Автор: Aerin Alexander

Leadership: Awakening our Hearts and Integrating New Views

Dear Being Energy Community,

What skills does a leader need at a certain time in history? What does my idea of time have to do with my skills as a leader?

Leaders set a direction for themselves and others, so in Being Energy® leadership starts with becoming a leader in one’s own life. As gatherers of energy, we apply the Seer’s concept of time, to begin with, as practitioners of a daily practice.

We make a connection with our inner seer, every day, to remind us what is important in our lives, to reassess our priorities, to awaken our hearts and to allow our minds to integrate different views. Leadership is a potential, a seed for becoming that exists in everyone, ready to bloom when we work in groups.

We offer you an example of the leadership of Sergey Larushkin and Olga Volachaeva (Certified Being Energy® instructors), who taught a Being Energy seminar in dreaming called “The Spiral of Life” in Vladivostok, Russia. Read below about Sergey and Olga’s intent to create an energetic bridge from Chichen Itza, Mexico all the way to Vladivostok, Russia and the effect it had on their community of participants.

Dear Aerin and Miles:

A few hours ago we ended a two-day workshop in Vladivostok, Russia, attended by 12 people. Following the theme explored in the recent Chichen Itza workshop in Mexico, we explored the spiral of life. We called the workshop, “The Spiral of Life”.

In the announcement for this event we wrote:

“Being Energy Group Vladivostok. The two-day practice in the wake of the seminar BE the energy at Chichen Itza – “A crack between the worlds.”

Warriors are fluid. They monitor manifestations of the Spirit in their lives, and express their gratitude. Warriors treat magic as the magic bird, where they themselves agree with the shadow of its wings. This bird, during meditation, inspired by Miles and Aerin’s Being Energy movements, the “Plumed Serpent” opens its wings and flies. Tomorrow at our practice, we intend to explore the wings of perception and to look closely at their SPIRAL Life. “

We devoted two days of practice to the Spirals of Life. Thanks to the energy received from the Being Energy movements at the Chichen Itza seminar, we were able to recapitulate our own lives in 12-year cycles. We studied our lives for the 12 years before our birth and watched what happens after we leave this beautiful earth. We viewed our baby pictures and saw the world through fresh eyes, without the “difficulties and challenges” of social life. We practiced movements to open the gates of dreaming, and used the breath to place our attention on dreaming.”

Using a specific Being Energy movement sequence; we created an energy bridge between Chichen Itza and our workshop. We changed our perception. We all felt that we were not in the hall in Vladivostok, that we were on the grounds of the ancient city, and next to us were 48 practitioners from different countries, Miles, Aerin, and the eternal pyramids. I remembered my own perception of the pyramids at dusk, and I saw that they are connected with the stars. I realized what it meant to be linked with the world. I touched the harmony of the Toltecs, and their impeccable intent. The feeling of Peace and joy of life is incredible. I realized an Eternity of intentions.

At the end of practice I noticed another sign. At Chichen Itza, during the practice of the Plumed Serpent, a butterfly flew into the hall and sat on me. It inspired me to finish our practice of the “keys of death” in Vladivostok. After seeing the rest of our life, we turned into a cocoon, removing all interaction with the world. Once inside the cocoon, we set an intent to consciously choose our path. We then launched out of the cocoon, as butterflies and opened our wings of Perception, flying into a new, conscious life, where life itself is an advisor. 
We thank Being energy, Miles, Aerin, and all participants around the world for this wonderful and magical time. It is so uplifting to live and realize that we’re part of a team of people walking along the path of knowledge, on the path with heart.

Here are the comments from practitioners that have attended the workshop:

“Today at the workshop I felt free and happy. I experienced a feeling that I can do anything! I am all-powerful! I have been loved, supported and helped always! Fear, stiffness and resentment at the time hid me from this truth, this knowledge. Today, I regained it, the knowledge and feeling of confidence” Olga

“It was extremely useful to take a sober look at one’s own life. I felt like a little kid again, when there was a lot of love and joy. Sergei, the whole group, thank you for this excellent practice! Understanding the seminar is just the beginning”. Nicholas

“I was recapitulating the moment of conception until I felt the power that inexplicably joined the line of life to my parents with their aspirations, education, and qualities. They integrated a particular pattern in my life and have evolved as my growing. Touch of Power … and immediately changed the perception of life, seemingly random events, encounters filled with meaning. Even negative events I considered in this way. Thank you all … I love you!

