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Claudio is a Civil Industrial Engineer and holds a Masters Degreee in Business Management from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, with over 20 years of experience in consulting, management, contract management, projects and construction in mining, power and oil industries. He has undertaken projects in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Nigeria.

Claudio also has studied chromotherapy, magnet therapy, Tibetan numerology and Reiki masteries in levels I, II and III of the non-traditional Tibetan system sponsored by Likir Monastery. He lives in Viña del Mar, Chile, and gives classes, group training and individual sessions of Being Energy®.

“Everything in life is intimately related to energy, and mastering it opens the door for us to freely enjoy every moment with a healthy and energetic body. The Being Energy® methodology allows us to access a beautiful relationship between the being and the universe”. As a passionate freedom seeker, I follow a path with heart that accounts for enhancing awareness, practicing and teaching this.