Автор: Aerin Alexander

A Story of Confidence: Dr. Barbara Vencelj and BE

Note: Barbara will teach with us in Amsterdam! We are grateful to have her join us for our October workshops there, where she will be available to help you integrate your health issues and concerns with the tools you learn in the workshop.

Barbara_Vencelj_2This is my story of confidence. It revealed itself during the BE workshop in Italy this spring and now I am sharing it with you dear reader. I admit to having the same fear and lack of confidence that this story is about while writing this, but when I connect with the earth supporting me and sky inspiring me, I can let the words flow, and the story tell itself.

I am happy to feel aligned with confidence in my life—most of the time. I feel safe to travel around, admire the magical world and connect with other people, animals, water, mountains, trees and things I encounter along the way, and to breathe in and out freely. This feeling of safety and being accepted comes from my family, and I’ve also found it from the earth, as it supports me in every step I make, and the sky and stars that keep drawing out my dreams.

bv_antelopeIf I close my eyes and think of confidence, an image of my father pops out. His working hands—strong brownish hands—and a smile on his face, he seemed able to tackle any task around the house and garden you can imagine. He fixed things with an ease and joy that was contagious. Whenever something broke—car, bike, washing machine, fence, roof, you name it—he could mend it. If there was a mathematical task, if a neighbor, a friend, mum, my brother or I needed a hand, he was there. With a sparkle in his eyes and light around of focused attention, he would accomplished his task, confidently and with sobriety. It was like something bigger supported him. Earth and sky.

I guess some of this confidence and kindness came to me through him.

bv_mountainsI chose to become a medical doctor, not really knowing why. I naturally want to help others in need. When I was a kid, if another kid was injured when we were playing, I cleaned and bandaged the wound and gave them a hug. I could do it with ease and love at the same time. I wasn’t afraid of seeing blood and damaged tissues. I could help with a confidence and calmness I cannot explain. That is why I became an emergency doctor, so that I could help and be with people in the worst moments, to act fast, with sobriety and calm to help a person out of danger. My intent, beyond offering treatment, is to mostly give comfort to others and be present as kind and loving human by their side… to hold their hand, listen, smile, and maybe help take the fear away in the scary environment of an ambulance or helicopter.

After ten years of being an emergency doctor, I realize that this is my deeper purpose…not only to ease pain, treat a wounded body and resuscitate hearts, but to give a smile, hold a person in one of their worst moments, give affection in the dark night and acknowledge and salute the spirit in a wounded or dying body—to see the spirit of a person and be beside them…that is my purpose. Today I feel the support of mother Earth and I know infinity holds me. It is my purpose. I am an expression of infinity, one who helps others to feel better, one who connects with others in a supportive, kind and loving way.

bv_helicopterConfidence: A key of wellbeing. One aspect of this inside of me is the feeling that I can act with sobriety in every situation. I studied and practiced and trained for years to acquire medical knowledge and skills. Most of the books I read are medical books, and I dedicate a lot of time to study. It brings me joy.

About five years, I joined Being Energy. Connecting with Aerin and Miles and the family of BE people, my perspective widened, and my awareness grows. Like a tree, rooted in the earth that listens to the stars, aligned with the intent of infinity. I have found out that my purpose and confidence is not a matter of my ego, but something bigger, living inside and outside of me. I feel that infinity holds and the earth supports me. Being confident is to be aligned with the force that moves the world around us, and to acquiesce to what my come.

Now every time we rush in an ambulance or helicopter to the scene of an accident, I consciously inhale deeply through my feet upward for support from the earth, and open my heart and crown to align with the universe…and I pray to do it right and well and acquiesce and let infinity hold us.

bv_energy_passIts hardest thing of all for me and also for other doctors is to take care of and to resuscitate a seriously ill or injured child. The immense stress and responsibility and fear of losing a child is scary and heavy.

A child is not just a small adult from the medical point of view. A child has a different physiology, different size and weight, different dosage of medicine…and as a doctor, you must be prepared, but there are some things that it isn’t possible to prepare for, and the fear of being responsible for a child’s life is so big that something bigger has to support it. I am here to do the best I know how, to do it in loving way and to be open for support.

It was an early Sunday afternoon on an ordinary busy day in our emergency department, when we got a call that one-and-a-half-year-old toddler had fallen from a second-story window and was laying on the road without signs of life. I felt a shiver go down my spine.