” Elena

“Today at the seminar were amazing subtle energies silence presence here and now. Despite the reference to scan the past, for some reason threw me into the present, the present was interesting, mysterious, something new, including my children’s picture I looked out with the eyes of the child in the here and now.” Nalini

Time and Our Relationship with the Stars

Dear Being Energy Community

One of the most fascinating concepts of the ancients is the concept of time.  We focus on time this week because it is something that seems to be escaping us, outside of our grasp. So we want to pause and reflect on the implications this concept has on cultivating awareness and shifting to new perspectives.

People living in Mesoamerica, for thousands of years, understood time differently that we do today. Instead of a linear sequence divided in seconds, minutes and hours, that moves from past to present and then to future, they saw time as cycles. They understood human beings as part of an ever-changing universe and our connection to all.

One example of this concept is demonstrated by the way the Maya predicted and understood the world in which they lived.  They created a complex calendar system that included three interconnected circular calendars. They recognized that the natural world, the cosmos, and even their own bodies functioned according to observable cycles. They recognized that the celestial bodies within these cycles emanated energy, forces that informed human perception. To locate themselves within these cycles the Maya tracked the movements of planets, the moon, the sun, and very important to them, Venus.  They devised a complex system to determine the energetic potential and possibilities of every moment on earth (Click here to read more about the Mayan calendar).

People of Europe in the 15th century provide another example of this concept of a relationship to the stars, relying on astronomical cycles for harvesting, planting, getting married, etc. An example is conveyed in the Clock of Prague that includes astronomical dials.

People knew then, based on the position of the celestial bodies in the sky, that there were more propitious moments for a variety of human affairs. The clock of Prague, which contains an astrolabe, a continual display of the sun, moon, stars and planets, demonstrates the importance of these observations on a daily basis.

By connecting to the cosmos and the motions of the celestial bodies, we can expand our notion of time. The seers of Don Juan’s lineage asserted that it is energetically essential for human beings to realize that the only thing that matters is our journey of awareness, our relationship with the universe.

There is much more to reflect and say about this, but we leave it to you to send us your comments and questions to further explore this topic. For now we would like to invite you to take action, to bring a NEW idea of time to your own home.

We would like to invite you to bring some stars inside your home as a guide to understanding the importance of circularity and cycles around us. Most of us live in rooms with 4 walls, lacking the movement and fluidity of cycles, which limits our perception and emphasizes the syntax of linearity.

This is what Carlos Castaneda taught us to do and what we have been practicing for years.


  • Draw the FOUR phases of the moon, each phase on a separate piece of paper: First quarter moon, Full moon, Last quarter moon, and New moon.
  • Be creative!  You can see our own moons or purchase them in our store.
  • Hang them on the four walls of your bedroom or living area in the following way: New moon on the South wall (South pole), Last quarter moon on the West wall (setting sun), Full moon towards on the North wall (North pole) and First quarter moon on the East wall (rising sun).


Over the next lunar cycle, take note of any changes in your thoughts or actions towards the Sun, Moon and stars in the sky.  What’s new?  Do you see anything differently?

We have followed this suggestion of Carlos Castaneda for many years and as an example, it has changed our spatial and conceptual perception. We all live in square rooms and apartments and we have developed a greater sense of circularity.  This sense of cycles immediately connected us to nature and to the cosmos.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences,

Aerin & Miles


*Image courtesy of Theilr, under CC license

Beth Hartley in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community:

My name is Beth Hartley and I am currently an Alaska Statewide Mentor, a position funded by the State of Alaska and run by the University of Alaska to support beginning teachers that have moved to teach in rural Alaska.

The vision of the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) is that every student in Alaska has the benefit of a great teacher. The mission is to give new teachers the support they need to succeed. Not only are these young adults new to teaching, they are new to village culture and the unusual exigencies of living in rural Alaska, often partly off the grid (inclusive of “honey buckets” i.e., indoor, rustic, non-flush toilets).

The resiliency the teachers demonstrate as they rise to the, often, unexpected demands of teaching in the bush is truly inspiring, even as I help wipe away tears, shoulder burdens that can’t be shared otherwise, and still praise and push their practice on behalf of the village students that depend on them for academic success.

