providing a framework for healing and living at your joyful best.

Being Energy integrates movement, education and complementary medicine to empower you to be well, and prevent illness. At the root of our services and products is the understanding that we are energy first.

Programs at the Energy Life Sciences Institute encompass the years that co-founder Aerin Alexander spent training with Castaneda, as well as her own 20-year teaching experience around the world.

In everything that Aerin does, there is a unique sense of urgency and joy that spreads through the teachings to her disciples. She truly embodies the joy of the warrior.


In this webinar, Aerin Alexander will lead you through:

  • The seven areas called “chakras” or “gates” in the physical and energy bodies to unlock vitality and self-empowerment
  • Exercises and breaths to strengthen your core, legs and increase muscle mass
  • Details about the content of the live online classes for women

Registration & Webinar Details

The webinar will take place on an online platform as well.  We will communicate through video and sound. We love to hear and see you!
DATE: Saturday, July 7th
TIME: 9:00 am Pacific Time
DURATION: 60 min
LANGUAGE: English with simultaneous Spanish and Russian Translation.

With Love, Energy Life Sciences Institute®