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My name is Gammadian Freeman. I was born in Kent, known as the garden of England. I enjoyed living a wild and free existence in nature, as a country boy by the sea, compared to a disciplined, Christian existence at home, which I did not enjoy as much. The dichotomy of home and field led me to run away from home at the age of 16 and I became involved in the local music scene, which led me to travel around the country to festivals and happenings. At Glastonbury I was fortunate to meet a meditation teacher, and soon after, I was initiated and set off overland for India.

I travelled extensively and mastered other practices.  During that time, I was diagnosed with TB. Complications led to paralysis, being in a wheel chair and later, using crutches and then walking sticks for many years.


I was heavily influenced by Carlos Castaneda’s writings, and felt an undeniable force to use the movements to heal myself.  Once, in an unforgettable day I reached my Energy Body, I mean, I got in contact with a part of my indescribable self, pure energy. I had been in excruciating physical pain and through movements and dreaming I was able to shift my state of consciousness.

When I returned to my daily self, the pain was gone. I decided to throw away my sticks and painkillers. I had been given another chance in life. My physical body was paralyzed, and the energy movements renewed me.  I had no inner dialogue, I was quiet and in another sate of consciousness. I was newborn with loads of energy.


There was no doubt that I needed to find others who might be practicing the movements.  I searched and found a community of practitioners!  I felt a push to share my experience and to help others. Soon, I was involved in organizing and teaching weekly groups, as well as becoming part of a large gathering of practitioners in Karma Ling from all types of backgrounds in Europe. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary! Dr. Miles Reid has been a guest instructor there twice.


Now I practice Being Energy and I feel more energetic, healthy and focused, my stamina and flexibility have increased.  During my training in Module 2, I reconnected with Ena Xena, my partner. We worked together at Karma Ling to present a series of movements called “The Code,” continuously perfecting its presentation.  While working together, we began dreaming together, eventually becoming life partners. We realized that we share a similar dream.


After leading a workshop in Colombia, Ena and I travelled to run retreats, teaching and enjoying my favorite hobby, scuba diving.  On our return to England, we moved into a new place, our centre, which we use for massage and movement.  We created a website that showcases what we have been learning and what we want to share with the world.  As a practitioner, I continue to enhance my knowledge, and, currently I am studying nutrition and hypnotherapy.

Finally, I would like to share a story that has touched my heart and has deeply affected me, something that occurred several years ago, and connected me with youngsters, who face enormous challenges in London.

I was in a public garden practicing Being Energy. Some teenage schoolgirls came into the garden. They were extremely agitated and loud. I continued practicing. The leader was swinging a knife around and saying she was going to knife the leader of a local gang who had disrespected her. I continue practicing my movements, staying in the present.

After a while, she came to me and said what I was doing seemed really calming, and could she join me to calm herself. I showed her some simple grounding and flowing movements. She encouraged the others to join her and they did.

After some while, the boys that had antagonized them came in. I invited them to join in, and they did.  When the time came for a pause, instead of a confrontation, they all remained calm, and some sort of an accord was reached. After that, whenever they saw me practicing in the garden, they joined me. They asked me to go and teach at their school, but at the time I was returning to Asia. I am looking forward to see them again and teaching at their school.

This was an auspicious experience for me in the sense that it showed me the possibility of working with teenagers and adults stressed by modern urban living.  I saw how easily it helped to shift their behavior, and how hungry for calm they were.  I was able to see the relief it provided them.  I see the need for the work we do and how beneficial the effects are.

Now based in London I am looking to extend our work, particularly with teenagers, and to move into a bigger property. We at Open Wing are all set to return to Colombia, where we will be facilitating a series of workshops and a tour of power places with the indigenous people in the area.


Thank you for reading about my story, I hope I inspired you to share yours,


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  1. Ogi on

    Thank you Gammadian for this really touching story! What seems impossible, became a part of the reality; what a great example for us to feel the spirit of the warrior!


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