I have lived 25 years in Alaska – an adventure from the start! I came up as a Bilingual/ESL (English as a second language) specialist and trainer serving villages around the state then settled into the larger community of Anchorage to serve as a bilingual/ESL teacher and specialist, and finally to “retire” to take this new position with the State.

Aside from my primary work, I love to work as a Special Olympics Alpine Ski Coach (Click here if you would like to donate), and as a driver for the Horse Drawn Carriage Company; both great ways to stay active in the blustery winter months.  James, my partner, and I love to travel the world and experience new places, people and cultures in our “free” time. World travels – along with moving to Alaska – have been dreams manifested.

Which brings me to the practice of Being Energy and the legacy that engendered it. As I have reflected and dreamed in our Path with Heart classes, I have come to realize that my work as a mentor is serving as a recapitulation of my career; that I have accessed intent and intent has accessed me to move me in this direction, cleaning up my path and dusting my link with intent along the way to make me most suitable for service to this unique constellation of students and teachers. Participating in the various classes provided by Being Energy has also provided a network of friends and resources all over the world – one of the best gifts a “warrior traveler adventurer” could ask for!

How Do You Love?

Dear Being Energy Community: 

How do you Love? Where in your body do you find the feeling of Love?

We asked these questions and more in our first class of the new Path with Heart Series: “The Art of Moving the Assemblage Point: Jumping Grooves” as part of our exploration to assemble new perceptions and awareness.

Seers of ancient Mexico recognized that our ability to perceive the physical and the abstract occurs through a center of cohesion, which they called “the assemblage point.” They understood that we interpret the world through thought-feeling patterns that govern our behaviors and color our perceptions.

When the assemblage point shifts, we are able to transcend our usual states of consciousness to experience new levels of awareness. “Jumping grooves” is the shifting to new positions of the assemblage point. How we shift, by assembling our perception of ourselves and the world is an art that can be learned.

Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda one day, while hiking in the Sonoran desert that, “…we (human beings) are an awareness encased in our hearts”. LOVE or AFFECTION, as Carlos Castaneda preferred to call it, is a powerful unifying force that acts to bind our awareness, and it influences our physical, emotional and cognitive development. It is a guiding force that causes us to act intelligently, from confidence and it is one of the most powerful tools for moving the assemblage point.

The feeling of love, belonging, compassion, understanding, affection, fondness, warmth, care, friendship, tenderness, all of the above, can shift the assemblage point, can help us transcend fears, resentment, and pain.

Take action:
We continue in the upcoming classes to individually explore and to look in depth at the question, “HOW DO I LOVE?” It becomes a way that we can track how this force manifests in ourselves, in our day-to-day actions.



  • Find three actions that you will do daily, this week that will become an expression, a manifestation of LOVE
  • Notice how the consistent practice of these three actions will not only move your assemblage point, but also sustain that position of unconditional LOVE.


We invite you to share the results of your experiences in the Comments Section below

Have a loving week!

A Crack Between Worlds – Returning Home

We just arrived in Los Angeles after a week in Chichén Itzá, the most enigmatic City legacy of the Mayas where we taught our workshop and training called “A Crack Between Worlds”. We are truly honored and thankful. We are filled with colorful images and sounds from the jungle around us, and we are experiencing “the crack between worlds”. As Javier, a professor and psychologist participant of the workshop said it last Monday: “I feel energetic and at the same time fluid, allowing daily events to show up and flowing with them. I am quiet and at the same time enjoying all”

We mentioned in our announcement that “the crack between the worlds” is an opening in our consciousness that makes way for new experiences of being and states of heightened awareness. And that is what we all experienced there and still vibrating right now.

Chichén Itzá welcomed our offerings and received us with love and respect. From the hotel staff to personal at the archeological site, all greeted us with delight. Our venue, a “palapa” (dwelling without walls), was surrounded by tress and vegetation, brimming with crickets and birds. The food, the large rooms, the carved wood furniture, details in the windows, vivid paintings, musicians playing rancheras, everything seemed orchestrated by the universe to come to enhance our experience of spiritual growth and heart opening. We even enjoyed swimming in the fresh water pools!

