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Art – Creating and Building Dreams

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Chris Osgood. I’m a painter, an artist. I’m also a Being Energy practitioner and a member of our Path With Heart family. I live in Lincolnville, a small Mid-coast Maine town, in the United States. I live and work on the property my grandparents purchased in the 1920’s where a small river meets the Bay. It is a former tribal summer camping/fishing area, and later the site of an early European settled village. The unique energy of this little harbor continually attracts and connects with me.

As a painter I primarily work in oils and Japanese Ink, on canvas and paper. This is my studio, feeling a little neglected at the moment. I’ve had a long stretch away during the construction of my new house. Now is a time of cleaning up, sweeping, vacuuming, making space, and scraping palettes. It’s a time of transition much the same as my house and gardens, all waiting for blossoms, sprouts, and color. In my studio, as I get started again I have a typical struggle to remember – how did I do this, make a painting? With Being Energy I can practice Being Energy® movements, and jump into my painting groove, and reconnect with all the memories. My daytime dreams open up and out, and spill into forms and color. Then all I need is a little dance music, and I’ll be off.

Art Studio 1

I often wonder what it means to be an artist. And am typically challenged to find an answer. I fretted this past year, since I had so little time to spend in my studio. A year ago I began contracting out the construction of a new home on a tiny spit of land on our family property. I have been dreaming this home for more than thirty years. Now, I’m able to recognize this house/home is itself a work of creativity, a piece of art, just like a drawing only three-dimensional. It is still unfinished, with a fair amount of exterior work, steps, lattice, earthwork, and landscaping still to be completed. My Being Energy practice helps me to unfold my dreams and bring them to life.

House 1

My new house is a work in progress, much like my garden and orchard. Each spring, as soon as the snow melts, it’s time to prune the fruit trees. Each spring, when I begin pruning, it’s just like returning to my studio, I wonder how to do this, prune the trees. Yet, as I go along and begin to quiet, I listen to each tree, and each one tells me when I’m in sync with it and when I’m not. They let me know when I’ve pruned enough. And my recollection of, or connection to the art of pruning opens again. This little peach tree, is for me every bit as much a work of art as any painting I’ve done, and I feel great affection for it and all of the trees. The trees are still dormant, they are also in process, ready to flower and then bear fruit. Practicing Being Energy movements encourages me to be quiet and listen to the trees, and value their feedback.

Peach Tree

Here’s another example of an artistic piece of work. This old tree and I have worked together for more than fifteen years.

Old Tree

Here’s my vegetable garden, with weeds growing, nothing planted yet, and looking pretty grey. It’s another work in progress, about to begin its seasonal dance. In a couple of weeks peas, onions, sweet potatoes and tomatoes will be the first to take root. This garden is perhaps my principal place of connectivity, a place of connection up from the earth to infinity/spirit. It’s a place of heart and love and creativity. It’s definitely one of the premier works of art in my life.

Garden 1

I encourage you all to come back in late summer or fall to see how these works have taken root and blossomed.

I dedicate these works in progress to my Being Energy and Path With Heart family, and to you all, with a basket full of love.

Handling Intent

Dear Being Energy Community,

“Every warrior on the path of knowledge thinks, at one time or another, that he’s learning sorcery, but all he’s doing is allowing himself to be convinced of the power hidden in his being, and that he can reach it.”

–Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

This week we invite you to immerse yourself in silence to manifest the power that is hidden within you, your connection with Intent.

Intent, the pervasive force of the universe that is connected to all things, inside and between all of us, is the force that allows us to perceive. It gives us direction and purpose. The ancient seers asserted that anything we perceive is a result of the pressure of intent.

We all are irreplaceable parts of a larger picture: an infinite universe that is constantly changing, attempting to become aware of itself. According to the ancient sages, the universe itself is compelling us to expand our consciousness through our life experiences on this blue, magical planet Earth. In this universe of energy, consciousness is what weaves us all in a vibratory concert of love and enlightenment.

How can I live in a higher state of consciousness on a daily basis? How can I flow through daily life interactions without getting stuck? How do I move from the victim or bully mindset, to the higher state of consciousness that Castaneda talks about and how can live joyfully? How can I authentically, in my uniqueness, co-create what I really want for my family, for my community?

