Unconditional Love: Bridge the Gender Gap and Find Flow in Your Relationships

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” captures something fundamental—a natural longing for harmony and love.

“Imagine all the people living for today… Imagine all the people living life in peace…”

During the holiday season, the idea of peace on earth is especially present. We may be dreamers, but we’ve experienced and seen in others a transformation from isolation to connection and unconditional love. Harmony starts with each of us, and we each have the opportunity to find and radiate peace.

This new year presents a marker that you can grab to pay attention to how you relate to others, especially to those of the opposite sex. What gender roles do you fall into? What do you play out? Does the behavior support your wellbeing?

Nothing can drag us down quicker than unresolved frustrations and tensions in our relationships. It is also true that these things can be our greatest teachers. This is especially true in our most intimate relationships where “the other” is ever present to challenge us and help us reach new understandings of ourselves and others.

Relationships have an evolutionary purpose, helping us to learn, to overcome old beliefs, and to unfold our full potential as humans.

In fact, humans are hard-wired to relate. The trouble is that we can get stuck in unfruitful loops.

For greater harmony in our communities and in the world, we can look first at our relationships with those in our lives. If you want to deeply explore this theme and learn exercises for transforming old patterns and relating in ways that promote vitality, we invite you to participate in Being Energy’s next Path with Heart series, all about unconditional love.

This new series will directly address the role of relationships in our lives. Relationships, said Carlos Castaneda, are the key to freedom. He encouraged us to “give a blank check” of unconditional love to others—to learn to love without expecting anything in return.

In this brand new year of 2015, we send our wishes to you for greater freedom and harmony. Maybe we’ll even see you in the Path with Heart classes, where we’ll share tools to help us all realize unconditional love.

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