Luis Alonso – Recapitulating as a way of healing and finding your life’s purpose

Dear Energy Energy Community,

My name is Luis Alonso. I live in Costa Rica where I have been fortunate to find experiences with biodiversity and nature. From an early age I have been feleing in touch with Mother Earth.

At sixteen I encountered the work of Carlos Castaneda, and, since then, I realized that the Path with heart of a warrior it was the right path for me. Although I did not understand it at that time, strengthening hearts and releasing people’s stress was part of my journey.

Reading the work of Carlos Castaneda caused me to begin with the practice of recapitulation, and from my experiences during the process, I decided to study psychology.

When I was a student, there were many people who influenced me but, in particular, two marked me profoundly. One of these people led me to the discipline of psychoanalysis, and led me to rethink all of the theorizing I had done so far, thanks to a famous phrase he shared in those memorable classes, “People do not heal by remembering, but as they ente rinto the process of healing they start remembering.”

The other person was a recognized professor, and to my surprise, built upon the ideas in the books of Carlos Castaneda in her classes. She had made contact with the ancient culture of the Cordillera de Talamanca and the indigenous people with whom she had worked more than 20 years.

As a boy, I felt very curious about the pre-Columbian past and loved visiting historical settlements, as well as mountains and volcanoes.

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It was fascinating to feel that again, the so-called primitive origins, wrapped in great mystery, were claimed to have been lost. This made me feel an indescribable frustration and deep sadness.

After hearing the stories of don Juan, I used to fantasize about a lot about people who walked in those settlements and mountains, because, just as he sensed, the “new world” had a lot more history than the five hundred years we were led to believe.

I walked many hours in Guayabo National Park, now an abandoned downtown area, but once had been a center for meetings and ceremonies, where the cultures of South and North met. The energy that exudes from that place along with the burial and archaeological remains inflamed my imagination in an extraordinary way.


Only after contact with the ancient culture of Talamanca did I realized that the pre-Columbian tradition is still alive and has not been lost.

It was revelatory for me to get to know the council Awapa, consisting of shamans of these ranges, who introduced me to their mystical tradition around healing. They taught me their practices, which I studied earnestly and seriously. The study involves ethics and basic training for up to six years, and then continues with what our culture calls “postgraduate.”


Based on the contact I had with the elders, they are called shamans in this area, I helped break preconceived beliefs surrounding their traditions. For example, I had been told that the Indians did not have writing, which made me wonder. I found that they do have a very developed writing system.

My daily work duties revolve around human rights. I conduct workshops on sexuality and a comprehensive approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS, NGOs and research projects.

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I spend my time too, at the clinic, as a psychoanalyst, where I try to give people the ability to align to new realities, where they may be happier and more in line with their desires.

While I do not always use Being Energy® movements directly with the people in my care, they are an important avenue for my work, helping with my self-care and changing my vibration, which influences the vibration of the people with whom I come into contact .

The energy movements are important in the workshops I offer, because they help to break the ice, to move the group energy in a positive way. They also generate an opening toward new horizons, help to move away from prejudice, and to apprehend reality, specifically, the mystery that surrounds us, without expectations.

By way of self-care and clinical research I write a blog,, where I seek to forge bridges between silent knowledge and the notion of the unconscious, as uncovered by psychoanalysis, reflected in the Spanish terms, espirituanálisis or Spychanalyse.

Broadly speaking, this new trend in spiritual psychoanalysis recovers a concept understood in ancient Greece, and develops the notion of the unconscious from the phenomenon of the third person. Recent advances in this direction make it possible to involve the Analyst’s work with what don Juan said in the West, as the displacement and movement of the assemblage point.

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For the emerging research I propose terms and key factors that resonate with silent knowledge and terms such as seeing and recapitulation. Moreover, I think and feel that the whole tradition of dreaming has much to say to the knowledge generated around Dream Interpretation discovered by Freud.

The blog, a modest work, seeks to link the small, albeit fundamental concepts of the ancient tradition, such as the movement and displacement of the assemblage point, to the clinical practice that enables Spychanalyse.

I recognize, however, that the work of don Carlos and the Toltec tradition has a profound influence for other areas of psychology, for example, body psychology, and in all areas of knowledge in general.

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I feel that the daily practice of the Being Energy movements has generated many benefits in me, and with the available energy I have to face everyday life, improve relationships with family and friends, and bring quality focus to my hobbies. I have also found that the movements are associated with healing the physical body and the restoration of energy that is nurtured in a daily practice.

The movements are a great legacy for the people of this time and I am happy to share them with anyone who wants to learn.

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