Fear squeezed my heart and brain for a moment… I remember as we were driving to the scene, I started praying for the child. I breathed in the breath from the earth, collecting confidence from the earth and let it travel through my body, through my lover discs to the heart and up to the brain. The breathing brings me to the here and now, and helps me connect to the feeling of trust and confidence. A trust in the universe and in something much bigger and a trust that it all will be ok, as it has to be. As we were driving to the child, something came to calm my mind and heart so that I could easily concentrate on things like calculating the child’s weight, proper dosages of medicine, etc.

bv_emergency_crewWe arrived at the scene, and I jumped out of car to the child lying on the ground. This moment was a moment of heightened awareness; it felt like there was a bubble of silence around me and the child,. I didn’t notice the noise of the crowd gathering around us or anything else; we were in a cocoon of light. The world stopped for the moment, and I saw the child breathing in and out, his heart still beating…he is alive…

Feelings of confidence and affection, acknowledgement of fear and trust all became very present at that moment. In the next minutes as we resuscitated the child, I felt the alignment of the universe and the intent that this child is going to live. We were so present, efficient, and the action went with ease and fluidity… we stabilized the child and took him to the hospital… And the child lived.

Thank you,
Barbara Vencelj

GONGS: Creating Balance, Health and Harmony with Sounds

We are beings of energy, and we are vibrational Beings. Because we are energy, we vibrate. Everything in the Universe is vibrating, moving all of the time. This motion generates frequencies, which become sounds.

GongsA sound, vibration or frequency can be harmonizing for us, or can create disharmony, leading to physical and mental dis-ease. Conversely, a vibration that has a certain resonance can spark a fundamental balance in our being, affecting powerful healing for our bodies, minds and emotions.

Enter gong healing. We’ll be featuring this transformational and time-tested healing experience during our October workshop weekend in Amsterdam. We think you’ll all love the feeling of harmony and Inner Silence that the gongs so immediately activate.

Gongs have been made and used by people from a variety of cultures for many centuries, dating back to at least the Bronze Age. Yet their demonstrated ability to create a sense of peace has never been more needed. We are bombarded by all manner of vibrations in our modern lives. The sound frequency of the gongs can help us feel more harmonious, and balance the experience of energetic chaos that puts roadblocks in the way of our true energy shining forth.

The ripples of sound from gongs that are played with intention bathe your body in waves of balancing vibration. You can think of it as a sound massage that has a positive impact at the cellular and even molecular levels. The effect can be both subtle and dramatic.

Gong Planet from being energy on Vimeo.

The vibration of the gong creates a bridge to connect to your energy being. It penetrates to the subtlest levels of our physiology. We could compare the effect of gongs to the flow of energy crossing the assemblage point and illuminating a segment of fibers.

Christof Bernhard, the gong master who will be with us in Amsterdam, says that, “Every sound we encounter is a painting, a painting created by vibrations of varying complexity. These paintings act on our bodies, minds and emotions.”
Every sound has an effect on us. The sounds that gongs create resonate in a very positive way. We can use the sound of Gongs to dissolve blockages that prevent our full expression.

Learn more about our Amsterdam workshops, where Christof Bernhard and Viviana Molinari will bathe us in the transformational sounds of gongs.

Change, Release and Free Your Story: Teaching on the Path with Heart

As a BE teacher, I often have to face all of my fears and insecurities when I begin to plan a class. I find myself asking: Who am I to be offering instruction to others in something so elusive and difficult to talk about as turning the wheel of time? How do we create a pause in the seemingly unceasing repetition of our own stories? How can I honestly stand before others when I really don’t understand anything myself?

Carlos Castaneda used to say that no one “understands” anything. A real understanding would require going behind or beyond the assumptions on which all attempts at understanding are based—something that we can never do because at the base of everything is pure mystery, the unknowable. It’s like the child who responds to every step of an adult’s explanation with “Why?” until finally his parent has to tell him that there is no “why” for some questions. However, even without understanding anything, we can handle and enjoy life and the world perfectly well; we can function wonderfully.

Tom Detail BE Energy PassWhen I guide Being Energy classes or teach it to others, my only option is to suspend my own story—which includes plenty of self doubts about handling something that can’t be reduced to logic or reason—and let the spirit channel through me, even if only for a while. Under the pressure of my commitment to present something, I have to relax at some point and let ideas flow—what to emphasize, how to express it, what sequences of movements to do—and then connect to the energetic feeling that the movements and practices create. This is especially true when presenting the Code or guiding a recapitulation session. It is a complete mystery why the movements of the Code silence the mind, but I do experience that silence and I feel it as a direct connection between me and those who I am guiding, even when we are on different parts of the globe, communicating by Internet but also through our energetic link.

