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Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello BE community! My name is Aleida Gonzalez and I live in Monterrey, Mexico, in city surrounded by mountains. My vocation, as a therapist, led me to travel on divergent paths. I have learned a variety of methods that support my wellness and helping others.

Something I really enjoy doing is hiking. Whenever I am available, I like to go to the mountains, and go into the freshness of the forest, or walk in the desert.



At the age of 20 I had my first contact with the teachings of Don Juan and the legacy we inherited from the nagual Carlos Castaneda. It was a call to my spirit. I immediately identified with the books and then immersed in the practice for several years by attending seminars. It been a great experience and I was grateful to continue the teachings of the nagual through the knowledge I have gained in the courses and trainings of the Being Energy program. My approach to life is exploring different perspectives. I think it is helpful to have a better understanding of our own natures, and the everyday world in which we perceive.


Learning about our history is a way of gaining more fluency, learning, experiencing and growing, recognizing the wisdom of our ancestors, recognizing our potential and transforming the world we live in. I also like to learn about other cultures, for example, the Lakota tradition and inipi wisdom. Every month we do healing work in the full moon, singing and thanking the great Creator and Mother Earth for our relationships, to follow in the way of love in the Toltec knowledge. I share the idea and dream of preserving the legacy of our future lineages and also to share our wisdom with others.


When I attended the first course of Being Energy, it was very interesting to learn and practice in greater depth the various aspects of the Being Energy movments®. Through practice, I can experience a greater increase in my energy, mental clarity, inner silence and a deeper perception of my consciousness. I feel more empathy and fluidity in my daily tasks.


I am currently completing a degree of Bachelor of Pedagogy and Education. At this stage of my life it is the importance of sharing and teaching others from the heart, that I consider most important. I want to focus on the affective, emotional work of my own wellbeing in order to achieve a better range and execution of and integration with my rational and intellectual self. I am currently investigating Modules 1 and 2 of Being Energy and in an internship for my degree, I am teaching Being Energy classes to students and teachers at a high school three times a week. It gives me an opportunity to promote the wellbeing of others and to share the many benefits of practicing Being Energy movements. I also teach and guide others in the Daily live practice classes online for Being Energy one day a week.



I have many dreams that I want to manifest. I would like to travel, discover new places, continue teaching, sharing my experiences and learning from others. I would like to create and start a family in harmony with my life partner, work together and follow our transformational path, while walking confidently on that path with love.

Thank you for listening!

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