We can actively shape our lives through a consistent practice that engenders unbending intent. By offering the physical body different experiences of movement and feelings, we expand our perception. In the process of expanding perception we create direct access to consciousness, to all things. We flow with life instead of struggle. We learn to handle Intent.

Being Energy® movements provide the physical body and the mind to remember, on a deeper level, the Intent that exists within us, and our connection to all things. We move into deep states of Silence and access Intent.

All of the above is what we will be exploring in our retreat in Tuscany, Italy: reconnecting through deep silence to Intent. In this retreat, based on your individual physical and energetic needs, we will guide you to create your own unique connection with Intent. We will provide both the tools for a consistent practice, and the inspiration for sustaining an unbending intent.

There will be practical instruction and group sharing on how to support a sustained purpose and commitment to your life, as we build a consistent practice and engender unbending intent. You will be given tools for a deep encounter with your inner self: your seer within and how to return to this experience when you are back in your daily life.

For a taste of what we will practice in Italy, try this exercise for moving into Silence and connecting with Intent:

• Watch or practice along with any of the Being Energy® movements; here is a video sample for you to follow
• Pause to observe how you feel before and after practicing the movements.

We invite everybody who wants to gain practical experience and knowledge of the ancient seers to join us for this practice!

The Mood of the Warrior

A doorway to conscious dreaming

Dear Beings of Energy,

This week, inspired by Being Energy® Teachers in Moscow, we are reflecting on the mood of the warrior and fashioning a mood of acknowledgment and gratitude.  We choose to think of ourselves as beings on a journey of awareness; we focus on spirit, consciousness, to guide our daily actions. When we are grateful, we can detach from fears, anxieties and stressful thoughts. We feel uplifted, our skin radiates, and even if it lasts only for a few seconds, we have experienced the mood of the warrior.

It takes consistent practice, without giving up, to expand what may be a few seconds of clarity of focus into minutes and hours. And, yes, it is possible.  We did it, our Being Energy teachers are doing it and so can you too!

Seers and sages from ancient Mexico asserted that consciousness is divided into three parts:  the first attention, which is consciousness that we need to deal with the daily world; the larger part, the second attention, is awareness that is needed to perceive more subtle things, like the wind, or energy, or to perceive ourselves as energetic beings; and the largest part, the third attention, is an immeasurable consciousness that includes undefinable aspects of awareness.

We are we applying the fundamental premises of those sages, to explore the second attention.  We practice a review of our lives, since it is where we place most of our attention, to foster detachment, and to clearly find the dreams we hold and carry. When we become aware of our personal dreams, we can also become aware of our “spirit dreams,” what the universe wants to dream through us. Our personal dreams, and what the “universe” dreams for us, become aligned.

Aligning our personal dreams to larger forces is what our teachers in Moscow will present and practice this weekend in Moscow.  And we would like to invite you to join us in this practice this upcoming weekend too.

Can my dream become “real” or it will remain only a dream?

Each of us has a dream, a deep desire for something that we think of day and night. It is so bright and burning that sometimes we deny it, because we secretly fear that it may become a reality. We guard it with our fear. We feel we don’t deserve it. Now and then this dream seems to us too inaccessible and incredible.

Whatever our dream, big or small, we are going to face it with the mood of a warrior: wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance, in a state of love and inner calm.

Here are the steps to align our dreams:

  • Practice any of the Being Energy® movements; here is a video sample for you to follow.
  • Pause to observe how you feel before and after practicing the movements
  • Sit down and write 3 things you would really really really LOVE to happen in your life, it may be changes you want to make, about your financial situation, relationship, body weight, etc.
  • Ask this question: What is in my way of fulfilling my deepest desire?
  • Observe if an image, a feeling or a thought comes as an answer.  Make a note of it.
  • Create specific steps you will take to overcome this fear.
  • Keep practicing the steps above.

Oh, by the way, our certified instructors of Being Energy (Modules 1, 2, 3) that will guide the workshop are: Anastasiya Ganich, Pavel Pavlov, Valentina Lantzinova, Denis Dario, Valeriya Malinina, Sergey Karapetian, and Nataliya Alexeva.

We invite everybody who wants to gain practical experience and knowledge of the ancient seers to join them!