Muchas gracias por cuidarme tan bien, especialmente durante el período en que estuve más angustiado.

Desde la última vez que lo vi, tuve inyecciones de cortisona en el área inflamada de los isquiotibiales, junto con inyecciones de PRP. Además, estoy en un programa de terapia física bastante intenso para fortalecer los isquiotibiales en general, para que las porciones saludables puedan hacer el trabajo y no estresar tanto el área desgarrada. (Al menos esa es la comprensión de mi laico). La combinación de estos esfuerzos (y, por supuesto, sus tratamientos) parece que me han llevado a superar la peor etapa. Ahora puedo sentarme mucho más cómodamente y puedo hacer ejercicio de forma activa sin demasiada angustia. Estoy optimista de que podré reanudar la actividad completa pronto, aunque entiendo que probablemente siempre habrá algún grado de incomodidad. Como usted aconsejó, solo otra cosa que cuidar, como cepillarse los dientes.

Aprecio no solo los tratamientos médicos, sino su actitud empática y su enfoque positivo. Realmente eres un sanador.
Le ruego que transmita también mi agradecimiento a Anna.

Henry Fields

Thank you for this message and for checking in. I have completely recovered from all the symptoms we were working on caused by the mold exposure. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your care and treatment. It not only I am sure helped me recover but helped sustain some hope in the process. As you know it was a very despairing time. Please know that I feels strongly that you, your compassion, spirit, knowledge, and medical and healing expertise were all part of my healing. With love and gratitude.

Ze’ev Korn

Child Counselor, Los Angeles
I am a physician educated and trained in the United States and have worked in a busy urban Emergency Department for close to 30 years. Over the years, I have become humbled by the limits of my western medical training and, for me, Dr. Miles Reid picks up where allopathic medicine leaves off. His holistic and integrative approach compliments my practice and addresses aspects of health that are outside of the western medical vocabulary: immunological health, energy balance, psychic well-being and so much more. I have been a patient of Dr. Reid’s for many years, coming to him for support for my own injuries and illnesses, and I refer patients to him for the same. He is truly a healer with impeccable professional and academic standards.

Paula Glosserman

M.D., Chief of Emergency Care, Kaiser Permanente
After having excellent experiences with Dr. Reid for acupuncture and herbs for general wellbeing and stress alleviation, I decided I would like to try to become pregnant with my second child. Given my ‘advanced age’ of 44, I was uncertain that this would be possible naturally. After several years of acupuncture treatments and herbs administered by Dr. Reid to promote fertility (and some critical contributions from my husband), I am now pregnant!  I’m certain that my sessions with Dr. Reid were instrumental in preparing my body for a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Reid has been an essential part of my pregnancy care, treating everything from morning sickness, headaches and muscle tension to anxiety. His incredible insight into the mind-body connection along with his warm and generous presence has made him an indispensable part of my self- care and wellness routine.

Laura Berland-Shane

My faith has been restored in acupuncture. Actually, in Miles. As a healer, he’s got an AMAZING gift! And I am grateful to him

Visiting your office is one of my new favorite self care musts! 

Lindey Lambert

Business writer
Dr. Reid has been my primary health care provider for five years and has kept my mind, body and spirit afloat through regular acupuncture, herbs when necessary and other treatments from various schools of medicine. He has also used some of his treatments to directly support my fitness programs. He’s exceptionally talented and blends Eastern and Western medicine seamlessly.

Michael Kohl

Dr. Reid truly practices ‘Integrative Health Care”’ in a way I haven’t really experienced elsewhere. He brings deep intelligence, perceptive clarity, and genuine compassion to each session, so that as a patient you feel seen and heard. As for the hands-on work, my experience has been that the acupuncture works at a very refined level, each treatment is a well-thought out response to the needs of the moment, addressing any imbalances before they become problems. I highly recommend Dr. Reid and have brought in a number of close friends for treatment–the true test of confidence in a health care practitioner.

Amely Greeven

Los Angeles, Editor
Dr. Reid is unlike any other Dr. I’ve encountered. He listens with his entire being and tailors treatment to address the root cause of disease and illness. I started seeing him four years ago, after I was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In laying the foundation for treatment, he said that I needed to look at my body parts as akin to a body of nations. Cancer is one nation proclaiming to the others that all resources and energies are to be marshaled to further its own selfish existence. Sound familiar–makes you kinda wonder no? His guidance, treatment and sharing have served to broaden my idea of overall health. I believe myself to be healthier now at 54 than I’ve ever been. My monthly treatments with Dr. Reid are ‘tune-ups’ that further me along the path towards discovery, attention and full awareness. I have a body, Dr. Reid has helped me live through it with an awareness that keeps disease in check.