We meditated on the Observatory, also called “el Caracol” , where a large black bird sat at the very top expanding its wings. This temple, aligned with the movements of the planet Venus, inspired us to see our lives as cycles. We identified and wrote about cycles from before we were born all the way after death. It helped us to see the trajectory of our lives, our path with heart, and our legacy.

On Sunday evening, we sat at the pyramid of Kukulcan, the feathered serpent, astonished by an indescribable sunset in silence and awe.

We felt alive by the beauty we could see with our eyes and the presence of the temples buried under the ground. We breathed in knowledge described not only on its monuments and buildings by also on its mystery and unknown layers of existence.

We saw the butterfly resting on the Chacmol’s chest, and felt in our foreheads a band of stars. Thank you to our ancestors for allowing this event to happen. Thank you to all our teachers, students and friends walking on the Toltec paths with us.

With infinite love,

Aerin and Miles

Guido Ortelli in the Spotlight

My name is Guido Ortelli. I am a physician specialized in psychiatry and have worked as a psychiatrist for more than thirty years in the National Mental Health Service in Italy. For years I have been researching in combining psychotherapy knowledge with energy fields and modalities. One of my biggest dreams was to work with “Doctors without Borders” organization. After my second year of taking classes and workshops with Being Energy, and becoming a instructor, I decided to go for my dream.

The MSF (Doctors without Borders) project in Amman is a complex project based on three surgical specialties (orthopedic, maxillo-facial, reconstructive plastic) that treats patients coming from Syria, Iraq and Yemen who were victims of violence and war. There are more than 300 patients divided between the hospital and rehab center with a wide range of medical, surgical, physio, psychological and social needs.

I lead the psychosocial team and provide the specific needs of this area that are connected with others departments.

Soon after arriving a few months ago, the reality of the MSF project struck me – I’d never before seen so many patients, all of them together, with their bodies seriously injured, burned, disfigured and limbs amputated. Behind and within these bodies there are people who have lost their physical integrity and live through heavy feelings of shortcoming, lack and loss. As the physical body is damaged the mental function is involved in the loss of integrity.

The process of care and treatment is very long because it attempts to recover not only a certain level of physical function but also a new mental identity accepting of the impairment. Our consciousness, which works as an adaptation organ, is not so ready to accept a severe disability as witnessed in phantom pain. Usually the mental system body – unconsciousness – is much stronger than the consciousness and only a long process of knowledge and awareness can allow more energy to be brought to the consciousness.

I feel very involved in this work with the patients hoping to give some relief against the devastation produced by war. I am grateful for this opportunity I have to serve others. Thank you

Bernard Rooney in the Spotlight

Hello, my name is Bernard Rooney, 

I am an artist from Australia. My great loves are to be in my studio at home, working on a woodcarving, or perhaps a painting – sharing/growing our home and garden with my partner Lisa and kids. We have the rainforest National Park virtually at our doorstep, featuring Antarctic Beech trees which are thousands of years old, relics of Gondwanaland. We love the wild life here; insects and birds enrich our days and nights with their calls and chatter, wallabies (small kangaroos) regularly graze in our garden, whilst the strange calls of dingoes occasionally cross in our valleys.

I live in order to create but find often that my ways of making a living are creative processes in themselves. I am, for instance, currently working as a mill manager on a coffee plantation. I don’t actually like coffee much, although this coffee has won world championships. Its a great opportunity to learn about quality production and operations. Among other things, BE practices have helped me to contact other coffee farmers in the area for greater co-operation and resource sharing. Due to the international daily gatherings on BE platforms I feel I am less insular than I was two years ago; more willing and skillful at connecting and reaching out.

I have plenty to be healthy for, and showing appreciation for life through being healthy, is something I feel strongly supported in at Being Energy. To receive this support-energy in constant mild doses through the days and months is one of the little miracles of my daily life in recent years.


Tom Reavley in the Spotlight

Practitioner of the month!

Arbitration Lawyer Runs BE Classes in beautiful Guanajuato, Mexico

My name is Tom Reavley and I live in the city of Guanajuato in central Mexico. After having vicariously lived the excitement and adventure of my children’s high school foreign exchange programs, I decided to do my own one-year program in Mexico. Foreign language and different cultures have always energized me and I began studying Spanish in Guanajuato. Thirteen years later, I’m still here: running a holistic health center, teaching tai chi and Being Energy®, maintaining a vacation rental house and from time to time returning to the U.S. to serve as an attorney-arbitrator.

