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Detox to Feel Great! 

Watch one video per week and learn about your body as a physical, emotional and an energetic network. You’ll learn how to experience all three together into One.

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Read more about our clinic and about the amazing benefits of cupping and spending time in the infrared sauna below.

About the Energy Life Sciences Institute

The Energy Life Sciences Institute® provides comprehensive educational and medical solutions to help you live with vitality and achieve your fullest potential. The Being Energy methodology is at the core of our services and products, providing a framework for healing and living at your joyful best.

To be healthy is to feel whole, complete, purposeful, present, vital, and loving. It requires using your energy efficiently and being mindful, or conscious. Health and consciousness are the keys to wellbeing and fulfillment. Click here to learn more about what we do. 

About The Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna provides a deep and gently penetrating type of heat that relaxes muscles and eases tension in the body, promotes circulation and the release of toxins, improves the look and feel of your skin and promotes weight loss.

Clients can schedule a sauna session in conjunction with their acupuncture treatment to enhance its effects. It is an integral component of our detoxification programs.

About Cupping Treatments

Cupping is an ideal technique for back pain, digestive and respiratory issues and to detoxify your body.

Cupping is a method of creating a vacuum on the patient’s skin using specialized cups to dispel stagnation, thereby improving nutrient flow to treat respiratory diseases and back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions.

About Our Videos


As you watch your three free videos, you will get to know Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander, the founders of the Energy Life Sciences Institute.

The Being Energy movements and methods they share are based on the truth that how we move and hold our body directly influences our mind and spirit–how we perceive the world, our moods, our understanding.