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Dear Being Energy Community,

We are including a link to our Kidneys and Adrenals Guided Exploration:

We welcome you to join us in the guided meditation this week to acquaint yourself with and strengthen this powerful internal organ system!

For the last 5 weeks, Miles and I have been teaching Being Energy® moves and energy practices to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in Los Angeles. The classes there are intended for all patients with cancer, in remission or in treatment, and for their families and caregivers, to help them transition through challenging moments to restore and reemerge back into a healthy life.


Miles started Class 1 by teaching how to gather and manage energy; including teaching Being Energy® movements and the guided exploration for the kidneys and adrenals. Participants loved the idea of being able to connect and talk or communicate with the internal organs of the body, and learning how to replenish them by intending it. After surgery and chemo, most of our participants feel weak, physically, emotionally and mentally. What is going on in their bodies is a huge challenge.


By the time I went to teach class 2, everyone already loved the Being Energy practice. Do you know why?…Because people could feel that they were Energy FIRST, beings of energy in the midst of a human experience. This human experience happens to be a cancer experience with layers of opportunities to learn about themselves and others. They shared that they loved the emphasis on being active participants of their lives, that they could choose where to direct their energy.


After the guided exploration of the kidneys, everyone in the class gave the thumbs up! The guided meditation helped them to feel more stable and grounded when standing, and more centered, when interacting with others. Our intent is to remind them of their personal strength, and their own, innate well of energy.


As you will see from the video, we emphasized the role of thoughts in shaping and contributing to any level of health of the physical body. We guided participants to use their imagination, the inner eye through an experience of becoming acquainted with the internal organs, and suggested they use the process to build a relationship with the physical body.


Guided imagery is a critical strategy to use for any level of health and well being. Whether we want to strengthen and sustain an already healthy body, or to recover the energy that is lost through trauma or disease, guided imagery, especially when practiced on a regular basis, focuses our attention directly on our internal organs. We learn to connect to the internal organs, powerful vortices of energy for the mind-body system.


We are beings of energy, and we are magical. No matter how old, no matter how weak, with chemo or without, everyone is important to all of us, and we, at Being Energy, are here to remind you, through movement, who you really are.

Enjoy this week the guided imagery for the kidneys and adrenals that we shared with the participants at the Benjamin Center.

Try this at least once during the week and let us know what happens!

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