Recapitulating in a group is even more mysterious. If each one of us is reviewing his own distinct life experiences, what is the value of pursuing this as a group or class activity? For one thing, we are conditioned to the discipline of a schedule and an agreement to meet together, so the class format helps us take that initial step—just do it! Beyond this practical advantage, the group format helps create and reinforce a certain mood—of silence, of courage and determination to face ourselves without judgment. The suspending of judgment also applies to the act of recapitulation itself. Even when nothing comes to us as an experience worthy of recapitulation, we accept this without self-criticism and with a mood of curiosity and wonder. Even the most seemingly mundane experience we happen to remember can lead to discovery and self-knowledge.

Tom TeachingThe challenge of integrating our innermost core, the essence of our being, with our behavior and choices is not a goal against which we judge ourselves as winners or losers. It is a path, a process that continues throughout our lives. Everyone has doubts, and each of us loses the feeling of fluid energy and silence over and over. However, if we have tasted this energy and silence, we know how to find it and keep coming back, trying to go deeper and maintain this position longer.
By deciding to teach, you are committing yourself. You are choosing to put yourself on the line and rally your energy each time you lead others, even though you have no guarantees that you will succeed. When a class approaches and you feel lost, the commitment comes to your aid. It focuses your attention and activates your intent so that you can genuinely connect to the inexhaustible source of life and creativity. You stand before others not knowing exactly what you will say, but with a feeling of certainty that expresses itself in your voice, your eyes and your movements. And in that moment you have changed your story—you are someone or something else, an expression of the infinite.

What a great gift is this opportunity to share beauty of spirit with others!

Tom Reavley

Note: You won’t want to miss Being Energy’s BE Skilled! workshops and training programs this fall. Dive in on September 26th for Turning the Wheel of Time and on November 7th for The Crack Between the Worlds! Advanced registration required. We’d love to see you there. Aerin and Miles

Power Nap, Part I: 7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

Feeling a little fuzzy? Not as clear-headed as you know you can be? Maybe you could use a nap!

Though there’s long been debate, the science is now in: There is such a thing as sleep debt, and it is a debt that you can, at least in part, repay. So how does that work? First, it’s important to recognize that there is such a thing as both short-term and long-term sleep debt.

sleeping_cheetah-animal-wallpaperShort-term debt includes things like staying up late one or two nights in a row for a work project or to cram for an exam, or waking up extra early to catch a flight. When you fall short of the recommended 7 – 9 hours of sleep on one night, you can effectively make up for it over the coming nights or on the weekend (studies show that people tend to sleep more on the weekend and less during the week). For every hour of sleep that you lost during the week, try to make up an hour, either in one night or incrementally over several nights.

What happens when you can’t catch up? We call that long-term sleep debt—a debt accumulated over weeks, months or even years. To give your body and mind a rest after such sleep deprivation, try giving yourself a few days with a light schedule in which you can turn off your alarm clock and sleep every night until you wake naturally—a retreat, if you will. If you can manage to truly take a rest during those days without worrying about work, or being on the computer and so on, you’ll be taking a big and valuable step for your health and wellbeing.

Something else that can give you a boost of energy while helping you put money in your sleep bank is a Power Nap. This is a really effective nap technique that my patients around the world have benefited from. You can think of it as boosting your vitality in just seven steps. It goes like this:

  1. Take off your shoes (if you have shoes on) and make sure that you’re feet are warm, keeping or putting on a pair of socks as needed. Have a blanket handy in case you feel cold.
  2. Lie face down on your bed so that your feet just hang off the bed comfortably—if your bed isn’t handy, you can lie on the floor on a mat or blanket and put a pillow or cushion under your ankles so that they can hang over that (you don’t want to have any pressure on the tops of your feet).
  3. Put a pillow on your shoulder blades—not too high so that it is up at your neck and not too low so that it is below your shoulder blades. It’s nice if the pillow has some weight to it.
  4. If you feel cold, cover yourself and the pillow with the blanket.
  5. Turn your head to rest your cheek on the bed or mat.
  6. Let your arms rest comfortably at your sides, or raise them above your head if that is more comfortable for you.
  7. Rest there for 20 – 40 minutes. (Set your alarm as needed so that you don’t sleep longer than you wish.)

