Inge Schouman in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello, my name is Inge Schouman and I live in the Netherlands. About 23 years ago I moved from the “big city,” The Hague near the sea, to a small village, Hellendoorn, at the eastern part of my country to start my own business. More than 10 years ago, I sold my business and started to work for the local government. I have a son, whom I have raised alone. For more than 22 years we lived together, and just last December 2013 he started living on his own. I have three cats as companions and we have a lot of fun.

In my daily life I am a communications advisor, or you could say, a spin-doctor, but without working for any particular political party. I work for the local government and my task is to bring to the public the decisions made by this local government. Each day is different.

We are now working with the phenomenon of participation in government by our residents. This is becoming a trend due to financial cuts. My work place is a beautiful battlefield for my ego, and in the moment I think I have won, another part of me arises to be investigated.

The building I work in won the Dutch Architecture Prize in 2008.


Part of my job is being a member of the so-called crisis team, meaning I am the spokeswoman during a crisis. Recently people who were working on a new road found a World War II bomb (see picture). This bomb was a British manufactured “500 pounder” and can be extremely dangerous when moved. We had to evacuate more than 150 people and their pets. We formed a team in which everybody knew what to do. I was responsible for contact with all of the residents, the press and the social media. The people who had to leave their houses for a day went to stay with family or to a special rescue location. This meant that we had to register every individual and record where he or she spent the day. Some were disabled; some had horses or other big or small animals. All had to be removed and registered. When the area was clear of people and animals, every house was sealed by the military. Then a special unit, specialists in dismantling bombs, came and removed the igniter with a robot. Putting the robot on the igniter was a critical moment. All went well and now the bomb could be transported to a deserted place where specialists detonated the bomb. For the residents it was one day away from home. For me it was more than three weeks of work. And, of course, we had a script in case the bomb went off. To work in the public domain and to help to build our society feels rewarding.


For more than three years I have been a member of the Being Energy community. When I started with the Path With Heart, I had the urgent feeling, “it’s now or never.” I practiced energy movements for more than 20 years, but I got stuck somewhere on my path. Being Energy opened a door in me and I entered a brand new phase in my life.

I would like to share an example of how I went through a transformation with my hair, because it expresses one of the ways I walked through the door in me. For more than 20 years I dyed my hair, because, back then, I had some grey hair and I was ashamed of it. I started to dye it and I could not stop. I had low self esteem and felt that having grey hair I looked old. A year ago I started to feel uncomfortable with this. I eat organic and healthy food; I use organic cosmetics, but I was putting chemicals in my hair. I wanted to be the real Inge. All these years I told myself that I dyed my hair because I liked it that way. Being Energy taught me that this was a story that I was telling myself. The real reason was that I was concerned with what the world would be thinking of me.

So, eight months ago I went to the hairdresser and asked her to cut it as short as possible. Now eights months later I feel great with my original hair. The quality of the hair has changed for the better, and I feel free of negative thoughts about myself. I feel better than ever before, I feel free! I am getting older, yet I am getting more vital and gaining more knowledge.

My spirit is uplifted, since I am part of the community of Being Energy; and applying what I learn in the Nutrition classes, I eat much healthier. On top of that I practice the Being Energy movements every day, which changed my posture in a positive way. It is definitively true that Being Energy is fitness for the body, soul and mind.

Meeting so many fantastic people on the Internet and sometimes meeting them in person, at a workshop, enriches my life deeply. Now for the past 1-½ years I have been an instructor of the Daily Practices, which I enjoy enormously. It forces me to be in the Now and to be Conscious of my Energy Body, which is that part of me I always felt separated from, but is me all the time.

It makes me utterly happy to walk this Path With Heart with so many other people; for me it is a Path With Love. I always considered myself an open and friendly person. Together with Aerin and Miles, and all the practitioners I learned to really open my heart and let my self-created shields come down. This makes me vulnerable in a most delicate way, namely, not being attached to my thinking and living from my heart.

My heart also goes out to gardening. I love to work with my hands in the soil. It is magical to see a small seed developing into a plant with flowers. Caring is a substantial part of my character. Putting care into growing plants and flowers, gives me so much energy. It is my passion to grow vegetables in my small garden, which I can harvest and eat. Whenever I can, I also take long walks in nature, just around the corner from my home.

I am sharing some pictures with you. There are pictures from the flowers growing in my garden, and some growing in the public areas near my house. I hope I can share the fresh and exuberant energy of Spring right here in the Now! Other photos show my birthplace, The Hague at the sea, and other photos show Hellendoorn. This village borders a National Park where I spend many hours walking in nature. I hope you enjoy them.

With Affection,
Inge Schouman

9 comments on “Inge Schouman in the Spotlight

  1. Oggy on

    What a great story, Inge! And your job – to be a bridge between the establishment and people, I can’t imagine a most challenging daily life. And after all – the simplicity of your personal life is the most inspiring joy you brought to us! Thank you!!!

    • Inge on

      Hi Oggy, Yes I feel privileged to this work. It is so rewarding!
      See you around at the Daily Practices. Inge

  2. Dr. Jan Hamilton on

    How beautiful you are and how dear of you to share. I have gone the same path…short natural hair color. I am not as grey as I thought I would be. I am 72 but feel as exuberant as I did in my 20’s! When someone says “How are you?” I say, “I have never been better!” It is true. My future wife and I have pledged to protect the young people who are being intimidated, harassed and abused because they love another person of the same gender. Too many are committing suicide or being bullied and murdered. We have had everything we have ever wanted… is time to give back. You are invited to my office in Aspen, Colorado if your plans include travel. Dr. Jan B. Hamilton,,, 970-309-8154.

    • Inge on

      Dear Dr. Jan Hamilton, thank you for your warm words to me. It is an honor to be invited at your place at Aspen. With affection, Inge

  3. Maurice on

    Dear Inge.
    Such a nice story, your story that you actually wrote with energy fields around and in your energy body and life.
    Since I know you I always appreciate being with you, mainly when we met at the workshops and for sure we still have many others opportunities to share.
    Yes, life is such a nice peace of cake when we walk the Path with intent, a clear intent that immerses you in the deep sea of consciousness, being part of all that surrounds us, Being Energy, and that’s what YOU ARE Inge, more and more…
    With all my affection, Maurice, Geneva.

    • Inge on

      Hi Maurice, Thank you for your comment. We will meet again in the near future, I am sure of that dear friend.
      With Love, Inge

  4. Gabi on

    Dear Inge,

    It is so nice to feel a bit of your life. What you are navigating, your colours.
    Your kitties!.

    Thanks so much for the daily practices. They have rejuvenated me in many ways

    Refreshing!. Thank you.


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