Workshop & Retreat in Slovenia
Joining Forces For Freedom

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In conjunction with the first annual Global Practice Day

August 22-25, 2024 – Live Retreat
August 24, 2024 – Online Global Practice

The Freedom Of The Warrior

Mark your Calendars and Start to Roll Your Imagination!

Let’s visualize it, let’s intend it already happening…

“A gorgeous alpine environment, hikes into inner silence, shared meals filled with fun stories from around the world, high energy practices, deep states of dreaming attention, deep reflections and a new awareness, the relentless pursuit for freedom.”

A FANTASTIC group of people with high energy and intent, community, the silence of the mountains, fresh ions in the air and a deep energy redeployment EXPERIENCE AND BRING HOME

Inspirational and Transformational!


Live Retreat begins Thursday August 22 at 5:00pm and ends on Sunday August 25 at 1:00pm

Special Saturday session during the retreat in conjunction with the first online Global Practice!
This is our first Global Practice* where all practice groups worldwide have an annual Practice All Groups Combined

Individual Treatments

Thursday August 22, Sunday August 25 and Monday August 26

Joining Forces Practice Project

The Creativity of the Warrior


–  AN EXTENDED 2.5 HRS ONLINE PRACTICE WITH ALL WORLD GROUPS (representatives from each group will guide the program of passes)


(representatives from different groups will guide their Form live during the retreat) 

With the Form of energy passes:

The Jaguar of the Maya Toltecs

Instead of being a single set form, in The Jaguar there is rather a vocabulary, sets of components that can then be arranged in different sequences and different number of repetitions for any given set, or block. Each block functions as a unit of perception, about the realm of the jaguar. In this context, an arrangement is a unique sequence and number of repetitions of the blocks, reflecting individual expressions. Each Practice Group worldwide will develop their own arrangement, their own form.

The jaguar is one of the most consequential figures in Mesoamerica culture, the ruler of the underworld, the spirit of light and darkness, the Sun of the Night. For those people, the jaguar brought a very specific kind of energy to those who aligned with it: courage, valor and the confidence to seek and confront that which is in the darkness, that cannot or would not be seen, including one’s fears and one’s enemies. The jaguar has night vision and can see depth in the dark. The jaguar represents power and ferocity. Being a jaguar can also include accessing higher functions such as insight and foresight.

KEY It is not that the warrior leaves the human to become a jaguar; rather, the human pulls in the jaguar, he or she incorporates the energies and attributes of the jaguar into the human.

i.e. In this form, a warrior becomes ‘jaguarized’.

This is what is of most importance, to align with the woman-jaguar, or with the man-jaguar. For a warrior, it is the Freedom to be his or her authentic self, to stand up for their deepest values.

How practitioners and groups can arrange a form

  • there is a pattern of breathing to follow,
  • a specific mood to enter,
  • a technique for how to engage the hands as claws,
  • a set of preparatory wheels’ strikes and then, there is
  • a collection of blocks of passes; blocks can be combined in any order and number of repetitions, so that the end result is a form always fresh, unique and in
  • Any given Form, any given arrangement (sequence) can also include any of the Preparatory passes (breaths, sounds and wheels)

EACH Practice Group will work together to create their Signature Jaguar Form, their unique arrangement, such as “The Jaguar of the Maya-Toltecs French Group, The Jaguar of the Maya- Toltecs Brazil Group, etc.

Each group can practice and develop their form over the next months, and include it in their regular practices.

In August, 2024, when we hold the first Global Practice, each Practice Group will present and share their respective Form, so we all get to practice 12 different variations!

Preparing: ‘Setting the Mood of the Jaguar’

  1. Jaguar breaths (low in throat and belly). Generating respiratory alkalosis
  2. Jaguar sounds (panting & growling). Activating Intent
  3. Jaguar wheels (moving energy). Proprioception

Jaguar Claw wheels

First Wheel

Straight claw (to chest)
Across claw (hook in)
Midline claw (along midline)

Second Wheel

Overhead claw (hand ends facing up)
Apart claw (across face)
Diagonal claw Up (strike down with back of the hand)
Diagonal claw Down (strike down with front of the hand)

Assembling: ‘Becoming Jaguarized’


#1 Gathering Energy Along the Sides
#2 Panting and Kicking Energy
#3 Reaping Energy & Growling
#4 Gathering Energy Parrying
#5 Packing Energy
#6 Pouncing and Throwing Energy
#7 Swirling Energy in Circles#8 Gathering Energy Over the Head
#9 Gathering Energy Over the Head Walking

Block Descriptions

1. Gathering Energy Along the Sides

a. Lowering the Center of Gravity (aligning with the jaguar)
b. Clawing by the sides with space under the armpits

2. Panting and Kicking Energy

a. Clawing down in sets of five & double kicks

3. Reaping Energy & Growling

a. Backsteps while clawing across the face

4. Gathering Energy Parrying

a. Clawing by parrying side to side

5. Packing Energy

a. Clawing back & under
b. Clawing forward & over
c. Jaguar stance

6. Pouncing and Throwing Energy

a. Pounce and strike
b. Grab and thrust
c. Overhead leap twist and thrust

7. Swirling Energy in Circles

a. Left-right-left claw out
b. Right-left-right claw out

8. Gathering Energy Over the Head

a. Clawing from over the head

9. Gathering Energy Over the Head Walking

a. Clawing from over the head walking

Video Clips (forthcoming)

Jaguar Breaths
Jaguar Sounds
First Wheel
Second Wheel

#1 Gathering Energy Along the Sides
#2 Panting and Kicking Energy
#3 Reaping Energy & Growling
#4 Gathering Energy Parrying
#5 Packing Energy
#6 Pouncing and Throwing Energy
#7 Swirling Energy in Circles
#8 Gathering Energy Over the Head
#9 Gathering Energy Over the Head Walking

An Abstract Context

“Passion is not sacred, it is a feeling generated by a single purpose and this is abstract: to navigate in infinity. The true passion is that of sorcerers, who, unlike human passions, have no remorse, never apologize. The fault is uniting passion with egomania. For sorcerers, the greatest purpose is that this force allows them to travel into the unknown. Don Juan told me:
“Amalgamate those feelings in a center, which is that of passion, because it is passion that leads sorcerers to see what they have to see.”Taisha Abelar

“To be a sorcerer,” don Juan continued, “doesn’t mean to practice witchcraft, or to work to affect people, or to be possessed by demons. To be a sorcerer means to reach a level of awareness that makes inconceivable things available. The term ‘sorcery’ is inadequate to express what sorcerers do, and so is the term ‘shamanism.’ The actions of sorcerers are exclusively in the realm of the abstract, the impersonal. Sorcerers struggle to reach a goal that has nothing to do with the quests of an average man. Sorcerers’ aspirations are to reach infinity, and to be conscious of it. “Infinity is everything that surrounds us.” He said this and made a broad gesture with his arms. “The sorcerers of my lineage call it infinity, the spirit, the dark sea of awareness.” — Carlos Castaneda