You may or may not fall asleep during this Power Nap. Sometimes, people tend to fall asleep just in the last few minutes of the rest period. It doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, you’ll probably be surprised at how energized you’ll feel later in the day.

If you feel even more tired in just the few minutes after the Power Nap, don’t worry. This will likely soon dissipate and then you’ll be energized.

And remember, as research documented in the journal Sleep found, the more tired we get, the less tired we feel. So why not give that nap a try?

Aerin is also offering a sleep class series just for women in October. Hormonal and life shifts can strongly impact a woman’s sleep cycles, and this class will give you helpful information and tools so that you can get good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The classes will take place in the peaceful environment of our LA offices, and will be supportive, and fun. Bring your pillow and a friend!

Energy Redeployment: More Energy! Reclaiming Your Vitality through Movement

During our apprenticeship, Carlos Castaneda emphasized practicing sequences of movements to regain focus and alertness.

“When paying attention, not only to what movement comes next in the sequence, but even more importantly to ‘how’ you are practicing each movement,” he said during a class break, “you align your mind and body, working in unison with a clear purpose. That is what don Juan called energy redeployment— bringing back one’s energy flow to the center of the mind-body unit.”

Inge3-AmsterdamIt was a hot, dry summer evening in LA; my mind was meandering and inner thoughts jumping while I watched myself performing movements in the mirror, trying to not mess up the sequence. For several months, I had followed the practice of not watching myself in the mirror, even when brushing my teeth or applying facial lotion. It was Castaneda’s suggestion, and I found it very liberating. Looking at myself in the mirror had become torture—I couldn’t stop judging myself. However, in the yoga studio in Santa Monica were Castaneda used to teach his classes, there was a long mirror and it was difficult to avoid watching myself as I practiced and getting lost in thoughts such as, “I am good at this move,” or “Oh, I can’t get this move like he is doing it”—an endless comparison.

“Energy redeployment is required to meet It,” he said, interrupting my thoughts. “LO Infinito,” he added, with piercing eyes looking towards me. A shiver ran through my sweaty spine.

He went on to say that seers of his lineage described “Infinity” as a field of infinite energy where we can expand and evolve as beings of awareness. Infinity, the universe or source, as named by other traditions, is where our lives originate, and where we return after our journey of awareness on earth has ended.

Castaneda came closer and almost whispered in my ear, “redeployment of energy beings about your energy body.” I didn’t understand it and felt a bit spooked by the idea of another body that resembles me, but is not really me.

He then continued telling the rest of the class that there are caches of energy that exist within the self. Don Juan told him that these caches are composed of energy that originates in the body itself and becomes displaced, pushed out of reach by the circumstances—the wear and tear—of daily life. In this sense, the practice of movement sequences with focus, precision and alertness, gives us a means for redeploying our unused energy.

“In the alignment of mind and movement, pay attention to your breath,” he said to all. “That is when Spirit whispers you.”

In Being Energy’s upcoming workshop in Amsterdam, we will practice the same movement sequences that Carlos Castaneda taught to me (Aerin Alexander) and Miles Reid.

Redeploy your energy to bring daring and purpose to your actions and allow the Spirit to speak though you.

БЭ в Болгарии!

Здравствуйте, друзья!

Я пишу, чтобы вы могли узнать о самом последнем семинаре в Болгарии. Я могу сказать, что это было самое успешное событие, которое проводили инструктора Быть Энергией в Болгарии. Мы удалось найти чудесное место для этого семинара, с хорошей едой и разумной ценой – 45 евро за семинар, размещение и полный пансион. Вы когда-нибудь слышали такой цене? Это возможно здесь. И половина цены покрыла стоимость семинара, которая соответствовала средней часовой ставке в йога студии здесь.

Pavel Pavlov

Мы, конечно, только начинаем свой путь в качестве инструкторов БЭ в Болгарии, поэтому мы назначали высокую цену. Терпение. Наша группа состояла из 12 практикующих плюс два инструктора Быть Энергией – Сергей Велев и я.

