The New Nagual is You

Miles and I have been in a journey of resting and renewing our energies in Hawaii, on a sacred place close to the active volcano of Kilahuea, nourishing our bodies and souls with the energy of “Pele”, the Goddess of fire. The island’s lava flow has steadily descended along the gentle slope without stopping for over thirty years. Just practicing a warriors stance for a few minutes, standing on the lava rock itself, and this energizing deep earth energy is clearly felt within!

We swam in the hot ponds and hike lava trails have been thinking of you, and our lovely community of practitioners that supports a network of consciousness and collective purpose. We are so grateful to you all.

The New Nagual is You

Today I woke up remembering what Carlos Castaneda told me when he wrote the dedication of his book “Magical Passes”: that the NEW NAGUAL IS THE MASS OF PRACTITIONERS.

For that he was dedicating his book to all of you/us. By nagual, he meant, the “leader” or “guide.” He knew 20 years ago, that the structures that held the world as it has been for 2,000 are falling apart. Socioeconomic and political systems are failing because we need to create a new structure where leaders come together to find solutions for the betterment of all.

We are witnessing a moment of transition from ME to WE. And we can see it in the news daily, people raising to protest to political systems not only in the US but in Venezuela, in France, in ….Everyone’s voice matters! Everyone’s opinion is important for the betterment of us. Coming together and listening and supporting each other is a necessity in this moment.

This is what we create and hold in our Path with heart Classes: The space for leadership, for voicing one’s truth, for healing, restoring and supporting everyone’s growth.

You process, your healing and your leadership matters to us all. For that, we look forward to see you in our new cycle of Path with Herat Meetings. If you have any economic challenges, please let us know and we would happily accommodate your needs.

Tich Nat Han, the lovely Vietnamese Buddhist teacher and writer has said: “The Next Buddha is the Collective.” It is all of us, the new Buddha, the Next Christ, the next nagual, it is right now dancing in our embrace. Lets get together and wake up!

With much love, appreciation and inspiration,


8 comments on “The New Nagual is You

  1. tim dunk on

    Aloha! Thank you for your intent and your heart provoking views.
    Have a great renewal while “flowing” with the lava.

  2. Alejandro Duarte on

    Aerin, your words feel so good at this time. Just like a missing piece in a puzzle. It is so clear now that the winds are bringing this new configuration for us as humankind and it´s our task to embrace it and live it as strongly as we can. Thank you!

  3. linda nacif on

    Cuando estamos rodeados de negatividad externa. Cuando nos sentimos negativos internamente., Cuando solo vemos odio y destrucción, necesitamos seres sinceros y positivos como ustedes para acordarnos que no estamos solos y que juntos en el amor podemos lograr los cambios que tanto anhelamos. Aunque estamos al borde de la destrucción sin duda alguna es el Amor colectivo que nos salvará.

  4. Ognyan Koralski on

    Dear Aerin, your words resonated so deeply into my heart, I felt how strong my connection is to all of you and every single second is fulfilled and dedicated to the path with heart. Few days ago, when I was resting in my bed, I felt how you and other practitioners intended to help the other practitioners like me to find our way back to the path. Thank you!


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