Wonder: Changing the World

Dear Being Energy Community,

What are you passionately curious about?  What fills you with wonder? 

As practitioners of Being Energy®,  many of us have a deep connection to all or at least one aspect of the practice:  the movements, the guided explorations, or the Recapitulation practices.  We lose ourselves in the silence and connect to our inner seer.

We become explorers and someties teachers on a path with heart.  We learn and gain real knowledge from our experiences.

Calling on our passion is a potent first step for teachers of any kind. Sometimes it takes time for us to rediscover or reignite a passion that went adrift in a life filled with routines for making a living or caring for family.  Sometimes the practice is dedicated to finding out why we do what we do most hours of the day, until we remember what makes us passionate about our work or the work we secretly want to do.

When we find our passion again, we find clarity, the eyes shine, and we awaken our inner seer.  We discover ourselves in a mood of childlike curiosity, the perfect place for a teacher to be!

As a Being Energy® Teacher or practitioner, how are you using the knowledge of the seers of ancient Mexico in your work, in your day-to-day?

The BE community is a conglomerate of unique individuals who have been teaching and practicing the movements with all sorts of people in their local communities.  We have posted their personal stories and you can read about them in our community and teacher blogs.  Because we are all unique beings, and in most of the stories shared, BE Teachers are finding a variety of ways to connect with others and engage in a process of learning together, and its often done through teaching.

Each one of us has a gift that is exclusively ours.  If we thought of our body-mind as a musical instrument, our music would sound unlike any other sound in the universe.  As teachers, we are compelled to share our unique perception with others, our song.  When we acquiesce to a strong feeling for teaching, we eventually turn a uniquely personal process into an art of awakening for others.

How does your song move from your heart to others?

The meaningful work each one of us does, we may even say, the work we are on this planet to do, is found through heart-based perception and exploration.  If you felt something while reading this blog, then you know what we’re getting at.  Whether we are teaching or modeling BE practices in our lives, with family or colleagues, we all know that we’re drawn to the path with heart for a reason.

Once we discover what’s in our hearts, the next step is to acquire the skills and tools we need to carry our exploration to another level.  The questions we ask ourselves penetrate deeper into our body-mind system, and at Being Energy we enter a new level of refining the energy movements.

Whether you decide to be a Being Energy® Teacher or not, we enter into a continuous, dynamic process of applying the practice, discovering ourselves, and sharing our knowledge with the community at large.

You probably remember your favorite teachers.  They were parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, school teachers, the ones who were asking questions much of the time, inspiring you with their passion, asking for your input and empowering you to get out there, follow your dream and do something.  Wouldn’t you love to emulate them?

The Being Energy BE Skilled! Classes are a great way for a practitioner or Being Energy® Teacher to enter into a dynamic cycle of practice.  The classes delve deeper into the movements and the Being Energy principles.  You are guided, step-by-step, through the movements and will learn how to modify them to suit your individual needs as well as the needs of others.  The classes are designed to renew and strengthen your connection with your inner seer.

However we choose to BE, we are revolutionaries on this path with heart.  Our practice becomes cyclical, revolving.  Our new perceptions and behaviors are revolutionary because they detach us from unquestioning social norms.  We either model the behaviors of a heart-centered practice, or we teach it to others.   Either way, we are in the process of changing the world.  Perhaps it’s little by little, but sometimes that’s how it works.

Thank you for changing the world with us.

One comment on “Wonder: Changing the World

  1. Tom R on

    For me personally, as I look back, finding my path with heart sometimes looks like a glacially slow process. I was immersed the in the world of marriage, raising a family, identifying with my children’s adventures and making money for so long. Then over a period of 10 years I changed my circumstances completely and wound up living in a different country speaking a different language and fully engaged with Being Energy. There is so much more that I want to do, and yet sometimes I feel it has taken me so long to get to this point–how much deeper can I go in the time I have left?

    The biggest challenge for me is inertia and routine–finding that spark that gets me out of the chair and taking the risk to exposing myself to rejection, offering a Being Energy class without any assurance that anyone will come, explaining Being Energy to somebody who may criticize. And yet, when I have overcome my inertia and fear and placed myself in front of individuals or a group to explain or show BE, I have gotten this incredible rush of energy and exhilaration, together with a inner conviction that this is exactly what I should be doing.

    One result of this tentative process is that I realize that everything begins with my own internalization of the principles of the path with heart and flow. The people who are attracted to my classes are people who feel something in me, something they respond to, even if I can’t define it. Instead of doubting and criticizing myself, I have to focus on whatever gift I have and nurture it so that I can use it as a bridge to reach others. This also means that I can’t compartmentalize BE–I have to apply it in every sphere of my life. If someone makes me angry, I have to find out why and get to the root so that I can let that anger pass through easily.
    In this sense, teaching BE is a wonderful way to stimulate me to practice it all the time, in everything I do. Instead of waiting for the future time when I will be the perfect embodiment of BE and then be ready to teach, I want to teach now, as imperfect as I am, because the desire to teach effectively is the best motivator I have to get me off my butt and into action.

    Thanks, Miles and Aerin, and to this great community.
    Tom R


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