Позвольте немного рассказать о месте проведения семинаре. Это немного простое, но очень приятное место в маленьком городке с минеральными источниками. Это, на самом деле, небольшой керамический завод, где есть студия для созданий разных фигур из глины. Каждый год в студии проводится семинар для детей, на котором они имеют возможность творить своими руками. Также в студии проводят семинары для художников, скульпторов и т.д. Поэтому по всей студии размещены прекрасные произведения искусства, созданные на этих семинарах.

Participants 1

В нашем распоряжении было все пространство в течение выходных, мы питались едой, специально приготовленный для нас, согласно меню, которое мы представили.

Настроение было сердечное и искреннее; каждый усердно работал и получил лучшее для себя от этого семинара. Было шесть новичков, выразивших огромную радость и счастье быть с нами.

В конце семинара мы оставили немного времени, чтобы каждый мог задать вопрос или поделиться своим своими ощущениями. Большинство людей поделились тем, что получили новый взгляд на свою жизнь. Одна из новичков сказала, что ожидала практику йоги, поскольку мы анонсировали событие через знакомых учителей йоги. Сначала движения озадачили ее. Она была поражена, когда мы говорили о Карлосе Кастанеде, поскольку она недавно начала читать его книги. После осознания этой связи между чтением книг и этим семинаром, она поняла что оказалась здесь не случайно.

Participants In Studio 2

Семинар назывался «В потоке Силы». Эта тема была выбрана мной и Сергеем до того, как мы узнали о новой серии классов Путь с Сердцем! Во время обеда я услышал рассказ практикующей о небольшом видео, которе она увидела на Ютубе, о маме-утке, переводившей своих утят через оживленную трассу в шесть полос. Эта история поразила меня. Когда в конце семинара мы создали для себя новое определения личной силы, я записал в своем блокноте: « Личная сила – это провести маленьких утят на другую сторону оживленной трассы в шесть полос». И, почему бы, не через Неизведанное?

Participants In Studio 5Можете ли вы представить эту птицу, идущую сквозь, летящую и убивающую вместе со своими утятами монстров? Что может управлять этим невероятным действием? После семинара я нашел видео и поделился им на странице Быть Энергией-Болгария в Фейсбуке. Вы можете посмотреть его тут https://www.facebook.com/BeingEnergyBulgaria – A CNN Report.

Я также купил керамическое семейство уток, которые сейчас живут перед моим домом в лесу, рядом со мной, когда я пишу этот блог – прекрасная утиная цепочка. И, конечно, сейчас это картинка на моем рабочем столе.


В ходе подготовки этого семинара, у меня было сильное чувство, что я должен держать определенное намерение на этой теме и затем, развивать все вокруг этого. Это безусловно произошло, но вначале я ощущал, что моя энергия рассеяна и вещи идут не так гладко, как хотелось бы. Это процесс обучения, и я благодарен моим дорогим учителям – Аерин и Майлзу и всем невероятным существам в этой линии, от которых я чувствую поддержку, а также всем моим товарищам из Быть Умелым!

Павел Павлов

Личная сила, освобождаясь от оков

Карлос Кастанеда часто говорил и даже шутил на тему культа «яЯ, Я, Я» – эгоцентрической человеческой одержимости собственной важностью.

dolphin-underwaterВ те годы, что я обучалась у него, у меня была возможность наблюдать собственную озабоченность и одержимость «самопрезентацией» – я проводила много времени, пытаясь улучшить то, как я выгляжу, к этому я относилась очень строго. Я тратила так много энергии в поисках внешнего одобрения и в попытках «вписаться» в мнение друзей и коллег на работе. Самопрезентация – идея, которую я создала о себе, была тяжелым грузом, который приходилось носить. Я никогда не была полностью довольна. На самом деле, это заставляло меня чувствовать себя безрадостной, озабоченной и напряженной.

«Есть выход из этого,» – сказал мне как-то Кастанеда, улыбаясь, зная о моем горе. «Ты должна сбросить оковы «Я, Я, Я» и создать новую точку отсчета для себя, новый способ бытия с мыслью о себе, как о тайне, о чем-то, что должна быть, исследовано и раскрыто.»

Он бесконечно говорил мне о снятии привычной маски и о сновидении новой маски самой себя, той, что заставит чувствовать меня легче, радостней и более открытой. «Ты должна выстроить свою личную силу», – говорил он, «это то, что ты намереваешь, призываешь, о чем ты сновидишь.»

