One-Year Program from March 8 through November 22

The Warrior’s Quest: To Experience Freedom

We are offering Scholarships for our New Nine-Month Path with Heart Program! It consists of 36 weekly LIVE online classes and daily email support to unfold your resources and manifest your purpose. From physical exercises to get stronger and more vital and nutrition tools to loose weight, to mental exercises for questioning and releasing limiting beliefs and meditations to keep you focussed and alert, our webinars and community support assist you in detoxifying your body, calming your mind and uplifting your Spirit.

Please read the details below to apply for a partial or full scholarship.

Applications are due by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 21. There is a limited number of scholarships so apply as soon as possible.  Fill your application form today!


Full Scholarships cover 100% of your tuition costs (minus a $50 administrative fee) for the nine-months beginning on March 8, and ending November 22, 2020, for three consecutive cycles of the Path with Heart Series, that have a regular cost is $585. Register Here. 

Partial Scholarships cover 70% of your tuition (you will need to pay $185) for the nine-months beginning on March 8, and ending November 22, 2020, the three consecutive cycles of the Path with Heart Series, regular cost is $585. (If you can afford to participate with the assistance of this level of scholarship, we ask that you register for it instead of the Full Scholarship so that we can offer the scholarship program to more of you who want to participate.) Register Here.

Each scholarship, whether full or partial, includes:

  1. Thirty-six Live weekly 75-minute webinars with international participants and simultaneous translation to Spanish, Russian and Italian.
  2. Unlimited video access to all Webinars.
  3. Daily assignments and practices between webinars that review and expand on the material taught.
  4.  Participation in private online study Groups called Energy Groups of 3-4 participants each. In these groups, participants review the material presented in classes, process self-discoveries with their peers, and have a chance to apply the work to their daily life.
  5. Participation in the Private PWH Email Group, where assignments are posted and participants receive and offer positive and supportive feedback to each other.


Anyone with a heartfelt desire to explore themselves, anyone who wants to find peace within, to experience vitality in the body and to commit to living a more purposeful life. The scholarships are for those who want to join the program, but can’t afford it because of their financial circumstances.

College or graduate students and research fellows are welcome to apply!

We specially want to encourage women to apply for the scholarship too!  We believe that supporting women is crucial for the evolution our planet. An inherent intent of this grant is to empower women so they can serve their communities and further share the knowledge they receive. Beyond this emphasis, both men and women are invited to apply for scholarships.

There is no educational requirement to receive a scholarship. Prior experience with a Being Energy class or event is not required.

Existing members of the community can apply, as well as any friend or family member who is excited to participate but is limited by finances.


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This is an opportunity to experience something life-changing! Often, those who have the most financial need are the ones who, given the right opportunity, will take the tools and make a difference in the world!

Welcome aboard!
Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid


FULL PWH Scholarship


FULL Path With Heart 2020 Scholarship

PARTIAL PWH Scholarship


PARTIAL Path With Heart 2020 Scholarship