My dream is to focus my life on cultivating energy in myself and in others, to teach energy-enhancing movements and techniques, to explore all the possibilities of perception. Of course, I don’t even know how to define “energy”–a situation that irritates my lawyer side no end. But I know it when I feel it: It’s a shine in the eyes, or the optimism and enthusiasm that seems to come out of nowhere just when I am feeling lost. It’s the joy of moving the body just for the pure pleasure of moving. It’s the excitement of pursuing a dream without knowing how things will turn out.

Thank you to the Being Energy Community for opening this space!

Welcoming 2014

A magical practice to embrace the New Year

Dear Community,

A few days ago during the powerful Solstice time, you may have experienced the longest night or the longest day of the year depending on where you live. As we approach the end of 2013 and the beginning of a new journey around the Sun, we welcome light as well as darkness—the flow of contraction and expansion, to guide us to growth, wisdom, compassion and enlightenment.

To prepare for the transition towards a new cycle, Carlos Castaneda taught us to follow a specific practice that we have done for years.

First, you want to clear up space in your home, remove clutter, clothing that you are not using, clean cabinets and drawers. Vacuum your floors and water your plants. Clear your windows and exude a receptive feeling of openness and readiness. If you can, get this step done before December 31, or throughout that day.

We are aiming at cleaning our living space, physically and energetically. In summary, there are 4 ways to clean:

a. to throw things away that are not really relevant or needed
b. to give things away to let the energy continue with someone without your same personal history with it.
c. to dust off, wipe, wash your living quarters or at least a selected part of it like bedroom and desk area
d. to rearrange things; change the placement of things to renew the energy flow of the place

Secondly, on December 31 target your desk, organize bills and papers and clear space to sit to write a list of dreams and projects for the new year. Follow these steps:

1. Mentally review what dreams and projects you were able to accomplish in 2013. What new relationships you have established? what came to a closure? What new insights, information you have learned about:

a. Your health and nutrition
b. Your emotions
c. Your thoughts
d. Your family and community
e. About the larger community of our planet Earth

The basis of this part is to review and distill the energy from the year that ends. To recapitulate what stood out from our life this year so that we enter the New Year that starts carrying more consciously what we experienced.

2. Make a list and name that list 2013. Noticed if as you write new insights or ideas come.
3. Make a new list on a second piece of paper (or type it) and name it 2014.

a. In the area of family and friends, what would you like to accomplish in 2014? What do you want to intend in this area?
b. In the area of work?
c. In the area of health?
d. In the area of your personal development?

After cleaning and reviewing, we set up our dreams for the next year.

4. Once you have the lists, let them “rest” for a moment on your desk and continue whatever you need to get done or commitments you may have.
5. Around 11:30 pm your local time (yes, BE AWAKE) retreat to your desk and set yourself in silence to connect with your projects for the new year. You may like to start wiring an outline of what you would like to do, or draw a picture of yourself getting the job of your dreams, etc.
6. Stay as log as you want, just be sure that around 12:00 midnight you are connected with the universe and with your personal life path.

As the wave runs across into the Ney Year, we ride it engaged in doing a small action for the new dreams that we are intending.

Carlos Castaneda would tell us that at midnight the light of the Spirit or universe comes and “watches us”, a force descends upon us and it is a very powerful moment to be present and aware in order to feel it and become acquainted with it.

As we set our collective intentions and send best wishes to all, we join you in your joy and expansion, in creating new inspiring projects, from a pie recipe to a way of talking with kindness to those you don’t like, we welcome all.

Below you will find some of our upcoming events for 2014, to gather energy and nourish our body/mind and bring us to states of deeper calm and silence. These are essential to sustain your practice and set forth your projects for 2014.

We’d love for you to join us and we keep radiating light and love from our community to the whole world.

A special acknowledgment and thanks to all the leaders and teachers in our community!

Aerin Alexander, Miles Reid, Yelena Shor and everyone at Being Energy

A few of our upcoming events:

Chichén Itzá Workshop and Teacher Training
Nutrition 101 Classes
Be Skilled Classes
Hawaii Summer Retreat and Teacher Training