Прошло почти 20 лет после этого разговора. Я практиковала и перепросматривала, чтобы освободить себя от идей недостаточности и непривлекательности – медленно отпуская свою «идею о себе», «я, я, я» внутри меня. И вот, что-то особенное произошло со мной всего несколько недель назад.

Последнее время я возила сына на океан. Он любит воду и я получаю огромное удовольствие, глядя на то, как он плавает. Однако, каждый раз, когда сын звал меня присоединиться к нему, я не хотела мочить волосы.

Я решила исследовать глубже то, что мне мешает погружаться в воду. Я сразу вспомнила детство, когда я действительно наслаждалась плаванием. Затем, в памяти всплыл опыт, связанный с океаном. Мне было 14 лет и мы отдыхали с семьей, как-то, после обеда, я вошла в океан и была парализована. Я помню, как стояла на кончиках пальцев, не в состоянии двигаться, и вода была чуть ниже моего носа. Это было страшно, неловко и болезненно. Я знала как плавать, но я была парализована страхом.

С тех пор мои отношения с водой были заморожены во времени. Я осознала, что всегда имела отговорки, чтобы не идти плавать. «Слишком холодно», «слишком жарко», « у меня прическа», «мне не идет купальник» и т.д. Получается, что я была сражена страхом, не в состоянии наслаждаться водой более 30 лет.Personal Power Blog

Итак, вот что сделала в прошлую пятницу: я вошла в океан и перепросматривала прямо там мой опыт, когда мне было 14. Я призвала мою «личную силу» – ту часть меня, что соединена с Духом – и я кричала (меня не беспокоило, что люди смотрят на меня). Я молилась Матери Воде и отпустила много напряжения и желания защищаться. Я держала страх глубоко в своих костях, даже не осознавая это. После этого опыта, который длился примерно час, мое тело совершенно изменилось. Я почувствовала себя гораздо более расслабленной и мой живот стал мягким. Меня клонило в сон и я позволила себе вздремнуть (что-то немыслимое для меня всего несколько месяцев назад!). Я до сих пор в процессе, но что-то основательное смещается на очень глубоком уровне.

Выход за пределы культа «Я» и пробуждение моей высшей части стало путешествием. Это процесс. Это не делается за одни выходные. Но я могу сказать, что благодаря постоянной практике движений и знанию, которое дал мне Карлос Кастанеда, унаследовав его от своих учителей, благодаря классам Путь с Сердцем, которые последние 5 лет я веду вместе с мужем, я была в состоянии отпустить то, что было так давно и так глубоко.

Наши серии классов Путь с Сердцем были особенно эффективны в поддержке этого процесса и моего энергетического уровня, а также идей приверженности трансформации, росту и расширению сознания.

Я снова счастливая рыба, свободная от навязчивой идеи Я, Я, Я.

С любовью,

A Path of Love, A Path with Heart

My name is Kale Amber, I come from a lineage of disciplined, strong beings from Costa Rica. My ancestors had a passion for music, which I carry. Music is seen as the intentional use of the vibration and creates with its counterpart silence the perfect vehicle for emotions. Since early childhood, I’ve lived in a world of sublime emotions, enthanced by music, that my mom cultivated in me through her refined taste for classical music.

Kale AmberAs a young boy, I spent countless hours disassembling things with the sole purpose of finding out how they worked. I now disassemble more ethereal things, like the person, the egos and the stories which I believe are the source of all emotional pain.

My biggest passion now is to write about the human journey. My focus is the deliberate balance between body, mind and spirit that we can achieve when we learn to master our emotions. I intend to teach the evolution and awakening of awareness through emotional intelligence. My interest in this work centers on dealing with emotional pain and helping other beings to acknowledge and understand pain as the utmost tool for bringing us to the present moment.

I came in contact with Carlos Castaneda’s teachings through his books when I was in high school and in the past ten years have worked more with the teachings through the practice of energy movements. In this work, there was a pivotal moment in my life—I recall it as the beginning of my journey in the path of the warrior. I was in a public library and found the book Magical Passes. I did one pass from the book and from that little gesture, magical changes unfolded that have led me to the present moment. Everything that has happened to me since can be connected backwards as if to a master plan.


I am grateful for the life I am experiencing, for the human beings, places and experiences in my journey and for the wonderful possibility of waking up to enhanced awareness every day.
In the past five years, Being Energy has been the structural backbone for my journey. Through the regular practice of movements, breathing, recapitulation and silence, I have discovered my true self, my purpose and the joy of being.