Josh Pascal

I went into the detoxification program with the intent of turning my life around. I am 62 years old, and before the cleanse I was literally killing myself. I ate lots of fats, sugar, caffeine, red meat, cheese, etc.; and very few fruits, vegetables and fish. I also didn’t exercise. I was about 20 lbs. overweight, but it was all in my stomach, which is the worst place with regards to heart problems. I started exercising when I started the cleanse; slowly at first, and building steadily, both in strength and endurance. The food program you put us on helped get rid of many of the toxins in my body, while allowing my taste buds to appreciate healthier food groups. This, in itself, was a life altering experience. In the middle of the three weeks, you had us come in three consecutive days for 2 1/2 hours of acupuncture, Tui-na (scrubbing and cupping,) sauna and meditation. After the first session, I couldn’t wait to come back for the next two. They were relaxing and refreshing at the same time. As of today, I have lost and kept off the 20 lbs and gained physical and mental strength. But the most impressive and unexpected result for me was an emotional calmness, which appeared naturally, without effort, and has continued to manifest itself in both my professional and private life. It is as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don’t know if I am the exception or the rule; but either way your detox has drastically changed my life for the better. I would recommend your program to anyone who is looking for a new start, or a fine tune up. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bob Gregory

Event Producer
My estimated due date was November 11th. I was having a déjà vu: once again, I couldn’t let her out! I had been in a similar situation two years earlier with a labor induction that ended in a cesarean. My obstetrician said she would wait only for two more days! I had the appointment with Dr. Reid at 2pm. He asked me if I wanted him to induce the birth naturally, with acupuncture, and told me he had very good results in other cases. I said: YES!! He told me to talk to my baby, to let her go with conviction, to tell her how she had to place herself inside me (looking to my back, her chin resting on her chest, crossed hands over her chest). That it was the best position.

Pilar Medeiros

He left me with the needles and the contractions started right away. I counted 15, and did what he had told me. We said goodbye and planned to repeat the treatment the following day, but this wasn’t necessary. I returned home driving and the contractions never stopped, at half past nine we arrived to the clinic with my husband. Doing paperwork, my bag of waters broke…Once inside the delivery room I was told to push when the waves came. It wasn’t difficult at all (I knew about painful birth), after a few pushes Luz appeared!!!! Her weight was 2,970 kg, she was very small, so calm. She brought serenity and peace. Dr. Reid:  I am eternally grateful!!!!!!!

Paula Zignoni

Marketing Specialist
With his most efficient use of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Miles Reid helped me to get prepared for the incredible process of giving life. He enhanced my body’s capacity to nourish and nest a new being, first preparing it to conceive; then nourishing it and keeping it in balance throughout the whole pregnancy. He supported me even in very critical moments, thanks to his ability to detect the cause of ‘illness’ not only on a physical, but as well on a mental, and emotional level. E.g., he helped turning a painful fibroid, which appeared in my uterus in the 4th month of pregnancy, into a great tool for emotional healing; not seeing the fibroid as a problem but rather as a messenger. After his treatment, composed of herbs, acupuncture, diet, powerful guidance, and visualizations, the fibroid stopped growing, and the pain completely disappeared. I think Dr. Reid has a special gift of bringing awareness and visibility in to a situation that is producing discomfort, and by this helping to bring a solution on its way. The most memorable moment of all was for me was Dr. Reid’s capacity to help induce my labor with his needles when it was needed…I had a fast and completely natural birth, thanks in part to the wholesome work he accomplished.

Rakel Sosa

Dr. Reid is a unique, compassionate and amazingly knowledgeable and caring doctor who delivers results. I visited him after having my daughter, complaining of a lack of energy and weak immune system. His treatment noticeably increased my energy and I haven’t gotten nearly as many colds. I also took my two-year-old to see him and he gave her some herbs and showed me how to massage some pressure points on her arms and legs…and she hasn’t been sick once since then. If you need results and demand the best, then Dr. Reid is your only choice.

Ellen Cajka

Dental Hygienist
Seeing Miles after I’d fractured my arm was a great experience. He immediately made time to see me, even canceling personal appointments to fit me in. His experience in Western medicine is part of his approach. A lot of alternative medicine folks look down on Western medicine and tell you that it’s not viable, but he doesn’t feel this way. I’ve referred my mom to him – that’s how much I respect him.

Brad Scoular

Los Angeles, Life and Health Insurance Consultant
Miles was my last chance before neck surgery! Besides acupuncture and herbs, he also used lab tests, and physical therapy. After two months of treatment, I was completely off Advil! He has this uncanny ability to help you get to the stress in your life, which helps in the healing. He’s truly a gifted healer.

Gina Martucci

Redondo Beach, Real Estate Agent
I got a lot out of the 21 day detoxification program. Some of my aches and pains went away or were greatly diminished. My mind also appears to be clearer, and I can concentrate more easily. There is a marked improvement in my overall energy level as well. I highly recommend this program to everyone even if they don’t think they have a need for a detoxification of the body. That’s what I thought and I was mistaken.

Ken Hirshberg