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My name is Guido Ortelli. I am a physician specialized in psychiatry and have worked as a psychiatrist for more than thirty years in the National Mental Health Service in Italy. For years I have been researching in combining psychotherapy knowledge with energy fields and modalities. One of my biggest dreams was to work with “Doctors without Borders” organization. After my second year of taking classes and workshops with Being Energy, and becoming a instructor, I decided to go for my dream.

The MSF (Doctors without Borders) project in Amman is a complex project based on three surgical specialties (orthopedic, maxillo-facial, reconstructive plastic) that treats patients coming from Syria, Iraq and Yemen who were victims of violence and war. There are more than 300 patients divided between the hospital and rehab center with a wide range of medical, surgical, physio, psychological and social needs.

I lead the psychosocial team and provide the specific needs of this area that are connected with others departments.

Soon after arriving a few months ago, the reality of the MSF project struck me – I’d never before seen so many patients, all of them together, with their bodies seriously injured, burned, disfigured and limbs amputated. Behind and within these bodies there are people who have lost their physical integrity and live through heavy feelings of shortcoming, lack and loss. As the physical body is damaged the mental function is involved in the loss of integrity.

The process of care and treatment is very long because it attempts to recover not only a certain level of physical function but also a new mental identity accepting of the impairment. Our consciousness, which works as an adaptation organ, is not so ready to accept a severe disability as witnessed in phantom pain. Usually the mental system body – unconsciousness – is much stronger than the consciousness and only a long process of knowledge and awareness can allow more energy to be brought to the consciousness.

I feel very involved in this work with the patients hoping to give some relief against the devastation produced by war. I am grateful for this opportunity I have to serve others. Thank you

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  1. Xochitl on

    Fortunately, we were told that, even if our physical body passes through such harm, lost and pain, as people that suffered war, our energetic / energy body is still complete -and I would add: shinning with virtue and perfection-. So, thanks for revealing such knowledge, because it is an act of love and mercy.


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