My purpose in life is simply to be, but beyond this, I feel an urge to teach fellow travellers how to live easier, more meaningful lives. Being Energy has provided me with a nurturing environment to discover myself, navigate the unavoidable challenges of life and transcend my own boundaries.


My father passed away a few years ago, while I was attending Being Energy’s Path with Heart classes. The energetic web created by all beings participating in these classes carried me over my grief with beautiful waves of energy, and I could experience the many layers of my father’s death in awe and wonder and also with presence and flow, allowing the pain, too. For this I will always be grateful to my dear teachers Miles and Aerin.

Currently, I am actively teach the daily Being Energy Mind + Body + Spirit classes, teaching Recapitulation and The Ancient Seer’s Code from my home in Florida. I also conduct classes and workshops for groups of practitioners in Costa Rica. Teaching Being Energy opens avenues for me to connect to my true self and to Silent Knowledge, and provides tools for the manifestation and transformation of one’s life in a beautiful organic way that only can be achieved when we learn to love ourselves, our dear families, our partners, our mentors, teachers and friends. From there we can manifest everything else.


Intending Your Power Within

“In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

Everything begins with intention, including connecting to your true power.

With so much to do every day, our energy gets dispersed and we can easily become overwhelmed—especially with increased activity in the summertime. When we’re overwhelmed, we forget about our intentions and start getting ruled by outside demands.

We may even find ourselves repeating old patterns of pleasing others and spending our energy on unhealthy habits. How do we avoid this and hold to the intentions that help us live more fully? At Being Energy, we believe that consistent practice is KEY. Because of this, we have created daily and weekly classes to help us stay connected to ourselves and to what is important to us.

Our intention with our next Path with Heart series is to explore and share with you, over 12 Sundays, how to acquiesce to and command your personal power, to bring focus and attention to the here and now. What does it mean to submit to your own power? To liberate yourself and become your full, luminous self?

We have learned that awakening is a process rather than an event. To shed limiting perceptions of yourself and discover what really matters to you is really a process of surrendering to Intent, to the force that gives direction and intention to your life, to your own power.

When you command your true power, the forces of nature support you, and the world around you responds—and it all begins with intention.

As stated in the Upanishads, ancient and classic Vedic texts, “You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

Setting intentions, and reflecting upon them throughout the day, helps connect your body, mind and emotions in a simple, yet powerful way. The understanding of this power goes far back in our human history. Yet you can employ this age-old wisdom to create positive change in your life right now.

When you consciously set forth your intentions, you take greater grip of your mind and your life. It’s but one aspect of what we’ll work with in our 12-week Path with Heart course, and something that you can try out right away.

Ask yourself: What sort of intentions might benefit me and those around me?

This is individual. But to get you started, we’d like to share some of the intentions and self-observations we recommend in our Being Energy Detox Program.

Intention: “Today, I release all actions in which I punish myself. Today I choose to Be kind to myself”

Associated self-observation: How have I punished myself? How do I beat myself up? How and When I am being Kind to myself?

Intention: “Today, I let go of any negative words I use to put myself down. Today I choose to appreciate my mind, body and spirit with lovely words of appreciation”

Associated self-observation: “What damaging things have I said to myself? How many of these toxins are within me? I release them.” What words are you using to love and appreciate yourself?”

Intention: “Today, I reclaim all my personal power.”

Associated self-observation: Review the ways in which you’ve given up your power away by pleasing others or saying yes when you meant NO. Release your guilt or shame and consciously reclaim your power for the good of all.

May your intentions lead you to even greater joy, health and empowerment!

Learn more and register for Being Energy’s Path With Heart XVII: Personal Power.

Find out more about our Detox Program.

One BE Precept in Real Life: Death as an Advisor

Dear Community,

This is a story of the unexpected. It is about how the tools and practical wisdom from people of Mexico and Mesoamerica, as transmitted and enriched now by Being Energy, have helped me meet difficulties.


This is a photo of my mother, which I wanted to share with you.

There was a turning point for me back in February 2000. I was headed from my home city of San Luis Potosi to Málaga Spain to get a PhD in ​​education. At the same time, my mother’s health had been deteriorating. She’d suffered from diabetes for 30 years—a disease that is often very aggressive and devastating in its later stages.

What should I do? I felt that going abroad would mean leaving her alone. I had been living with her and caring for things. My brother and sister were each married, and my father was older. So I talked with my brother, sister and father so that we could all decide together what was best. They agreed that it was best for me to go to Spain, and that they would help care for my mom.

