Teacher’s Passion

Dear Being Energy Community,

My name is Pilar Soro. I was born in a suburb in magical Barcelona, Spain, surrounded by pine trees and Earth. This experience produced in me a love of nature.   As a teacher, I have loved helping children in my class succeed in their studies. Actually, I observed that when they convinced themselves that they could, they were good students.

I started working at a school, but I did not like the education system.  It did not look like the education system I had studied under, nor did it hold the ideals of education similar to my own, and I eventually left the job as a schoolteacher.

I started a family, and soon I was alone with two daughters.  I wanted to raise them in the country, and we moved to the Catalan Pyrenees. It had always been my dream: a city girl who wanted to live in the countryside.  The dream came true.

A job as a teacher was presented to me, because no teachers wanted to live in such a remote and hidden environment. This allowed me to go straight into the education department of the government of Catalunia, as a rural teacher, a much more relaxed and natural environment.


Over the years, we moved closer to the city, this time by the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean landscape.  Eventually my daughters were legally adopted by my new partner, and today they live on their own.

Now I am working three days a week at a public school in town. I’m in charge of fifth-grade students, and work with other groups and their teachers introducing tablets (mobile devices) to support learning. The rest of the time I dedicate myself to professional teacher training in the educational use of mobile technology, through my professional project Apptua.

This has been one of my passions: educational technology, and everything having to do with educational innovation, including multiple intelligences, collaborative work and projects, alternative schools, learning communities, art and music in school. I am passionate about anything that has to do with transforming education to adapt to the time in which we live and to educate children in the best possible way.

I love to promote the use of educational podcasts via mobile devices: reading aloud and voice recording to improve reading literacy, oral expression and creativity. Also consider that the practice of creating podcast listening has many benefits, including therapeutic help.


I love being with children in school, they are very active, cheerful, enthusiastic, intelligent and affectionate. I wish they could keep this energy, to grow and retain the energy to develop to their full potential.

Many students come to school with emotional problems, often exacerbated in adolescence. This is reflected in learning difficulties, lack of motivation, habits, low self esteem, failing classes, which is common in school today.  The system seems to have no answer for them.

Sometimes we practice conscious breathing and relaxation.  At first they did not take it seriously, and they would barely close their eyes, but over time they are the ones who ask me to lead these practices. We also practice some Being Energy® movements that are always motivating them and they respond with enthusiasm and joy.


I have followed the teachings of Carlos Castaneda for over 20 years.  On my bedside table, still with me, are at least one of the books of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar.  No matter where you open them, I always discover something new, something cool.

I feel very lucky to be part of this Being Energy® community and deeply grateful for the generosity of Aerin Alexander and Miles Reid.

I recently graduated from Module I training for Being Energy. I’ve started a new project to start teaching and practice, this time in an online form, offering a free practice once per week.  All are invited.  http://buscandoelsilencio.blogspot.com.es/

With this project I would like to reach out to my educational social network for those who want to become acquainted with the Being Energy® movements, meditation and breathing of the ancient wisdom of the shamans of ancient Mexico.  Thanks to Being Energy I can implement this dream.

The goal is simple: to increase energy, health and wellness, which is necessary to make any changes in our lives.

As Carlos Castaneda said in the preface of the book The Wheel of Time:  “Humanity needs now, more than ever, to be taught new ideas that are exclusively related to his inner world, shamans ideas, not social ideas, ideas concerning the human being to face the unknown, facing his personal death.”

Thank you very much to all, a hug,


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  1. Beth on

    How wonderful to see the opportunities you took for change in the education of children! You inspire me to pass this on to the teachers I work with… sometimes it really takes courage.
    Thank you, Pilar!


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