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BE Life Program DAILY, WEEKLY and ONGOING classes are available

From detoxification, to weight loss, to energetically rewiring your mind/body/spirit for a healthier and positive outlook on life, explore our full range of online and onsite classes, workshops and retreats.


Get Strong and Flexible

Join our Video Library with 80 videos with Movement Sequences and Guided Visualizations to restore your Vitality.


Path with Heart

Practices to stay Focused and Purposeful with Daily and Group Support to Restore your Spirit and Manifest your Dreams.


Feed Your Body and Soul

Nutrition Video Library with 25 videos with Dr. Reid and Professional Guests on Diet and Nutrition to Promote Energy + Health.




Become a Being Energy® Teacher

Welcome! Our educational programs are available to anyone who is interested in learning about health and perception, for personal and professional use. The knowledge and practices easily integrate with education and healthcare fields, including internal medicine, preventive healthcare, oriental medicine, movement and bodywork disciplines, Yoga, psychotherapy, somatic education and counseling.

You will learn to teach others how to discover and actualize their full potential. This is accomplished through self-knowledge, physical and emotional healing and establishing direct communication with your own energetic essence.

The Being Energy® Teacher Training consists of Educational Programs in three areas or modules: the body, the mind and the Spirit. We offer different programs for each area, emphasizing different themes and topics. Each program contains live online training, private group support, dynamic assignments and one-on-one coaching with Being Energy® founders. All our programs emphasize the setting of regular exercise practice and dietary changes towards wholesome plant base foods and detoxification. Programs are of different length and offer different amounts of units and can be taken separate in any order.


Body. Mind. Spirit.
Module I. The Physical and Energy Bodies

In this module, we study true functionality and integrity to restore vitality and health through movement.

Module II. Freeing the Mind through Recapitulation

In this module we study the higher functions of the mind by systematically reviewing past experiences and integrating them in the wholeness of our being.

Module III. Living Life Connected to Spirit

In this module we study the essence of our being, our soul, our spirit. We learn about certain “gates of dreaming”, vortices of energy in the physical body that function as entrances to higher states of consciousness.