So it was decided, and it was also set that I would return to Mexico on a certain date for a few days for reasons connected to my work with the University of San Luis Potosi

Once in Málaga, when the date arrived for my brief return to Mexico, I phoned home to tell my family that I was preparing for the trip. My father answered the call, and gave me the news that my mom’s health had entered a critical state and she had to be hospitalized. I was worried and also somewhat amazed and grateful at how this event was coinciding with the trip that had been planned some time ago. The trip involved my picking up some money for work from the University, which would also allow me to deal with the hospital expenses.

By that time, I had practiced the teachings of Carlos Castaneda for five years. I think I had already redistributed and accumulated enough energy to allow me to realize the truth of what at another time I would have called coincidence. It really was a magical gesture that spirit had given to me, because everything was flowing to favor my being able to travel home to Mexico so that I could say goodbye to my mother.

I recognized then how important it is to live in a purposeful and disciplined way—to make way for our bond with the Spirit. Far from a mythical tale, I now knew that now it was a clear and tangible reality.

IMG_0613I can say without a doubt that it was the gift of the Spirit to be able to be there with my family just, as it turned out, three days before the death of my mother. Being there also allowed me to participate in one of the most important decisions I’ve ever faced.

Shortly after I arrived, the doctor told our family that biological and clinically, my mom and had no chance of improvement, and asked us to decide whether or not to prolong her life artificially. The doctor told us this and then stayed in silence, watching us and waiting for an answer. My siblings and my dad, turned and looked at me, and I had the sense to say, “All we want for my mother is for her not to suffer.”

There can be no worse suffering than to see a loved one suffer, and it feels so powerless to know there is little if anything you can do about it.

In my imagination, I had thought of such a moment with great concern and anguish. However, in the moment of the reality of it, I felt different about death, more clear and grounded, thanks to trying to live the premises of the ancient seers and learning about death as an advisor. I also drew upon a memory of having heard years earlier that with the death of a member of a Chinese family, far from being a drama or tragedy, it is treated as a loving if solemn farewell serene.


Here I am with two of my great loves: My partner Mary and felines. We are at a Zoo in Puebla, Mexico, where animals are not in cages, but in open spaces. Their philosophy is focused on the care and preservation of species.

To my surprise, I found that I was facing losing my mother with much serenity. Of course I experienced pain and sorrow. But I can say that I was privileged to mourn my mother, in time, place and form of my predilection, and without suppressing my emotions and feelings.

I also know that this was a magical moment because I realized and fully understood why it is important to gather and redistribute our energy to our vital centers. In this case, specially the center for feeling located on the right side of our body, consisting of the liver and gallbladder. I am sure that maintaining my energy levels and awareness was what allowed me to get sober in managing my emotions in this process.

But the story is not over.

A year after my mother’s death, another significant event occurred. One afternoon I was taking a nap, and I had a dream of my mother. She was standing in my living room—clearly there—and without words, she gestured and pointed to the right, where my sister was sitting on a chair. My mother wore an expression of concern and sadness.

I woke up startled by the vividness of the dream. No sooner had I finished waking up, than the phone rang. A lady called me to tell me that my sister and her husband had had an accident on the road. The vehicle they were in had crashed against a rock wall on a curved slope.

My sister came away from the crash with severe injuries and blows to her head. I’m still impressed by the way my mother—or the image of my mother—told me of the accident in the dream, almost at the same moment that it happened.

This event with my sister left me with more questions than answers. One of these questions is: Why did I choose this story to share?

Javier and Dolphin

I have no doubt that real love is the one that is offered unconditionally. I have always been convinced that dolphins are magical beings, that show us how to be generous and give our affection. This photo is taken in Riviera Maya.

Thank you very much for reading my story,
Javier Guerra Ruiz – Esparza

P.S.  I’ve included pictures here of being with animals because they represent moments of great happiness. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be able to connect with and touch these creatures, and being able to be with them is a dream come true. Such a blessing. It’s something I pursued after my mother died—her death inspired me to go for my dreams and follow deep desires for connection and love.

In daily life awareness, we may consider pain and happiness as contrasting and contradictory feelings. However, from a higher state of consciousness, I appreciate pain and happiness as part of a same process, as Octavio Paz said, “The darker the night, the closer the dawn.”