The Magic of the South – Luis Luna in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community,

Hello, my name is Luis. I live in the southern hemisphere, in Chile, in a city adjacent to sea and mountains, with native forests struggling to survive. This urban environment is nourished and cooled by seven lakes and wind, wind that throws us around bringing us messages of various colors that motivate me to participate, interact and live with.

Centro Abierto

Enfrentando el mar

I studied Veterinary Medicine at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia and have worked with various animals mainly in the clinic. In Concepción I created a small animal clinic, where we mainly attended to dogs and cats. We had an examination room, operating room, hospital, and provided grooming. There were 8 people working there until shortly after the earthquake of February 2010.

Luis Calle Adelante

I have also worked with plants and worked in the fields most of my life. At one time I became very interested in medicinal herbs, among them St. John’s Wort, Hypericum peroratum. I emphasize it beause we had to grow it almost from scratch: conduct a feasibility study, collect the seeds and seedlings in a nursery until it became a plantation of two hectares. We began harvesting, drying, sorting and packaging, producing for export to Germany along with other producers.


Always restless and wanting to know more, I took some trips to attend courses and workshops in Bio-construction and Recycling, where I finished and graduated. I was teaching classes in recycling in some schools in the city of Concepcion and presenting a model of a solar water heater built with recycled materials to some community groups, so that they themselves could make a tool that would provide them with free hot water nearly year-round.

Several years ago I read The Teachings of Don Juan, by Carlos Castaneda, and from there spent much time in search of something unknown. I studied Osho, Jodorowsky, shamanic meditations and when I became reacquainted with the books of Carlos Castaneda, I could not stop following an attraction that was leading me. Without knowing why I started going to seminars in Argentina. It was like a magnet; I always wanted more, more movements, more sharing, more knowledge.

Then Being Energy arrived and, as they say, everything made more sense. I could not stay static, I felt I must keep learning and the learning did not just belong to me. I could tell it was my heritage and that the traditions were similar to many many others, so I started teaching meditation and techniques at different places, techniques to release and relax, to show a different way of seeing and facing life.

The first time I found myself facing a moment, I felt a shiver. I was a student, who by his own efforts, could find a drop of peace, light, clarity and witness that moment. I felt such happiness and excitement, I understood that it was and is my path with heart.

I am a graduate of Being Energy modules 1 and 3. I have worked with people facing drug addiction problems by teaching the Being Energy® movements, attention techniques, ways of relieving anxiety. This has been a great challenge that involves a lot of restraint and discipline. Working with people who at first do not want to engage with you is extremely difficult, however, I managed to work with a group who learned to control anxiety, to breathe, to slow down, to be able to sleep without pills. Some even began to sculpt and paint, while others entered classes in carpentry or welding, where seemingly no alternatives to complicated situations exist. I behold no achievement more beautiful than this.

Luis Alumnos de Villa Mávida

I am currently teaching Being Energy classes twice a week in a foundation of the Hogar de Cristo, which supports people who are in poverty or experience social exclusion. I also teach Being Energy movements in Being Energy seminars in Concepción and Viña del Mar. I am in charge of a small group of teenagers with whom we practice moving energy, focusing attention and concentration, growing, learning to breathe, finding discipline and purpose.

See more about Hogar de Cristo here.

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To Donate to Hogar de Cristo from outside of Chile, click here.

I am also creating a center for therapies, sleep control, therapies for good sleep, therapies for a good living, aiming to provide the tools for others to find a way to pause, something necessary in the hustle of everyday life.

Luis Paciente

It is an honor to share, it is a great joy to be here and now.

Sincerely and with all the affection,

Luis Luna

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